September17 , 2021 gained new 1 million users after Twitter and Snapchat banned US President Donald Trump’s account


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Donald Trump and his supporters were banned on several websites and social networking platforms as being involved allegedly in inciting the people to riots. When supporters of Trump became violent against the authorities, in Washington DC after the announcement of the election results, there was a great upheaval in the country. Donald Trump was in search of getting connected to the supporters through some influencing forums. came under the spotlight when Twitter and Snapchat blocked the account of US President Donald Trump. Twitter removed the access of nearly 70,000 registered users. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and a dozen of other tech Giants took action against the conspiracies in the air after the election. People in the favor of white supremacy spoke freely against this act of the social networking sites through this alt-tech site. The management of gab claimed that it has been getting 10,000 new users per hour. Blocking of Trump’s account by major influencers turned the online traffic towards far-right forum 

Introduction to gained popularity due to its welcoming stance to extremists. The users and groups who are banned on other social media networks get attracted to this American based social networking site. welcomes the banned activists and provides them a free chance to access the mainstream of the social networks through this very platform. It is considered a refuge to the banned groups and people like white nationalists, fundamentalists, and neo-Nazis. allows the users to speak freely. People can speak here liberally by maintaining subjective opinion. The platform gives importance to the individuals’ opinions, ideas, and thoughts. It is the reason that users of the site freely share controversial content without the fear of being banned by the site.

The facts collected by the website’s SEC filing reveal that registered 1.1 million users by April 2020. Besides, approximately 3.7 million global visitors visit the site monthly.  The reason to gain popularity is that it does not eliminate the controversial and extremists posts and content and let the people talk freely.

When and why was founded?

Andrew Torba and Ekrem Buyukkaya are the founders of Gab. was launched on August 15, 2016, in private Beta. In 2017, it got online publically with open registration and in 2019, it was relaunched. claims that the sole purpose of the site is to secure individuality, individual thoughts, and speech. But the ground realities seem a bit different and the conflicting forum seems to support the bold expression leading to the extremist thoughts. and its interface

Gab interface seems similar to that of Twitter.   Just like Twitter, a dashboard features in the center of the website, menu options on the left, and the trending topics section is found on the right side of the web page. But the policies and algorithms are different than its competitors. It carries a free speech search engine named “Dissenter” as well.

Gab’s policy

Through a public statement, Gab announced that its policy is damn clear about terrorism and activists. Gab claimed that the forum does not support any type of content related to intolerance, extremism, and terrorism.  

Gab. com-a controversial forum is known as a controversial social networking site and app due to its favor to “free hate speech” and rush of people with extreme mindsets. That is why the forum is proving a magnet to the fundamentalists. became crowd-pleasing in 2018, when Robert Bowers, a Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, got registered on the forum and posted anti-Semitic content there. Robert Bowers was alleged for shooting 11 people in the incidence of Pittsburgh synagogue and after one month he was found as an active user on Gab. Although Gab management took quick action against Bower and blocked Bowers’ account, this incident gave birth to various controversies over the platform.

Later on, Gab’s CEO Torba claimed that all data of the alleged user was backed up and provided to the concerned authorities s for the investigation. Preceding this event, Gab was banned by the internet giants. For a little time, the services of Gab were blocked. Meanwhile, Gab used the notorious “Epik” to host the site. Epik is known as a website hosting service that supports the neo-Nazi messaging forum. It is believed that the QAnon conspiracy theory was originated on the forum of Epik.

Why Gab is banned by tech-Giants?

  • was blocked by Google play store and the App store due to hate speeches and notorious content on the site. Millions of users who used these app stores cannot install the official app of According to the website’s filing, this poses by the two larger app stores globally surely affected the site’s business negatively.
  •  GoDaddy and many other networking servers blocked the site due to its alleged and negatively bold support to the users.
  • PayPal, Stripe, and Visa stopped their services for and its relevant management after the unfortunate shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue.

Since the launch of, it has been a hot topic for tech experts. The site was banned multiple times but got reappeared in a shorter period. It will not be false to say that Gab has been taking advantage of controversies since its conception. In 2016, the accounts of numerous fundamentalists were blocked or removed by Twitter but Gab invited those with an open heart. Similarly, after pointing out QAnon accounts on Facebook, the activists were worried about the word of expression. But Torba stated that Gab will welcome all banned QAnon supporters at the home page. The insurrection in Washington DC and other states has upset the authorities and forums like Gab are busy earning through these radicals on the roads. As proudly states its mission of defending individual opinions and the right to speak freely is following the US laws. Gab is under strict observation by authorities and further continuous support to violent content may put the site in trouble.