September17 , 2021

Finally, “The Last of Us” Remake is Coming


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Remastering and remaking of movies and games are common nowadays. Remastered versions of the games help the developers to develop a game in a more modern and delicate manner. Remastered versions feature better technical settings and options in a game.

In 2013, “The Last of Us” game was published by the Naughty dog for adventure lovers. The game was released for PS3 only. It was a big hit for the Naughty Dog team.

Michael Mumbauer – senior director of Visual Arts studio Group, instigated the remake of the game. Visual Arts studio faced many controversies when Mumbauer left the studio in 2020. Now the media reports reveal that the remake of the game is on the way after the struggle of Michael Mumbauer.

Many critiques consider it too early for a remake. The rumor of a remake was on the way just before the launch of “The Last of us” Part II. The decision has doubted the vague strategies of Sony management. The confusion exists as Sony’s first-party studio has been working on the remake of the game instead of the remastered version.

“The Last of Us” game was launched to hit the PS3 just 8 years ago. The second part of “The Last of Us” has also been launched. Now, fans were looking forward to Sony for its remastered version or a newer addition in the series. But this unusual strategy has stunned the gamers in the gaming world. The remake of “The Last of Us” was not required yet. It sounds too early to move towards the remake of the game.     

Visual Art Group services – surrounding controversies

Though the Visual Arts group is going to get involved in the remake of the game, it is considered yet a dissatisfied group.  San-Diego-based Visual Arts Group joined Sony during the launch of “The Last of Us” sequel. When the sequel of the game was delayed, the visual Arts group was hired for the assistance of Naughty Dog to make it early as soon as possible.

The visual Arts group agreed to pay services to Sony with some restrictions. It was promised by Sony that numerous developers will join the visual arts group as the second part of the game released. Now Naughty dog is ready again to work in collaboration with Visual Arts Group on the remake. The decision has disappointed the senior director, Mumbai, and the director of the game’s remake. The Visual Arts group is supposed to be incompatible with this project and has sprung out numerous arguments within management itself.

 Another issue with the Visual Arts group working is that it has quoted a higher budget for the remake of the game. The unexpectedly higher budget for the remake sounds vague and has given birth to a new discussion in the gaming zone.

“The Last of Us” remake vs. A TV Series

Among so many arguments, there exists satisfactory news. The controversial video game “The Last of Us” is going to have a newer adaptation on the TV. The game-based TV series will be forecasted on the HBO channel. Though a release date has not been announced, it is expected sooner as the production of the TV series will get started in July.

Numerous television stars and celebrities are going to join the game adaptation. The cast of the “The Last of Us” TV series is interesting enough to get the people stuck in front of the TV screens.  The screenplay of the TV series features the years after the destruction of human civilization. The story surrounds the two characters. Joel-an an adult survivor and Ellie – a 14 years old teenager are the survivors. Both characters need to pass through the US removing all brutal hurdles to secure their lives.

Craig Mazin, co-creator of the series reported that it is going to be a more technical and jaw-dropping TV series. Some features of the game are improved comparatively while the TV series is loaded with many new features. From the media reports, it seems that both parts of the games will be filmed including all essential features.

The remake of any game, film, or drama helps the audience to move back in the past and revisit the all scenarios again. The remake of a game is always a lavished and classic experience. “The Last of Us” remake by Sony sounds good. But critics consider that there is no need to develop a remake. A mastered version of “The Last of Us” already exists to facilitate the PS4 players and PS 4 pro with 4K and HDR support.

No doubt, “The Last of Us” was a praise-worthy product by Naughty dog that hit the graph of popularity at the highest in the PlayStation 3 games. The gameplay, graphics, setting, tools, and storyline were incredible. It was considered a good addition in the gaming zone. With creative work, the users are expecting more parts of the game in succession.

Sum up

As the news of the remake burst, there seemed an upset among the rows of management. Many exhibited disappointment from the decision. Others showed dissatisfaction with the Visual Arts group. The reason for the dissatisfaction was that Studio was rejected for a remake of the game in 2019.  The incompatibility of the studio and handing over the project to a controversial group, have made the “The Last of Us” remake talk of the town.

“The Last of Us” remake experiencing numerous contradictions by upper-line managers. Many decided to resign and others have given disappointing statements. The game lovers are anxiously looking towards Sony to launch a new series. Additionally, the creation of a remake is also expected to carry quality graphics and other technical features. Why has Sony announced the remake of the game whereas a remastered version of the game exists already? The reason looks simpler. The launch of TV series titled “The Last of Us” is going to gather newer audiences on a new platform. Hopefully, the newer platform will set the ground for newer opportunities for Sony.