September17 , 2021

Audi jumps into the race with Apple with its futuristic flagship e-Car series


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Since the last few years, the automotive industry has experienced revolutionary changes in the manufacturing of vehicles. Big tech companies like Google, Apple, and others have also joined hands with the vehicle manufacturers to introduce the latest technology on the roads.

The luxurious flagship model with the internal codename E6 is under development. A9 E-Tron title is suggested as a new Audi model. The exterior design of the upcoming E-Tron model seems to resemble with Audi A7. But when you talk about the interior structure of the final product, it is expected to have a similarity with Audi A8. However, the final product will carry numerous variations with the boost of the latest car science technology.    

Volkswagen Group has clustered various car brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Seat, Skoda, and many others to launch electric cars showcase. The plan includes the exhibition of nearly 75 electric cars including 60 cars with plugin hybrid technology. Volkswagen brand seems to complete the planning of these electric cars probably by 2029.

Research & Development of Audi has set aside €37 billion for the electric and autonomous car projects. Audi intends to gear up the launch of nearly 20 complete electric cars along with 10 plug-in hybrid car models. This launch will be fueled by the €12 billion financial support to see the project running on the roads by 2024.

Artemis developers – heading to the first launch

The car manufacturers have speeded up the efforts to structure the latest technology in cars including autonomous science and electric car vision. Continuing the trend, the upcoming Audi A9 car is under the pipeline with all-wheel driving and fully electric technology. The project is supervised by the Artemis team. The Audi A9 e-car developers expect to launch this first product approximately by 2024.

Artemis team has already been working on various auto car projects as well as platform development in collaboration with Porsche. Alex Hitzinger has been supervising the Artemis group. Hitzinger is the X worker of Formula 1 and Apple. At present, Hitzinger is the head of Volkswagen’s group and he is an ambitious person to lead the world of electric car technology. Audi A9 is the next rival to Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S. The e-Tron model is ready to compete with the upcoming rivals like Mercedes Benz and Jaguar models.  

Features of the upcoming E-Tron GT

Audi A9 e-Tron, an upcoming electric car, can add excitement to your weekend trips or casual road traveling in the town. Audi A9 is designed with the base of e-Tron GT in the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) style. Audi used the two models RS GT and GT Quattro to transform these into a fully electric car as A9 E-Tron GT. The German company intends to convert 30 percent of the models on electricity as soon as 2025.

Here are some of the features revealed that will be showcased by Audi in upcoming electric cars. These features are mentioned in keeping the view of RS GT and GT Quattro.

  • Speed

The Quattro is powered with a 320kW boost. The futuristic A9 model can gain speed from 0 to 62 within 4.1 seconds as well as it features 465 lb-feet of torque. The RS model speeds up within 3.1 seconds from 0 to 62 and it offers 440kW power. The latest model seems more dynamic and energetic than the mentioned two.

  • Drag reducing feature

E-Tron GT carries an adjustable spoiler, air inlets, and flat silhouette. These instruments enable the vehicle to lessen drag while driving. The underdeveloped car features with 0.24 drag coefficient that is considered an ideal one.

  • Improved aerodynamics

Improved aerodynamics has not only reduced the drag coefficient rather the driver can experience more excitement and superb dynamics while sitting in the car. The developers have instilled better aerodynamics in the A9 model.

  • Cruise assist feature

The developers of electrically charged vehicles prioritize the safety of drivers and passengers by installing the safety system. A driver can select from three options; tour, city, and park. This feature enables smooth driving and helps the auto car to move on along with traffic by consuming lesser energy.

Additionally, the A9 driver can use the feature of remote parking with the help of a smartphone. The driver can park the car by using the specific app on the smartphone.  

Here are some of the goals given that developers want to see in a new product:

  • The developers want to make the vehicle adaptive to the existing driving circumstances on the roads like the car should be under the driver’s control at low speed and low torque. Even the vehicle should have features that could fulfill the driver’s needs and expectations.
  • The SUV-styled vehicle needs to have an improvement in the sound as well.
  • The developers intend to keep the backseats of the car more relaxing and less knee bending and scrunching.

Markus Duesmann, the new Chairman of Audi considers the role of the Artemis team revolutionary in the technical automotive world. Audi is ambitious to work in collaboration with the Artemis team for platform development. Audi and Artemis group remarkably contributed to boosting the J1 platform development through Futuristic A9 e-Tron GT. Audi with Artemis developers is motivated to win the battle of electric car manufacturing.

Bottom line

Audi is a German-based automobile company that has plunged into the battle of introducing fully electric cars with the autonomous system. Audi along with other car brands is ready to exhibit the range of electric cars for the buyers in upcoming years. Audi requires a luxurious flagship e-Tron to launch in 2024. Electric cars are sooner or later going to be run on the roads with 5G connectivity.

The drivers and owners of Audi vehicles are going to experience the latest technology in the form of E-Tron GT or Audi A9. Automobile experts are expecting that the German company will keep the needs and comfort of drivers and passengers while setting up the new vehicle