September17 , 2021

Apple Watch Series 6 – Is it worth it?


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Apple historically presented a new Apple Watch generation in its September event. And today we’ll get to know the latest 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 and figure out how the new AW varies from previous generation Series 5.

Apple Watch Series 6 added new features to the table. It also updated some of Apple Watch Series 5’s past functionality. It brought Apple Watch portfolio to another level. It is a significant update and a great choice to purchase if you want your first Apple Watch.  So, what if you have an Apple Watch? Is it worth updating your Apple Watch Series 5 for a more robust processor and the latest Blood Oxygen Sensor? 

It is an excellent piece of technology, but is it the best thing for you? Let’s talk about what’s new in Apple 6th watch series and what’s the thing to see if you want an update. 


ChipApple S6 with 64-Bit Dual-Core, W3 Wireless Chip
Size of Case40-45mm
Ram: 1gb1gb
Thickness of Case10.5mm
Weight30.5-39.5g or 36.5-47g Relying on The Material;
Operating SystemWatch OS 7
Water Resistance50m (5ATM)
ConnectivityBluetooth 5, Ultra-Wideband, Wifi, Available 4G ESIM-Compatible Plan, NFC.
SensorsGyroscope, Accelerometer, Heart Rate Sensor (2nd Generation), Ambient Light Sensor.
Power SupplyBuilt-In Lithium-Ion Battery, Up To 18 Hours.
OtherSpeaker, Microphone, GPS/GLONASS
Compatibility of PhoneiOS
ScreenOLED Monitor
Size of Screen1.57 Inches
Separate App StoreYes
Features of FitnessGPS, Accelerometer, Heart Rate Monitor
Battery Life Estimated Battery Life of Almost 18 Hours
Capacity of Phone CallYes

Project Design

  • New shades.
  • Comparable to the previous year.
  • Launched new Solo loops.


  • Strong technologies OLE.
  • Nevertheless, convenient screen.
  • Dims at night while monitoring sleep.

Blood Oxygen Tracking

  • Significant function.
  • Not for medicinal use, should it be trusted?
  • Embedded warnings.

Fitness and Workout

  • New practice opportunities.
  • Requires a ‘pro’ workout mode.
  • GPS can go inaccurate.

Battery Life

  • Easily lasts 24 hours, sometimes longer.
  • Fast charging is a lifesaver.
  • S6 internal chipset makes operations more effective.

Overview of Apple Watch 6

Unlock MacBook Faster:

Series 6 appears to open quicker. Occasionally, Series 4 wouldn’t open my MacBook, and always a small waiting process took place. So far, Series 6 has no other shortcomings and is flawless.

Outsider Complications

Apple has dispatched all-new faces that would help you burrow Infographic. The Stripes, Memoji and Artist decisions are ideal for displaying your character. Past secluded style is more crucial than any other time; in any case, extra outsider confusions help.


It’s tremendous to help while hiking in the mountains. some people face an altimeter complication on their watch screen.

Faster Processor

Based on the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11, the S6 processor is up to 20 per cent faster than the Series 5 chip, enabling applications to launch 20 per cent faster while retaining equivalent 18-hour “all-day” life of battery.


Like Series 5, Series 6 has an electronic heart monitor for electrocardiograms (ECG).

Blood Oxygen Level Tracker

The Blood Oxygen application is quite satisfying and helpful. It gives a short blood oxygen abstract and aides clients through perusing on-request.

New Shades

This watch is available in two new shades red and blue. 

More Splendid Display

Inside, the demonstration of Apple Watch 6 is more brilliant than the Apple Watch 5’s, as promoted. Outside is less obvious under direct daylight. Be that as it may, when I glanced back at someone next to the other pictures, the Apple Watch 6 screen seemed more brilliant.

Stronger Battery

Series 6 has a stronger battery life. iFixit says, I see battery life close to Series 4 watch, which is nice since Series 4 wasn’t always available. I may generally utilize it from 1.5 to 2 watch days.

Band Solo Loop

The stretchy, awkward band seems like an ideal substitute for the standard game band. I may have some unacceptable Solo Loop size (you need to have a printable estimating tape to discover yours), yet I don’t especially value pulling it over my palm. What’s more, it appears I’m not by any means the only one with issues.


It is the market’s finest iPhone watch.

It has improved similarity with the iPhone and is quick, liquid, and delicate such that numerous competitors aren’t. Wearing and getting an important application and capacity update is unimaginably advantageous and can do as such for an all-encompassing time. Outsider application uphold is protected.

It is ideal for general wellbeing observing usefulness, making it easy to utilize and comprehend. Nonetheless, rest checking is excessively shortsighted comparative with opposition and, honestly, it’s not persuading it merits the charging and battery bother its present structure.

Wellness recording of Apple is astonishing. It can’t beat a committed long-distance race or running watch for battery life, information, utility, or common sense.

The test for Series 6 is that the past Series 5 and Series 4 and the current less expensive Watch SE are similarly acceptable. The ECG include helps somebody worried about their heart. However, I’m dicey to utilize it much of the time outside exploration.

The most recent Series 6 blood oxygen sensor hasn’t succeeded upon me; it doesn’t yield important information in its present structure except if you’re setting out toward height preparing.

Regularly, the consistency on PC is somewhat lighter when not intentionally utilizing it, and the battery life can reliably see you longer than a day and a half. Additionally, Series 6 is less expensive than Series 5 at the deal.

It is anything but a critical improvement from other Series. Apple Watch Series 6 is the finest smartwatch you can purchase at present if you are an iPhone user.

Apple PayCostly
Wonderful DisplayFunctions Only On iPhone
ECG, Fitness RecordingLimited Battery Life Changes
Action Monitoring
50m Water-Resistant
Simple and Easy
Fast-Swap Straps


The reality is that many won’t note the gap between the Apple Watch generations. That’s pretty cool because it means you can wear an Apple Watch for years and don’t care about updating.

This Series 6 of Apple Watch is the ultimate device to purchase with an incomparable user interface, great applications, and lifesaving fitness and health capabilities. Often the most considerable improvements are pure tech (a new app) which don’t need a new watch.