October 18, 2021

Future of Humanity with Neuralink – New Hope?


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Whether talking about earth or space matters, you can see the prevalence of Musk’s corporations and companies at the top including Neuralink. Musk’s SpaceX has been serving NASA and other space agencies to transport the luggage and astronauts at the International Space station. Tesla is another popular company serving the customers through its electric vehicles. Musk unveiled another larger project to serve humanity and to keep Artificial Intelligence under control through a neural tech company.

Elon Musk always brings forward unique and future technology with a privileged mission. The same can be seen under the goals of Neuralink. Musk co-founded the San Francisco-based corporation in 2016 titled “Neuralink.” The tech-based neural company aims to fix the wires in people’s brains. Initial experiments were conducted on animals but the link’s scientists’ are ready to do the next experiments on the humans sooner or later. 

Why Neuralink was founded?

Musk revealed the vision behind the Neuralink corporations as “I created (Neuralink) specifically to address the A.I. symbiosis problem, which I think is an existential threat.”

The idea behind the Neuralink project is to save the earth from the incursion of the Artificial Intelligence of computers. Musk considers that global warming and other natural threats are of minor value in front of computers. Just imagine, what will you do when computers will take control of your lives without obeying you?  It sounds drastic.

No doubt, Neuralink scientists have been working day and night to make the connection between the human brains and computers to prevent the potential threat of computers claimed by Musk. Another mission of Neuralink is to cure brain-related ailments that affect the mental health of a person.

Projects of Neuralink

Neuralink scientists have been working on exciting and unique projects. Intending to communicate the human brain with computers, Neuralink has set the ground for next-generation technology.

In Musk’s view, AI is enough stronger to overshadow the human race. Though many contradictions are associated with this conception, yet Musk is determined to face the symbiosis of AI through its latest technology. Musk founded an organization “OpenAI” based on the research purpose of Artificial Intelligence. The mission of OpenAI is to keep Artificial Intelligence technology safer and more beneficial for the human race.

With the same phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence, the tech-based neural company determines to create a unique interface. The purpose of building u a Brain-Computer Interface is to keep the communication alive between the two in case of disruption in the computer system globally. However, all these are just theories and supposed threats that instigated Musk to work on this project.   

 How Neural Interface technology works?


In 2012, scientists demonstrated the device that could stimulate human neurons and interpret brain activity.  Till now, this neural interface technology has taken many forms and is more advanced. Musk seems to work on Parkinson’s disease and other disturbed neural issues through this device.

In August 2019, Musk announced to show a live demo of the device created by the company so far. Neural Interface technology works with the help of a microchip that is attached behind the ear of a person. While many electrodes are attached or threaded to the human brain.

What’s the new in Neuralink’s Brain-computer interface?

Though Musk’s device is not new to us yet there are some unique changes created by Neuralink’s scientists. Have a look at:

  1. Neuralink’s microchip carries a floppy wire that is as tiny as a human hair. In previous devices, wires were hard and could damage the brain during movement. Floppy wires are safer for the brain and can easily be attached to the electrodes without damaging the human brain.
  2. Floppy wires are so tiny that they cannot be threaded into the brain with surgery. Neuralink prepared a specific device similar to the sewing machine to thread this tiny wire into the brain.  This device will help to sew the thread or floppy wire into the cortex or other parts of the brain up to 1 millimeter.   
  3. Another innovation introduced by Neuralink’s project is the super-efficient microchip. The microchip is designed to interpret human brain activity after getting signals from the electrodes.

Hurdles faced by Neuralink

Describing this human brain and computer interface seems easy but it is far complicated. The project head and Neuralink team have been working on the hurdles like:

  • Floppy wire is too tiny to enter into the brain and operating the sewing machine type device is much difficult. For instance, the alive human brain can do movement during the sewing of the floppy wire into the brain due to heartbeat and breathing. This movement may cause brain damage. Scientists are in search of its accurate solution.
  • Another issue is that the interaction of the human brain with computer technology is not as simple as considering. It requires many years for tech corporations to get successful.

Tech experts see the brain-computer interface as future technology and a necessity for the survival of the human race. Though in the tech world, you can hear mixed voices in favor and disfavor of the device, yet it is on the way to progress.  Tech critics are waiting when the neural-tech company unveils its final product.

Sum up

Since its existence, Neuralink has plunged many milestones in a shorter period. Musk intends to cure neural disorders through this device. But he also foresees the unique interface technology to save the human race.  The AI-enabled device that can communicate with people through microchips requires removing many tech-based hurdles and issues.

No doubt, this futuristic technology can unrealistically serve humans. Followers of Musk are eager to see something novel and creative by Neuralink. If Neuralink gets successful in its project, its device will prove a gift for the human race. However, future humans can be brighter and more optimistic with the advancement in Musk’s Neuralink project. Musk has always turned the impossible ideas and projects into possible. It is the reason tech world is looking towards Neuralink optimistically.