September17 , 2021

Google’s effort in quantum computing and here is how much they have progressed so far


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Classical computers have been extremely beneficial to the human race since their inception. The smartphone, smart devices, and internet have been serving the world through the technology of classical computers. Now scientists are looking forward to the more advanced and sharper technology of computers – Quantum computers.

What is the phenomenon of quantum computing? Why do the big tech companies have been investing in quantum computers? What are the foreseen applications of the latest form of computers? To get the answers to these questions, read out the article below:

What is quantum computing?

Quantum computing is based on quantum computers or machines. This type of computing is a hundred times more sharp and advanced than the recent technology of classical computers. Our classical computers work in binary units known as bits. The bits can get the value of 0 or 1. Smartphones, laptops, and calculators are common examples of classical computers.

On the other hand, quantum computers are based on quantum physics. These computers relay information in the unit known as “qubit.” A qubit generates through spinning electrons or photons. The energy produced through the spinning of an electron can be used to transfer information.

Google’s efforts in quantum computing

Google has been actively working on the project of D-Wave quantum computers in the research laboratory specified for Quantum Artificial Intelligence. Google has been working in alliance with NASA in California since 2019 to move ahead in the current projects related to quantum technology.

The research lab in collaboration with tech hubs has been working in the fields of speech pattern and image pattern recognition, internet search, air traffic management, planning, and scheduling the air traffic. Besides, quantum technology is also active in the robotic missions that are sent from earth to other planets to gather information.

Google revealed, in 2015, the D-Wave quantum machine can work 100M times faster than classical computers.

The global world has reduced the distance between human intelligence and artificial intelligence through the latest technology. In 2014, Google plunged into developing its quantum-based hardware to get excel in the field of Artificial intelligence.

By 2018, Google got successful in developing a quantum processor named “Bristlecone.” The Quantum processor with a 72 qubit device is a greater advancement in setting up quantum technology. The 72 qubit processor is much efficient and advanced than the previously constructed 9 qubit machine by the company. The tech company claims that its quantum processor is efficient to work with lower errors.

In 2019, at the IEEE International Solid-state circuit conference, unveiled the circuit designed for quantum computing. The circuit is set up within an enclosure and can be operated at the temperature of 1 Kelvin.

Quantum technology-based circuit is a superb technology that is necessary to move further in the quantum phenomenon.   

Advancement in quantum computing-race of big tech companies

More than 20 technological companies globally have been working with scientific teams to develop an advanced system of computing. Here are the top 5 tech companies’ efforts are mentioned:

  • IBM

IBM, a computer developing company has been working with its engineering and scientific team members at the research facility of New York. In 2015, IBM announced publically that it had developed a specific type of circuit with bit-flip and phase-flip. The circuit is designed to detect the errors caused by quantum working. It is considered a necessary tool for correcting the errors made by quantum computing.

IBM announced, in 2019, that the company will be able to launch quantum computers probably in the upcoming five years.

  • Intel

Intel’s work in quantum computing is continued in the research facility of Delft University of technology. The institute has been working in alliance with the Dutch laboratory of Applied search. The purpose of the alliance for quantum computing is to give support to computer engineering.

Intel has been working to get an advanced form of quantum computers through quantum processors. In 2019, Intel announced the development of a tool to assess the working efficiency of the qubit. It aims to see whether qubit is working correctly. Furthermore, Intel has successfully developed a chip containing 49 qubits named called a tangled lake.

  • Toshiba

Toshiba has been racing to develop a more secure and sharper communication network. Toshiba’s Quantum key distribution (QKD) system delivers cryptographic keys. The company has been advancing quantum technology in optic –fiber-based computer networks. Toshiba is among the top companies that contain the largest developments in quantum computing. 

Currently, Toshiba has been working in alliance with an American-based Quantum Xchange developer. The current Phio project has been operated to increase the bank security to transfer the money and data securely in New York City.

  • Baidu

A giant in technology, Baidu, a popular search engine in China has launched its institution of Quantum computing. Baidu has dropped back the Alibaba in the quantum computing research. Baidu’s search engine has been working on searching millions of database information through quantum technology.

  • Alibaba

In 2015, a Shanghai-based- research facility was developed by the collaboration of Alibaba’s Aliyun Cloud unit and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Alibaba Quantum computing research laboratory has been working in numerous fields like Artificial intelligence, e-Commerce security, and many others.The research laboratory had launched a quantum-based cloud computing service with 11 qubits, in 2018.    

Numerous tech companies have been contributing to the race of quantum technology. quantum computing is far away from a device or tool. The quantum theory is related to work in space via cloud technology.

Sum up

Google and many other tech giants have introduced quantum tools and devices that require cloud technology to continue its operations. Yet, the experts consider that probably more than 5 to 10 years are required to get complete access to quantum computing in hands. Quantum computing has progressed from vague inceptions and experiments to tools or cloud technology. The time is not too far to approach computers or machines based on quantum technology.