September17 , 2021

“Godfall” for PS5 quick but honest review


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After the release of PS5, God Fall is one of the first games released to play on these consoles. Most of PS5 games are not specially designed to match the effects quality of PS5. God Fall is specially developed to play on PS5. It uses all the new features of PS5 and runs smoothly without much loading time. It is an action role-play game, with amazing graphic effects. 

The game is made by ‘Counter Play Game Studio’. The studio has only one game on their credit with the name of Duelyst. The GodFall can be played by single player and multiple players. It  is priced at 70 dollars which is a fairly high price.

Game Setting

God fall is set in a fantasyland called Aperion. The surroundings are made extremely gorgeous. PS5 owners get the full-blown effects of the game and it is nothing less than magic. Not many environments have been added to the game but all the available ones are just stunning to be part of. The added effects are so extravagant that experienced players are calling it inspired from the 90s. The team which has worked on the game did say that the environment of the game is little inspired by the ‘Stormlight Archive books’ of Brandon Sanderson.

Game will show you the right path to go every time you are given a mission. It is not clear if you can turn this setting off or not. So as these missions are so clear that you almost always know where the game is taking you, after a while it becomes a little boring for the player. You are given a teleporter, when you play a game for the first time to discover the correct path. With teleporter you move forward and get one on one with bunches of enemies, break the lock to doors and then finally have a word with the bosses and final combats. You can always go back and do the same action of taking the boss out if you think you can do it better than before. 

All the above mentioned goals of the games are available in almost every other game. What makes this game different is that it has three kinds of goals:

• You can just simply combat to take out the boss

• You can set a certain time and take out boss in that time limit

• There are random goals you can perform before you go on to kill the boss

Once you have completed your mission and killed the boss, you are given two option

• You can finish the mission

• You can select to move forward and explore further

If your choice is to stay after you are done with killing the boss, you can roam around and explore freely and can do little taske too.

Characters and players

Player is playing the game as a king with the name of Orin. The battle is against your own brother named Macaros. You are supposed to stop him from becoming God. As you are in a battle with your brother, this is a little too emotionally intense. The brother is extremely powerful and to get to the final fight with him, you have to go through so many of his henchmen. Both of the main characters are magnificently designed. 

The brother is shown as one of the really cruel villains. He is willing to do anything in order to become a God. His destruction is so massive, it keeps creating hurdles for the player. The mission of the story has three pillars which are named realms. The three realms are earth, water and air. They do have logic to them every time they come on screen. There are heavy long conversations between the characters which break the flow of the game. 

Game Play and Game Controls

When Godfall released for PS5, console owners were expecting it to have dual sense utilization. It has innovative controllers which help in intensifying the gameplay. Battle ground is not controlled with the usual face buttons instead it uses trigger buttons. The game is full of heavy attacks and it becomes hard as tension grows around you. The feedback of the game has little similarities with another PS5 game Dirt5. The weapons are not as many as ‘Borderlands’ but you still get a whole lot of range of weapons to fight the enemy. You have the option to use heavy and light weapons to attack. To dodge the attacks on you, you are given a shield. This is what you will be doing most of the time while playing the game.

One of the really good things stated by the players is that if you die in the game while restarting you do get some of your previous achievements back. This means it does not waste your time in getting all the prizes back and GodFall is very free-handed in giving prizes.

The combat is amazing but it does seem like that game needed some more time before it was released . There are a lot of things which could be better. For example, the environments we have talked about are so repetitive that you start feeling like you are playing in a circle. It is almost like fighting the same henchmen at the same place because of lack of diversity in combat environments. Though it is declared as a loot game but that does not mean there can’t be any variety added to the game. The layouts could be a little different from each other. 


Overall the game is a loot-slashing game with multiple mission types. You are given weapons to fight the enemy and that about it, there is nothing more to it. Godfall has the most fulfilling battleground. Unfortunately, this is the most highlighted good thing about the game. It is built using extremely dreamy environments but the structure of the mission is a little disappointing to make this game an evergreen game and might not be remembered for a long time.