September17 , 2021

Greg: Plant Care Assistant – This App Makes Plant Care Simple


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After the industrial revolution, the masses shifted their lifestyle from natural items to artificial ones. But projects like “Greg: Plant Care Assistant” are here to help. People began to move away from nature with the growth in the industrial sector. But now, the saturation from artificial lifestyle is observed. Greg: Plant Care Assistant is an ideal app for gardeners. It increases the confidence of growing. Several masses have developed a love of nature by growing plants at home.

Many plant lovers like to have a terrace garden or numerous plants in the pots. But the difficulty with house gardens is that people are usually unknown to the timing and weather conditions required for plants. When the watering to a specific plant is suitable? What climate conditions are favorable to your house plant? If you know all this, it often happens you forget to care for your plants due to a busy routine.

Though it is a common conception that the tech world is far away from nature, it is not true in all cases. Numerous earth-friendly apps are available that may help you in caring for your house garden. Greg is an app that has made planting and watering the plants simpler and quicker.

How Greg works?

Greg collects information by asking various questions like: how close is the plant to the window? What size of the pot is it in? After analyzing the type and size of the plant, Greg keeps suggesting to you the tips to care for the plant. Besides, Greg creates a watering schedule after collecting basic information about the plant. To assess the local climate of your place, Greg- a plant watering assistant uses the zip code.

 In simpler words, you can say that Greg helps you just like a gardener and suggests you about the plant like a gardening expert. Greg keeps you updated by notifications daily about the watering schedule and basic information about your house plant. The notifications remain on the home screen until you change these into your phone’s setting.

Key features of Greg

Greg features a unique and appealing interface to the users. Some of the core features of the app are given as under:

  • Insights about the plants: The app continues to inform you about the plants you own. You can get helpful knowledge and insights about the plants you uploaded in the app. This personalization feature makes the app heart-favorite to the users.
  •  Water reminders: By uploading the picture of your plant in the app, you may know the type of plant. The app will guide you about the water timings of the specific plant. You can set reminders as per your choice to water the lovely home nature.
  • Auto-creation of watering schedules: You need not worry about the water schedules, Greg will set all for you.
  • Jungle view: The users can see their whole collection of plants in the jungle view option of the Greg.    

It seems impressive to see the water care reminder on the smartphone. It shows you a responsible citizen as well as a nature-friendly person.

Why Greg: Plant Care Assistant?

The users like to recommend the app frequently to friends and family due to its unique style. Why Greg only? Numerous underlying reasons are there that make this app preferable. Let us see a few of them:

  • Water schedules

Water is as essential for plants as food for humans. But our fast-paced routine often does not allow us to take care of nature or spend some leisure time getting close to nature. Greg is an awesome plant care assistant that can set a comfortable water schedule for your house plants.

  • Improve the health of plants

In-time water to the plants helps to improve the health of the plant. Plants require routine care and protection from seasonal changes. This tech assistant can prompt you time and again to spend time in your house garden.

  • Get environment-friendly information

The interesting thing about the app is that Greg keeps you updated with the latest knowledge about the plant you own. It not only increases your interest in gardening rather a bigger source to grow more plants.

  • Create a gardening community
Greg: Plant Care Assistant

In this age of social media, everyone wants to show hobbies, leisure-time activities, and interesting facts of life to others. The appealing feature of the plant assistant app is to invite other people on your page to make a community. Your community members can see your activity in the app. Either you have added a new plant or just do some activity in your garden, show it to others.

Greg is a superb app that promotes gardening through inviting and sharing your plan activities with others. You can contribute to a greener and safer earth ecosystem.

  • Drought-tolerance: As you upload the photo of your plant, Greg collects information about the plant and gets adapted to the drought tolerance of the plant.

However, the plant care app lacks desktop features and android compatibility. Greg is available in the Apple store only. Hopefully, it will be available for other operating systems as well. 

Sum up

The vision of Greg’s team is to create the best plant care companion globally. The Apple Store app is active worldwide and facilitating the gardener’s community. The prestigious goal of the app is to assist plant lovers in all ways.

You might have observed that numerous million tree campaigns are active round the year globally. States and people have considered the importance of growing new plants. Although the industrial revolution has instigated the people to replace the jungles and green fields for residence and business, yet there is a bit of space for nature.

 Whether you are an office-going personality or run a business, Greg will send you reminders time and again to care for your plants. When you see your plants and their discussion in the community feature, it boosts your confidence about growing new plants.

If you are already running a nursery of plants, just download Greg on your smartphone. This app is ready to provide you the latest information about the plants.