October 17, 2021

Hot Lava – Top Arcade game in Apple store


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Who has not played the game called ‘The floor is Lava’ in their childhood. Klei Entertainment turned everyone’s favourite game into a virtual venture making it easy for older people to still play the game on their screens. This game studio has a lot of other games on their credits including Don’t Starve. They started working on the game back in 2016 and the game was officially released in September 2019. It has been more than one and a half years since the game is out and it is still one of the most favorite games played on Apple Arcade.

Klei Entertainment hired Mark Laprairie, a very famous game developer to design the game. The idea was for adults to relive their childhood memories. So far Klei Entertainment is very successful in doing that. The game is one of the top arcade games ready to download on the Apple store and also its PC version is now available to use.

Game Setting

Hot Lava is an action game available on Apple Store. The game revolves around the floor is lava and it takes the idea to a whole new level. It includes jumping, running, and sliding. It provides an extremely fun experience for the players. It has cartoon-like aesthetics to the design. It gives major 90s feel to its payers and this is the reason it is very popular amongst the millennials.

The game starts as a hazard and there are multiple maps available to play for players. There are different playgrounds such as schools and basements. All these settings are life-sized. It is a very enjoyable experience to run in the school’s playground filled with lava The game is played in 3D so it enhances the player experience.

Every map needs a certain amount stars won from the previous level to open. You can earn more stars by doing the additional tasks in the game. Not dying can earn you more stars. If you complete a level at a fast pace that can also get you more stars. It is all about the practice, the more you play the more prizes you win. There are arrows to guide you where to go next and also alternative routes are available for the players.


The game is played from a first-person perspective so generally, there is one player that is the one with a device playing the game. There can be other players seen around though and you can show them the way to move forward if somehow you are on the same level with that player.


There are a total of 6 maps available in the game and each ap has different levels to play. The game has multiple levels and every time you successfully finish a level you are rewarded with prizes.

You need to start to unlock every map. Every level makes you win more starts than the previous level. To win the stars you have to make some effort. The good news is that the levels are not too hard. They have tried to keep it simple to sustain the charm of childhood in the game. According to some players, the only difficult mission in the game is ‘Follow the Sister’. This mission is not so popular amongst the players either. It is way too difficult and frustrating for the players. You have to follow your sister and you have to do it really fast. If you are a little too behind her, you simply lose the game. There are no checkpoints in the game so if you die somehow, you have the start over the game.

Controls and Gameplay

The gameplay of hot lava works fine. But it does need a separate Bluetooth controller to have a better experience of the game. This might get fixed now but right now for a smooth play Bluetooth controller helps you around the game.

If you are playing through the available onscreen controllers, it might not turn out to be a pleasant experience playing the game. The controllers which are available on the screen cover the corners of the game screen. To change the point of view of the character you constantly have to move your screen to right or left. This can be changed in the settings though but it is still a hindrance in the gameplay. There are way too many buttons on a screen that you end up using the wrong buttons and lose the game. This is very frustrating for the player. This problem needs to be fixed by Klei Entertainment. Until then try to get your hands on Bluetooth controllers and play with them from the start of the game.

The basic job of a player is to pass through the levels in record time. The less time you take the more prizes you win. Passing levels helps you unlock new levels. There is a lot of jumping, running, and sticking to the walls is involved in the process.

One problem which seems to be a bug in the game is that you can’t pause the game. Pausing means you are stoping the play and you have to play front he starts again. This bug does not allow a player to even take a break. We hope the developers fix this bug soon.


If you want to cherish some good childhood memories, this game is for you. It is easy and progresses quickly. There are some glitches in the game controls but those can be fixed with some outer sourced help. If you have alternatives to the game controls then you will have a whole lot of adventure while playing the game.

Overall the gameplay of Hot Lava is very simple and as you play the game and progress further your jumps get more in your control.  It is fun to play game with not too many complications. Aesthetics of the game are also not the most given attention aspect of the game but works for the nature of Hot Lava.