September17 , 2021

Among Us – Most downloaded and loved game of 2020


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Among us, multiple games are loved by gamers due to multiple reasons. The list is huge and unable to discuss all the best mobile games that are most downloaded in 2020. But some names are recognized due to the interface, theme, tactics, and other desirable features.

The popular name like PUBG was not replaced in the year 2020 and remains the users most favorite and loved game. It was spotted in 2018 and gain popularity due to the real graphics, user engagement, and much more for the players to add or experience as per preferences. Moreover, the reach towards online games goes higher in 2020 due to other factors like COVID-19. People spend most of their time at home in lockdown and isolation that require some activity to spend time. So, the downloading ratio rose in the year 2020.

In most countries game faces a direct ban from the authorities to reduce the involvement of users and other considering points. But still, the game was the most downloaded and loved game of 2020.

Why PUBG is famous among gamers?

Playing games offer an entertainment facility, increases people’s online engagement, and good to spend time. Only the good featured games have the stamina to come and rule the market. PUBG got its fame started in 2018 and that continues with the new progress. Still, users love to download and play the game due to its multiple features. It is one of the best mobile games available for android and iPhone users. Surprisingly in 2020, the downloaded ratio of the game rose even after facing the ban in different countries.

Multiple features make the game the most loved game of 2020. Here are some that will help to understand why people still love to download, play, and share:

  • Offer complete control

The designer of the PUBG controls the minds and provide a similar thing that people usually love to have in games like control. It offers visual control that is easy to customize according to the player’s preferences. Moreover, in the game multiple layouts, settings, and features available that make it more influential and interactive for the players. 

  • Numerous customizations

In PUBG people love the customization that in terms of the location, mission selection, gadgets improvement, and much more. You can access the supplies in no time with the quick achievements and facility. It operates with mobile tilt and offers easy direction changes options or more. 

  • Easy navigation

In the mobile PUBG version, the user will get an advantage from the navigation on the map. You can trace out the targets over the map and define the direction to move by drawing a simple line. Moreover, the mini side map over the screen while playing is exclusive. It’s easier to find out enemies over the map and trace them out with the perfect relocation. 

  • Alerts, activities, or engagement

While playing the game a person can get alerts regarding the attack, character set, change in the gadgets, and much more. At the location, a person experiences the real visual excellence to use and optimize the facility. Further, it offers the target setting from the long distance, quick character change while staying on the main screen, and much more.   

  • Weapons and modifications

PUBG offers a real visual experience with the weapons and modifications in them like a real one. Those who have a real interest in gadgets, supplies, and more will love the game. The quick zoom-in and zoom-out options and more are really amazing in the game.

  • Visual missions or more

The user will find the missions, cities, and customization to create a more visual danger experience. There is much more about the game that offers a great impression and excites anybody. The game featured a more realistic impression of the danger, bullets, firing, and more. Further, it will accommodate the user’s engagement or involve players’ help. Playing PUBG with friends is something more incredible and people really enjoy the engagement.

PUBG mobile fame rise even after the ban!

As we discuss the numerous features that PUBG offers to the user even over the mobile phone. It is available to play over the mobile and Xbox. The most engaging game for the players concerning the features, user-friendly interface, and more. People play it more in 2020 due to the lockdown situation to pass time in something entertaining. On other hands in some countries, the obsession towards the PUBG raise and people’s mind are even crash due to game. So, as a remedy some countries block or ban the download, gaming zones are even facing restrictions over the game.

But even after all the situations the popularity and fame to download and user involvement did not reduce. The overall downloads are reported close to 200 million downloads. It is accessible, cheap, easy to play, and with advanced features. There is no other game available to fill the space of the PUBG to compete in popularity. It is available for Android, iOS, and even for the Xbox or other platforms.

In the USA it is one of the most popular played games in 2020. Similarly, in different regions of the world, it is still on the rank high with the popularity ratio among the players of all ages.

Final consideration!

Games are for entertainment and according to history no game in the market will stay long in use. But with the improvement and modification in features, it is possible to rule the gaming world. People feel bored to play one simple game without any modification or interesting things.

In the case of PUBG, it did not happen till now. In 2020 it was the most downloaded and loved game for the players due to its graphics and more realistic visual interface. The popularity is still counting on regarding the downloads because it is easy to access and a good game to play over the mobile phone.