September17 , 2021

How to Erase iPhone’s Data Remotely if Your Phone Gets Stolen?


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Photo by Vista Wei on Unsplash

Smartphones have integral importance in our lives. It is not possible to ignore their impact, importance, and existence at the same time. Using smartphones comes up with a number of benefits and challenges at the same time. You can use one device for multiple actions, tasks, and data processing. Similarly, it is one-stop access to any of your digital accounts whether email or bank. Specifically, when you are using iPhone, things are a little more complicated. iPhone offers you to connect multiple accounts to one device and access them all with one touch.

Similarly, it offers you a strong and stable data backup and security setup as well. Hacking any Apple device is not as easy as anyone thinking of it. Moreover, it gives you complete access to your device data and its backup even if it is stolen. Many times, people are afraid of their data leakages if their phone is lost or stolen. With iPhone, you have a smart way to erase the Data remotely in any such case. It keeps the data secure and restores it for you on your new device later. So, you can resume from where you dropped it last time.

Easy steps to erase iPhone data remotely

Having your iPhone makes it easy to clear the mobile memory and data by setting it back to factory settings. When you do not have physical access to the device, then things can be tricky and complicated. Here are some quick steps that can help you to make a move that you might do knew earlier.

Start from pre-planning

If you want to secure your data from any theft or loss of your device, then you need to prepare in advance. Clearing out the data remotely from your iPhone is only possible if you have made some essential settings to it. Without prior settings, it is impossible for anyone to access these settings and get rid of the data theft threats. Here are some steps you need to start with pre-planning:

Enable find my phone

The very first thing you need to do is to enable find my phone on your iPhone. If the feature is not enabled, you will not be able to access and remove data from your stolen phone. To enable “find my phone” you should go to:

  • Settings app on iPhone
  • Tap and select your Apple ID Account
  • Select iCloud
  • Tap and enable find My iPhone

This feature enables you to aces your phone using your Apple Id from any other connected device easily. There is no need to access the phone directly to remove its data.

Steps to erase data remotely on iPhone

When you are so sure that by no chance you are going to get the phone back, it is time to initiate removing data. It is the safest option to consider in order to avoid further complications with the data. There is no doubt that sometimes, your data is more important than your phone, so secure it first.

Initiate cleaning up data by following these steps:

  • Access your Apple ID using any other iOS device like your iPad, Mac or other computer browser. By visiting the you can easily login to your account
  • Enter into Find My iPhone app on portal
  • Check out all the connected devices to your login and enabled with Find My iPhone switch
  • Select the device you want to erase data from and select the option of Erase iPhone

The action will remove all data on your phone remotely but keep a backup of the data on your account only. It will cause an immediate log out from the device and the phone holder will no longer be able to access your accounts at all.

Select an alternative method

Other than erasing the data remotely from your phone using another device, you can adjust it to self-destruct mode as well. It turns out to be a defense mechanism for you at time of need. The feature enables your phone to self-destruct data after certain failed password attempts. Anyone tries to unlock your phone will never be able to access your data with the help of this switch.

  • Go to Settings app on your phone
  • Tap on Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode
  • Enter your Passcode on the prompt screen
  • Make sure to enable the passcode if there is no passcode in there. Select the passcode that you can remember easily.
  • Switch on the Erase Data toggle switch from the list
  • Make sure to review the warning and Enable it

Now your phone is on a self-destructive mode. If someone tries to enter passcode to unlock phone and make more than ten tries, the phone will automatically lock itself and erase all data. It seems the best mechanism when your phone is missing or stolen.

Be sure of warning light

Whenever you are coming up with any such strategy, it pair up with some cautions and tensions as well. There are certain warning signs you cannot ignore. Setting phone to self-destruct mode can be easy but risky as well. You do not have more than zero chances to unlock your own phone otherwise you will lose the data. Make sure your phone is not in the hands of kids anymore who try to pull off wrong combinations every time.

The iPhone will not give you a cool-down period with these settings enabled and just remove the data from your phone. Later you can reset the phone and restore data from iCloud by accessing your account. The caution is still there and you have to be more careful with these settings. The adjustment will not let your phone be open access for everyone around. Make sure you are going to focus on the attached risk factors and then take action. Despite all risks, it is one of the coolest features that you get with the iPhone in support of data safety and security.