September17 , 2021

How ProtonMail is different and why you should use it?


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As technology grows, the advancement in scams and cyber-crimes has also been witnessed day by day. The scams or cons through online email services have been getting common these days. It is the reason, all mail services work to improve the user’s account security.

ProtonMail service is supposed to be the most protected mail service globally. It claims to keep the data protected from the view of the third party. 

ProtonMail was created in the Research facility of Geneva, in 2013. The public beta of the ProtonMail was launched in 2014. The mail service is supervised by Proton Technologies AG, a Switzerland-based company. The other products of ProtonMail include Proton VPN and a VPN service.

The invitation-only ProtonMail was launched for the public in 2016. Within one year, it got nearly 2 million users.  The distinct feature of ProtonMail is encrypted mail service. The ProtonMail user can get registered through the webmail services and the Tor network. The ProtonMail can also be accessed through certain apps available for android and iOS systems.

ProtonMail- surrounded by blockages and conflicts

Since its existence, ProtonMail has been facing blockage and various scandals. In 2015, ProtonMail got unavailable to a large number of users due to DDoS attacks. The company coped with the attacks by locating the data centers at different places. In 2018, ProtonMail again faced the attacks and the company showed doubts on any unknown third party to have paid for the DDoS attacks. In 2018, a suspect of ProtonMail was arrested who was involved in a series of cyberattacks.

In 2019, the Belarus government blocked the services of ProtonMail throughout the country. The blocking of the services remained for four days, but no explanation was given publically for the reason of this short blockage by the company.

Russia also blocked the ProtonMail services in January 2020. The reason for blockage was given that ProtonMail did not provide the information of the scam accounts to the Russian government. However, the Russian government could not block the mail service completely, and in various parts of the country, ProtonMail remained active.

Distinctive Features of ProtonMail

ProtonMail service features hi-fi security that keeps the service from intruders and unwanted criminal acts. The outlook of the mail service is unique and impressive. Here are some of the unique features listed:

  • User-friendly mail service

The ProtonMail service is easy to install and use. The user can comfortably send the message or information from the service even the first time.

  • End-to-end encryption

The End-to-end encryption makes the mail service the most secured one among the competitors. End-to-end encryption refers to that the data is secured from being seen by others. No person except the sender and receiver can open and view the information exchanged through the mail service.

The inbox and outbox of the Protonmail are encrypted well. Another appealing component of end-to-end encryption is that the company stores all data in End-to-end encrypted format. The format is used to keep the data secured. Even the ProtonMail administration cannot get access to the email account of the user. The information can only be viewed by the sender and receiver.

Protonmail users can send encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail users. For instance, if you intend to send an email to the Yahoo mail user or Gmail, You can customize your setting to make the email encrypted on the part of the sender and receiver.

  • Two-factor authentication

ProtonMail secures the data with an additional layer of protection. The two-factor authentication code is used to protect the data. in case, if someone tries to interrupt the services without permission, it cannot get access. Access to the services requires access to the user’s mobile phones as well.

ProtonMail will ask permission to your mobile phone, every time the user tries to log in to the account.

  • The anonymity of mail service

The user of ProtonMail can increase the protection of the account by using the anonymity feature. The users of the mail service do not need to insert any personal information while registering the account. The additional fact is that the ProtonMail service does not track IP addresses by default. Thus, any intruder or scammer cannot link your account to any illegal cyber-action.

  • Self-destruction messages   

The ProtonMail user can set the expiry time before sending a message. This option will make the message disappear from the inbox of the receiver after the fixed time. You can share your official data and information securely by setting the destruction time of the message.

This type of data protection is operated by government agencies to keep the high-profile information hidden and away from the criminals.

How it is different than other emails?

The ProtonMail is different from other competitors like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, and many others. Have a look at the features that you will hardly find in other mail services:

  • Non-tracking of IP address
  • Short domain addresses
  • Impressive migration tools or devices
  • Free VPN services
  • Custom labels

Account Types by ProtonMail

Many free and paid account types are available to the users depending upon the storage and number of messages per day.

A free ProtonMail account offers 150 messages per day with 500 MB storage. A ProtonMail Plus account offers 1000 messages per day with 5 Gb data storage for €5 per month or €48 per year.

Concluding Words

ProtonMail is considered the most secure mail service in 2021. Its data centers are located in different places in Switzerland. Each data center uses open source software like Linux and many others. Additionally, the data centers process the data across the web and use encrypted hard disks to store data.

The ProtonMail keeps working uniquely by prioritizing the privacy of the user’s account. The mail service keeps the confidentiality of the account by multi-layered protection. The company claims to get millions of users per day due to its reliable and private services. You can choose from the different plans of the ProtonMail service as per your requirement.