September17 , 2021

Bitwarden – This app will manage and remember all your passwords


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The use of the internet to avail services is pretty common now. Every day we sign up for new accounts on different apps and websites. This brought us to a point where we have way too many passwords to handle. No matter how hard you try to keep it simple and easy, it is very tough to remember all the passwords. In all this crowd of passwords, there are a few of them which are very important and can not be lost or forgotten. This leaves a spot open for a service that can provide us with some kind of help with managing our passwords and now there are programs available that manage your passwords for you.

What is password manager?

Password manager programs are as simple as their name. They are designed to encrypt the database you want to secure, in this case, your passwords. You must have a dozen of passwords and it is practically not possible to remember all of them, it is not the safest way either to remember all the passwords by heart. There can be multiple instances where you can forget your password and lockout out your own account. A password manager handles all your passwords for you and you have to remember only one password which is the password of  Bitwarden (password manager). It is called a master password because of its this important nature.

There are so many password managers available online these days, for example, Password Vault, Keeper, Sticky Password, Dashlane, etc. All these programs work on the almost e same rules of encryption for handling multiple passwords on one or multiple devices.

How does password manager work?

These are the programs specially designed to manage the password and user name information of internet users. All the data provided to the program gets saved as encrypted data in it. All the data is accessible with a master password. It makes it easy for internet users when they have to remember only one password instead of a dozen passwords.

These password manager programs also provide help with setting up complex passwords. They are also helpful in warning the users about any possible phishing attack. You can synchronize your password manager with multiple devices too.

Browsers also provide password management but as convenient it sounds it is not very safe. A web browser can potentially make your accounts more vulnerable by saving passwords. This is the reason that if you have saved your passwords with the browser you should definitely consider getting password manager to secure your passwords. It is also important to keep the browser updated to increase the security level of your online data.

Getting started with Bitwarden

To start your journey with Bitwardern, you have to sign up on an app or website to make an account. When you are done with making an account, Bitwarder gives you space that is secure enough to store your passwords. This space is called Vault in the app. While you are signing up with Bitwarde, make sure you make the password to the app as strong as possible as it would be the key to all your passwords. This is called a master password, referring to its position. You need to keep your master password safe outside the Bitwarden so you don’t lockout of all your accounts but it should be easy as you have got only one job to do.

Once you are done with setting up your account, you need to install an extension of Bitwarden to synchronize your account with any browser you use such as Firefox, Chrome, Brave, or Edge. You must be using one of them, the extension to Bitwarden can be downloaded using the browser.

All these downloads and steps are free of cost. There are premium packages available that can be enabled by paying some amount.

Use of Bitwardwen

After setting up the account in-app and getting done with the installation of the extension, you need to go to the website of Bitwarden. This step is to finalize your login with Bitwarden.

Now whenever you have to open a website and make a new account or sign in for an existing account, you have to follow few steps. At the time of entering your password, Bitwarden will take confirmation from you that if you want to save all of the login information. If you want to save it then you have to click on Yes and save now. That easy it is, just one click, and your password is saved with Bitwarden now.

Whenever you need to go to the same website again, you do not have to put your login information. You just have to click on the Bitwarden icon shown on the login page of the website and by clicking on the login, it will fill in all your information automatically.

Another way is to use a browser extension to fill in the login information. You have to go into setting and enable auto-fill. It will automatically fill in your information but you can skip this if you don’t mind clicking once to fill in the information.

Safety of Bitwarden

Whenever using a service that claims to handle your password, the question of safety has to arise. The makers of Bitwarder have this goal to keep your information as safe as possible. There is always a possibility of someone hacking your Bitwarden account, that is why the makers suggest you make the most complex password for it.

There is another method to make the account even more secure is to go through 2-factor authentication. This will make cracking the password harder. You might have to buy extra services from Bitwarden. The bigger your package is the more secure is your password.

It is not suggested to save your bank account password in the password managers. Generally, everything is safe but it is always better to be extra careful when it comes to your financial savings. Bitwarden is slowly taking place of their password managers which proves the credibility of it.