September17 , 2021

Blixi – Innovative Fresh Gameplay


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What’s new with “Blixi”? Do you miss the times when games were ad-free? Are you tired of the interruptions by in-game advertisements? Thousands of top games are available in the market with in-app advertisements. Besides, many games frequently prompt the user to purchase the premium version of the game. Here is a new launch titled “Blixi” by Oliver Papp that offers an ad-free puzzle game.

Puzzle game players often like to play new and interesting puzzle games. Blixi is a pocket puzzler that has been launched for iOS-based devices. The innovative puzzle game offers appealing and interesting game features. Apple store carries numerous interesting games for game lovers, but you will find Blixi the most loved one.  

Blixi Gameplay

The gameplay of Blixi is simple and the easiest one.  The interface of the Blixi is colorful and designed with soft tones. The players need to swipe in different directions to keep the board clear. Once you swipe and clear the circles or blobs, the game will add more blobs and circles.

The gameplay is so easy that you can swipe closing your eyes. Swiping in all four directions will continue clearing the board and more circles will get added simultaneously. Players can pass numerous levels in no time. The process is to swipe in left, right, and other directions without thinking. Repeating the act will help you to complete many levels in few moments only. 

The most interesting facet of the gameplay is that gameplay is created randomly. Every time you open a level to play, you will get a new challenge. It keeps the interest of the player maintained in the game and curiosity to play further gets enhanced.  

Key Features of Blixi

Blixi has numerous features to get explored by the players. Here are a few of them listed below:

  • Difficulty level

Its difficulty level is the easiest one. The challenging gameplay or hard gameplay does not exist in this puzzle game.

  • Leaders’ board

The leaders’ board of the game keeps updating the highly ranked players on the list. As a player, you can jump into the global competition by scoring the highest count.

  • Score count

Another appealing feature is that the game continues to save your score. The score count is saved from time to time and you can take a view of your highest score later. The local score starts from where you stopped. This feature helps you to relax and take some breaks during competitive gameplay.

  • Offline gameplay

Online games are trending these days. But those who face signal issues often get in trouble while playing online. Indie developer has created Blixi as an offline game. Now players need not worry about the slow or stopped internet connection. Puzzle lovers can get entertained through this new puzzle sitting anywhere anytime.

Whether you are traveling in any vehicle or sitting in any restaurant, there is no worry to switch on the mobile data. Just remain offline and continue jumping to different levels of the game.

  • Outlook of the game

The outlook of the game features elegant color tones and circles. The simpler interface of the game makes it impressive for the players. Besides, dark and light mode helps the user to adjust the lighting. The dark and light mode also enhances the appearance and design nicely.

  • Compatibility of the Blixi

Blixi has wider compatibility with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. The users need to require iOS 13.4 version or later ones.

  • A source of relaxation

This puzzle activity requires fewer efforts. Truly, telling you, sometimes the frequent completion of levels in seconds seems like cheating. As in whatever direction you swipe, circles will move you towards the level completion. It is a greater source of relaxation. After stressful work, just swipe for a few minutes to get entertained.

  • A free puzzle game

Blixi can be downloaded from the Mac and Apple stores online and downloading the full version of the game does not charge any money. It is a free game for the users.  

Puzzles are usually based on the perfect combination of easy and difficult levels. Some games consist of specific options to choose the difficulty level. But Blixi is the easiest and interesting puzzle game ever you experienced.  Blixi is a pocket puzzler that may keep you relaxed after a hectic and stressful routine.  

Oliver Papp is the best game seller company for iOS based-devices. The interesting gameplay with soft colors keeps the interface eye-catching and the player does not like resistance to the game. Free in-app purchases and offline puzzle includes the Blixi among the top played games.  

In the race of advertisement and marketing, every digital product is loaded with advertisements. You can see full-page advertisements or banner ads running at the bottom of the page. The ad-free feature of Blixi makes it resistance-free for the players.

Sum up

Puzzles are a good source of brain activity. Puzzle games are the ideal ones for growing minds. People of all ages can get benefited from this puzzle game. Blixi can enhance the capability of the brain. Let your child play Blixi for a limited time. Blixi can improve problem-solving power. Besides, adults and older ones can seek relaxation in the game. Its soothing colors and simpler outlook will keep you comfortable while playing.

On the challenging side, the easiest gameplay can help you to become a leader on Blixi’s leaderboard. The impressive feature is that leaderboard ranks the players who scored highest worldwide. You can remain in competition by playing locally with your friends.

Puzzle lovers can earn rewards and superbly achieve the targets. The cool swiping and twisting the circles is an easy and unique game interface. The developing team designed Blixi in a cool way keeping the simplicity at the top. If you have not tried this game on your iPhone or device containing iOS 14.3 or later versions, just download it instantly. The regular players can better describe the enhanced experience.