September17 , 2021

How to convert PDF file into real Word document and edit it for free


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Pdf documents are extremely famous for sharing different kinds of information. The format of Pdf is readable for the majority of people. Pdf files are not editable files, so they are used in sale receipts, digital manuals, manuscripts, and many more. With all these amazing uses, there can be instances when somebody wants to read a Pdf document in some other format. For example, you submit your CV for a job in Pdf format and your employer wants to see the CV in a word document. If you have a written article that requires editing or it needs some information update, it needs to be converted to word.doc first. Here is a quick guide on how to convert PDF file into real Word document and edit it for free.

How to change a PDF file to Word Doc

Let’s try to learn how to change a Pdf file into Word Doc. There are many softwares available online which can be used to convert the file into another format.

Some of online softwares which can be used for conversion are:

  • Pdf2doc
  • Pdf doc
  • Small Pdf
  • Free Pdf convert
  • Nitro
  • Doc fly
  • Adobe acrobat

Some of these software are completely free and some might require subscription after a certain free period.

How does converting softwares work

Most of the online available free softwares is extremely easy to use. Even a person with very minimal knowledge of file formats can convert files without much information.

When you open one of these softwares, it gives you a dialog box with an upload file option on the very main page. You just have to click on the upload option, it will open the file selector from your system. Now you just have to select and upload files in the software and click on convert. That’s all, your file is converted. Before downloading the Word Doc file you can preview the file. Once you have confirmed that everything is fine with the file, just click on the download and select the destination folder. After selecting the destination folder, download the Word Doc file. So it is as easy as a piece of cake.

How to convert Pdf to Word Doc through PDF2DOC

Pdf2doc is an online available free software. It is extremely easy to use software.

Here is a step by step guide to use the software:

  1. Open the Pdf2Doc website in your browser.
  2. On the main page there is an option to upload your file, just upload your file and it will automatically be converted to Word doc.
  3. Now download the file.

This is possibly the most easy solution for the conversion of files. The biggest pro is the file gets converted as it is without any damage to the format. Unlike MS word which completely messes up the formatting of files while converting, you might have to recreate the whole thing.

Pros of Using PDF2DOC

Pdf to the doc is exceptionally easy-to-use software. People who don’t have much knowledge of technology can easily convert their files from pdf to doc without any assistance. Pdf to doc can convert up to 20 Pdf files at one time. You can download all the files at the same time too. The software will download all the files in a zipped folder. You can upload as many as 20 files and the software will do its magic and convert them as accurately as possible.

Here is a list of characteristic which pdf to doc converts accurately:

  • Font effects
  • Pdf tags
  • Pdf bookmarks
  • Endnotes
  • Frames
  • Page border and page colors
  • Video and audio
  • Pdf comments
  • More than one page footnotes
  • Tracked changes
  • Cellspacing tables

All of these critical features of the original file remain as it is.

Editing the file

As mentioned before, ‘Pdf2doc’ retains the original formatting of the pdf file which makes editing a lot easier for the user. Most of the conversions are done to make the editing possible in the document so retaining the original format is very important. Forms are one the most regularly converted files. Forms usually have boxes, tables and frames. With all these attributes using Pdf to doc becomes a very easy solution during the editing to. The position of boxes and tables stays the same so all you have to do is put the information you want or add more tables and boxes.

The crucial part of any editable MS word file is sorted and you just have to open the file and edit it as you like.

Comparison of PDF2DOC software and Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is considered one of the most reliable softwares when it comes to converting files from pdf to word doc. However, Adobe gives only 7 days free trial period to convert, which if you logout expires immediately and you can’t use the login to convert files until you buy the software subscription. The subscription of Adobe costs 15 dollars per month, if you are a regular which is totally not feasible for everyone. 

In comparison to Adobe, pdf2doc provides a completely free service for conversion with so many other incentives. The number of files which can be converted at one time is much higher. The file gets converted as soon as you upload it to the software. You can download multiple files together and all of them will have no change in formatting. There is no free trial period and you can always come back and use the service completely free of cost.

Bottom Line

So as we have discussed, there are multiple ways of converting a Pdf file to Wrod.doc. Not all the ways are equally dependable but there is enough choice available for everyone. Pdf2doc is one of the most valid ways to convert your Pdf file to Word doc without any glitch. You can use it as many times as possible. Pdf2doc is the easiest solution which works according to the convenience and knowledge of the user.