September17 , 2021

A top-notch gaming laptop with high-end Nvidia’s RTX 3060 for just 999$? WOW!


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A gamer wants the best of the best system to play games uninterruptedly. But unfortunately not every gamer can have his dream system which gives a smooth gaming experience. A lot of them just compromise and never buy a gaming system because of money constraints. So let’s talk about something which is much more affordable considering the GPU power it is coming with.

Cheap Laptops With High End GPU

Nvidia made an announcement of a whole brand new generation of Ampere gaming laptops which offer twice the efficiency of power from previous architectures. The news is so big that Nvidia RTX 3060 laptops are providing faster speed than anything  available on the tech market at the moment, which also includes the RTX 2080 Super. They will be delivering gaming laptops at the price range of $999 and reports say they will have a performance which will be 30 percent higher than Sony Playstation 5. Nvidia has been making this claim  that this will be the biggest launch of gaming laptops. They are launching more than 70 brand new models of gaming laptops seemingly from every original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Notebook sales have already started from 26th january of 2021.

GPU and Memory Overview

There will be three notebook GPUs running RTX 3080, RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 and with over 16GB GDDR6 of VRAM. It seems like Nvidia has started to take notice of the demand for higher video memory capacity, essentially with CES announcing the new Nvidia RTX 3060 which has 12GB of GDDR6. The capacity they are claiming is much more than earlier released RTX 30 series GPUs besides the RTX 3090 which has extremely high capacity of 24GB.

As discussed before here, RTX 3060 notebooks are going to take the place of the machines of RTX 2060 series and the price of laptops will be starting from as low as $999. Shifting games will be possible on these laptops at Ultra settings of 90fps at 1080p. The GPU named RTX 3070 has a very strong processor. It has been marketed as a “Gaming Beast 1440p “. The name confirms the news that gamers will be getting high performance and high refresh rate QHD panels in the coming next series of gaming laptops. GPU claims 50 percent higher frame rates than the RTX 2070, with 90fps at 1440p Ultra settings. These GPUs are anticipated to start from the low price of $1,299.

These laptops will be giving the best performance ever possible not only for gamers but the designers and developers who are always looking for something better for the high quality of the products they design and develop.

Let’s discuss the flagship mobile graphics card which is introduced by Nvidia at the same time with the name of the RTX 3080 which has a  massive 16GB of GDDR6 storage. This GPU is expected to power the world’s fastest laptops which are given the name, ‘The New Flagship.’ GPU RTX 3080 is claiming to perform over 100fps at 1440p Ultra settings, and will be starting  at the low price of $1,999. 

The side of memory in these GPUs is interesting but the specifications of the card say that the RTX 3080 is in the market with up to 16GB of GDDR6. This seems to indicate that there will be a version with less specs and less memory than previously discussed GPUs. There are still speculations about if it will have as good memory as the desktop Nvidia RTX 3080.But it is safe to say that the $1,999 notebooks might won’t have the 16GB card.

Some updates suggest that Nvidia will be coming out with the new laptop GPUs, which will have a fresh spin of Dynamic Boost, version 2.0. It claims to be using Ampere’s AI chops to manage and handle power between CPU, GPU,and VRAM. This addition will give a better balance between performance and power in all the parts of the laptop.

Ideal Laptop for Graphic Designers and Animators

Nvidia has finally decided to come out with Resizable BAR which will be allowing CPUs to fully access a graphic card’s video memory. Instead of  the little memory use it was allowed in past versions which was a real struggle for the animators and video renderers. That will  be providing an increase in performance with the Intel 10th Gen processors giving it more prominence amongst others. It will be compatible with the already existing system too.

Designers and web developers always seem to look for a better performing GPU for the faster and high quality and speedy work. A lot of the time they have to stick to the desktop because economical laptops are not provided  with a system they can rely on for a heavy load of work. There are expensive options available in the market but not everyone is able to afford those options hence putting an impact on the quality and speed of the work. The performance Nvidia is claiming to have in this new generation of laptop might turn out to be a game changer for these developers and designers. Animators always seem to suffer with the slow rendering because of the lower power of GPUs. Slow rendering results in multiple troubleshoots and late work in their case. 

Considering Nvidia is also offering a video memory in the graphic card it sounds like a dream come true for animators too. After having to look at all GPUs Nvidia is putting in the laptops it is possible that the 999$ laptop with RTX 3060 might be the best gaming laptop which has amazing specs. It has probably everything a gamer asks for in a laptop. From an extraordinary speed to really specious memory it looks like a real heaven for gamers. There is no frustration of a weak system which is not upto the mark for the high end games . 

This next generation of the gaming laptop is released on 26th January and if you are a gamer or graphic designer you might want to get your hands on it while it is still on the market.