September17 , 2021

How to Customize iOS 14?


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Apple is best with incredible features that always inspire users by providing an excellent interface. If you are a new iPhone user, then it is great to turn your home screen more functional with the iOS 14. Now the boring screen is not tedious anymore, you can customize or explore more options with the iOS 14. It provides options to check new wallpapers, tries widgets, clocks, application icons, and much more.

Further, setting up with the iOS 14 operating system and making the usage more exciting. Here are the ways that will offer assistance to customize your home screen into something incredible with iOS 14:

  • Download new updates

All the iPhone users get instant updates regarding the iOS 14 that require quick response to set up with the new operating system. If you did not get it then better to look over the updates alerts and manually set the updated version. Firstly, click over the setting then go to general and software updates, now tap the download and get the updates download or install. Now you are all set to go with the new iOS 14 features to explore the exciting home screen.    

  • Do according to the preferences

The iOS 14 system offers incredible options to manage the home screen tasks, widgets, wallpapers, and other to do activities smartly. You can arrange the icons and their shortcut to avoid the hassle and make the outlook of the screen reasonable. It all depends on your preferences that how you want to see your screen. Some widgets are offered by the system in the default setting that you can bring them to set on-screen. But if want some different then go to the website opening bar and search for the widgets options.

You have the option to set the app’s widgets in horizontal size or with vertical alignment. You can adjust the size of the icons as per the requirement like small, medium, or large icons according to the preferences. It offers the facility to customize the size and style of the icons of your desired application. There is no need for the wallpapers adjustment you can make the page more functional without that. Click and hold over the app icons it will start jiggling and sign show up, tap over the sign and a list of app with widgets will open to set.

  • Adjust the wallpaper

Wallpaper can improve the outlook of the phone screen that you can adjust by following the simple steps. Choose the wallpaper from the settings and wallpapers options, adjust the picture from the gallery with some customization. Moreover, you can choose and adjust from the gallery or download from the wallpapers store.

The setting right before the wallpaper adjustment provides the options to set the color combination and scheme or contrast according to preferences. Make sure the color must be contrasting enough with the icons to make them more prominent. It will improve the interface and show good aesthetics.

  • Choose the custom widget application

With iOS 14 you can have the option to do more with the widgets through the personalized or more customized icons. On the app store, some applications will support the widget options like more personalized icons are available to set. In a new operating system, the application will provide the accessibility to customize the widgets easily. You can adjust them in the bottom, top and vertical. In editing always consider the functionality approach and set them where you can make them more useful.

If you want to add text over the screen simply go to the application, add the small widget to the screen, and set the app name. Moreover, it provides the option to customize the text with the option of custom text. Here it is easy to change the text style, size, font size, and background color, or more. you can add some quotes or a text of yours in the blank space to make it more personalized. When the settings are done then go to the save option and move it to the home screen where you want to adjust the custom widget.

  • Make yourself comfortable with shortcuts

You can arrange the home screen with the shortcuts to make it more useful and less time-consuming. Moreover, for the application icons, you can experience a change with iOS 14 that offers a shortcut app to download and adjust the customize icons for the applications. All you need to get the smart shortcut app install on the phone and set different images for different applications as icons.

It is a free app and available on the app store that makes the action quite simple or quick. Open the shortcut app and tap the blue icon on the top right corner of the application. Click over the icon and create the shortcut to adjust the application like set the email icon to use Gmail. After giving the shortcut name to the app set it over the home and make it useful to reduce the hassle in using the functions.

  • Ensure privacy with iOS 14

The new iOS 14 is great to ensure privacy that you can put everything back with an improved screen interface. It offers the selection and setting the home screen as per the priority that will not disturb if someone holds the phone for the usage. You can click over the Home screen and make a hold for a minute, it will display the multiple pages to align according to the preferences.

Final consideration!

The iPhone users experience a great interface with the new software changes like iOS 14. It gives advantages to do multiple adjustments in the screen interface and offers great way to optimize the aesthetics by setting the screen application icons. If you are a new iPhone user and still did not install the new iOS 14 then it is the right time to not delay and experience the advanced features.