September17 , 2021

How AI-Powered loT is Changing The Way We Live?


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Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

AI-powered loT? Let’s talk about it. Whether Artificial Intelligence will take over control of our world or not, is the hot topic in the tech world these days. No one knows the fate of the world. But on the other side, AI-powered IoT has connected the floors, roofs, factories, houses, and every space of our life. It is the reality that the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made revolutionary changes in our daily lives.

IoT refers to the network of objects that are connected with any software, signaling devices, communication device, or involved in any type of data processing.

How and where AI-powered IoT is being used? The answer to this question can give you a better understanding of how AI is on the way to change our lifestyle. Here are a few popular sectors of human lives mentioned that use Artificial intelligence tools to show performance:  

AI-powered loT – Introducing a new era of transportation

With the conception of Autonomous cars, the automotive industry has gained revolutionary momentum in the last few years. Autonomous cars or driverless cars are a great achievement in transportation. Experts consider that auto vehicles are safer and more efficient.

Partial auto vehicles are already on the roads for years. The drivers use the automatic brakes and steering system in these partially auto-designed cars. Some vehicles are operated through in-car computers with the help of cameras surrounding the vehicle.

Now, automotive engineers are speedily moving towards electric cars that are completely based on Artificial Intelligence and will be operated by computers instead of humans. How can a computer behave like a driver keeping in view the pedestrians, other vehicles, hurdles, and danger of traffic? It is possible due to the miraculous Artificial Intelligence.

  • Educational systems – Getting more accurate knowledge by AI

The times have gone when students used to write an essay and search for a teacher to make corrections. Writers used to send their books to the seniors to take out grammatical mistakes, sentence correction, and many others. But, AI-based software for essay writing and grammar corrections has made this task easier and quicker for the writers and students. All these are due to the services of intelligent computers.

To avoid the issues of copywriting, many article spinner software is also available on the internet that helps you to change the copy-pasted content in a few moments only.   

  • AI benefiting the e-Commerce

E-Commerce is one of the largest businesses getting benefits of computer Intelligence. Entertainment hubs like YouTube and Netflix use recommendation systems to attract users. Another greater role of AI in e-Commerce is that businesses can use product recommendation engines. This engine helps a specific website to list out the things purchased by the user online. Based on this data, the specific websites target the relevant customers to get attracted to their business.

  • Digital world and blessings of AI

Have you ever noticed that once you search for a specific article, Google will start showing you a similar article as a recommendation to read? Google, YouTube, Netflix, and many others use the artificial intelligence-based recommendation system.

  • Google Translate is using a machine learning model to comprehend a specific text and translate it in the required language. The computer-based learning model continues to learn new synonyms of the language to respond better.
  • Google Maps help the users to choose the best pathway to a specific destination. It shows predictions regarding traffic, estimated time, and possible routes to the destination.
  • Dating apps help people to find the best matching partner. The technology used by these apps is artificial intelligence by recognizing the face. Find the best match of any person by uploading the photo and entering your preferences.
  • Photo/ video editors: Filters used by the photo/ video editors help the users to create a masterpiece of the photos and videos.

Numerous other digital platforms are also dependent upon Artificial Intelligence to perform better.     

  • AI accelerating the world of Business

Today, majority of the businesses use accounting software, the cloud, and many other digital products to secure the data online. Accounting software uses Artificial intelligence to predict the results and practical implications of the specific report. Additionally, it also suggests the client take a better step under the light of data entered in the computer.

Healthcare Industry- seeking the help of AI

The Healthcare industry anxiously seeks the help of computer intelligence to extract new chemical formulas and compounds. Experts consider that advancement in technology may prove a breakthrough for the healthcare sector to cure life-threatening diseases.

Besides, the tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube have been using the Artificial Intelligence system to target specific types of customers. AI-powered advertisements quickly target specific audiences. AI boosted tools work on the users’ choice of searching. It helps the Ad publisher to forecast specific ads as per the user’s choice.

Closing Words

Globally, AI has been leaving its impact on the masses. People often follow recommendations of specific websites or apps for music, books, text, images, articles, devices, and many others. Though electric cars, and super drug does not exist yet and is under experimentation. But it seems that in upcoming years we can see all this science fiction in reality due to the usage of Artificial Intelligence.

You can see the power of AI in every IoT-based device. Whether it is children’s toys or your smartphone, computer intelligence can be seen everywhere. No doubt, AI is getting prevalent in our lives day-to-day.

Soon, tech giants intend to launch these products for the general public.  Artificial Intelligence is the technology created by unbeatable human brains. The human lifestyle seems to take a greater shift from Classic to Ultra-modern. Either you talk about transport, communication devices, home interior, or clothing; everything seems under control through the recommendation system of the computer world.

Just imagine flying vehicles, robots doing the chores of daily routine, and devices for consultation; it sounds impressive. Many more exciting features of Artificial Intelligence are yet to explore in the future days.