September17 , 2021

Easiest Way to Remove NitroPack Footer from WordPress Site


Easiest Way to Remove NitroPack Footer from WordPress Site

Many web developers these days are into removing or...

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Many web developers these days are into removing or hiding away the NitroPack Footer from the WordPress site. It has now become a problem of the decade where everyone is after getting an appropriate solution. Before we jump to the hack for footer removal, there are certain things you need to know.

What is NitroPack?

Over the years, Google has changed its SEO policies and tactics for sure. Along with the keywords and content quality, a site gets its ranking from speed optimization, image optimization, and quick processing.

To achieve the best-performing website specifically on WordPress, there are numerous plugins available to help you. NitroPack is one of such plugins that helps you to get some fast-track modifications to your website performance.

The pack offers you numerous caching tools that enable a dynamic website to come up with static pages. The image optimization feature enables the site images to rank well with the search engine. Code magnification helps to minify the JS, CSS, and HTML codes easily. It helps in saving space and streamlines codes efficiently.

Moreover, the plugin offers you to be a part of a network with fast servers. It automatically helps your site to manage a lot of traffic by keeping its speed intact. The feature helps to enable your site efficient enough to work well.

However, there is a catch in the story. When NitroPack is this effective then why developers are looking forward to removing NitroPack Footer from the site?

The problem is not new; it is the same old issue of advertisements that prevails in every free software situation. NitroPack advertises in the footer of your site that is annoying and somehow damaging as well. The plugin may advertise the service or site you do not want on your site and will disrupt your site design as well.

Sometimes, NitroPack advertises the competitors that might outperform you. It does lead to a security concern. Any glitch in NitroPack will lead the hackers to target the specific sites for exploitation. To avoid all these issues, it is appropriate to hide or remove the NitroPack footer from the site, but how?

Options to remove NitroPack footer from WordPress site

Coming towards the solution for your problem, numerous ways and options can help in the situation. All you need is to equip yourself with the appropriate options at once.

Hide the link

The very first option to check out is to hide the link. It is one of the easiest options that you can try out but it has some concerns as well.

Many times, people use a CSS trick to hide the link in the footer. Normally they use a code:

.npf{display: none !important}

After using the code, when you reload the website, the link will be gone. It seems easy but there is a catch here.

With every plugin update, the code wills no longer working and the link comes back in its position. Secondly, you are just hiding the footer not removing it so eventually, it will be there. Loading your site by disabling CSS will get the link back.

Moreover, the link will run in the background only the visitor cannot see it. However, showing the link to visitors is not the real concern here. Search engine bots can scrape the hidden content by looking into site codes directly.

Eventually, Google marks these hidden codes and links as spam. Therefore, hiding may be an easy trick but could lead you to face a penalty.

Remove NitroPack link

Instead of putting your efforts into hiding the link and then are caught by Google or other search engines, it is better to remove it. Removing the footer may take a little more effort but results will secure your site. The only concern here is no availability of an official means to remove the footer link.

NitroPack does not offer any of the services that officially can remove the footer link. Therefore, you will end up with something tricky to handle here.

Looking at the code craft of the plugin, it is evident to witness complex coding. NitroPack coding makes sure that it is not easy to mess up with the codes to remove the footer from the plugin and the site. Since they have to secure their one feature of advertising.

When you are into removing it, you need to get a professional developer who can bug and fix the codes using CSS or JavaScript. It is possible to figure out how codes work and then edit the scripts to lead the way towards better positioning.

However, it can be hectic and expensive for you as well. The developers take time and effort in cracking up the codes and give you results. Eventually, it will remain a temporary option for sure. You can enjoy it until the plugin does not have an update. With a plugin update, you will end up with the same old footer advertisement link in the website design.

So, what is the way out?

When you are unable to hide or remove the footer link, then it is frustrating to find an ultimate solution. However, you can bag up an ultimate solution.

Buy the paid plan

NitroPack covers the free users and paid users at the same time. People who do not want to or cannot afford to invest in the plugin; they can pay off with the detriments. However, for others, there is an option to pick up a payment plan and get rid of these detriments.

The ultimate solution will not get you in the bugs, frauds, and other problems of hiding or removing. All you need is to pick up a payment plan starting from $17.50 per month that enjoy a seamless NitroPack experience with numerous add-on features.

Bottom line

NitroPack is one of the exceptional plugins for WordPress and you can get away from its advertising link by getting a premium paid plan. It helps in setting up things better and gets efficient results.