September17 , 2021

Here’s what we think about the new Xiaomi Mi 11 and we can tell if you should go for it or not


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Xiaomi launched its new phone from the Mi series, Xiaomi Mi 11 at the start of February 20121. If you are a Xiaomi phone consumer and looking to buy a new phone then this review is for you. Xiaomi has outperformed itself with this new phone.

Xiaomi Mi 11 First Impression

Xiaomi Mi 11 is a flagship phone launched by a Chinese company. It was initially launched in China at the end of last year and was available to other markets in February. Most of the flagship phones get released at the start of the year. This phone has a lot of features that make it a premium phone. It has an OLED plus QHD screen. It has wireless charging which is ultra-fast.

Best Features

Here are some of the best features of this phone which make it a flagship phone by Xiaomi.

Screen and Display

The display of MI11 is one of the best features of this phone. The total display size of the phone is 6.81 inches which is pretty big for a smartphone but it has curved corners which makes it easy to hold the phone and give it a very premium feel. The display has an HR rate of 120hz. The screen is made of frosted glass.

The front camera is on the left but it is a little more toward the right than the previous phones.


The phone has the latest MIUI 12 (Mi Software) and Xiaomi has claimed to upgrade it to MIUI 12.5 in few weeks. The software runs hand in hand with version 11 software of Google Android. One of the best things about this phone is that it comes with much less bloatware than other Xiaomi phones. There are a few apps but not many useless softwares by default on the phone. So Xiaomi has clearly worked on their abusive love for preinstalled apps.

If you look past bloatware there are so many good things about the phone. It has multiple options to customize. It comes with transition effects of the menu, multiple home screen layouts for apps, widgets, animated background, and a lot more you would like on a phone.

You can easily customize all these options according to your choice.

Specs and Performance

The phone comes with a 888 chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon. At the time of the launch in February, this was one of the most powerful processors available for phones. At the benchmark test, the phone is able to get a score of 3569 if you do it at the benchmark test of Geekbench. This score beats the scores of OnePlus8 and iPhone 11 pro max.  Xiaomi Mi 11 has an overall fast speed in all divisions including an extremely responsive camera. It is an ideal phone for daily use.

If you are a gamer then welcome to heaven because this phone has an amazing processor to play games. The gaming is a super smooth experience on the Mi 11. The speakers of the phone are also receiving good reviews from the users. There is no distortion in the sound while listening to loud music and there is a lot of bass in the sound quality.


Xiaomi Mi 11 has a 108 megapixels main camera with very high resolution. There is a better AI (artificial intelligence) optimization to help with the contrast and light of the photos. The photos in low light still have little noise in the details. There are 2 more lenses to support the main camera. One of them is 13 megapixels and the other one is 5 megapixels. The phone has really good results while taking pictures from real close. It also works well while taking pictures of small objects from far away.

The front camera of Mi 11 is 20 megapixels and shows good results for selfies. There are options to capture selfies with better contrast and bokeh background. Bokeh generally has a good result but some details get missing in the pictures.

Xiaomi Mi 11 has a slogan that calls it Movie Magic. It makes this phone ideal for videography. Shotting a video on Mi 11 is easy as a cake. Shooting an 8k video is not a big deal for the phone and it is very responsive with the camera and video. If you have a bug for videography then you will definitely enjoy the experience on this phone. Here are plenty of modes to shoot videos such as Magic Zoom and parallel world. The video filters can be applied while making the video and after shooting too.

Some video filters are easy to use and some are a little complicated like magic filter can not be used on very small objects and usually need an object as big as a human to apply the filter.

Battery Life

All the above-discussed features of Xiaomi Mi 11 take a toll on its 4600 mah battery. The battery is not up to the mark for a phone with such a big screen. If you do not use it much then it can last a whole day. But if you play games and use the camera a lot then you might have to put it on charging multiple times.

The high fresh rate of the phone is also a factor in the low battery time. You can disable few features of the phone to retain the battery of the phone. The phone comes with fast charging though.  It would take only half an hour to have a full battery again.

Is it worth buying

If you like to shoot videos and play games then this phone would be a perfect buy for you. It is also good for people who like to do macro photography. It is totally worth your money if you are thinking to start your youtube channel.

But if all you need is a device which lasts you long then this might not be the best option for you. It also does not have a headphone jack so that is another thing to look for before buying this phone.