October 17, 2021

How to Get High Quality Royalty-Free Images For a Blog?


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How to Get High Quality Royalty-Free Images For a Blog?

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Looking for high-quality royalty-free images for a blog? If yes, then you need to put much effort into it. Accessing the desired and free images that are unique and never bring you royalty claims is difficult. However, it is not impossible at all. All you need is to access the right tool and platform for it.

Online numerous portals are offering you royalty-free images. It is just about exploring them and learns to use them appropriately. Moreover, certain tricks help you to convert any image into a royalty-free original image with some alterations.

Here in this post, you can find out about how to get free images, some top rates portals to get images, and some tricks that help to edit any image.

Getting royalty-free images online

To get started with your search for royalty-free images there are certain steps you need to consider.

Access any search engine – open your browser and access any search engine. Probably you will access Google and that is the right decision to make in the first place. It eventually helps you in getting the best results.

Know your keywords – even for the images searches there are specific keywords and search terms that can help. You should know what kind of image you require. Search the relevant keywords and you will lead to results.

Use basic search filters – Google images offer you to filter the royalty-free reusable images in search results. Make sure to check the filter selection under the filter tab so you will end up with appropriate results.

Access top result portals – another option is to access the top portals online that offer HD images free for blogs. You can make a random search about the portals to pick up anyone by their name.

Search for relevant image categories – these portals are a kind of image search engine. Make your relevant search and then you will get all the results.

Select and download the image – download the appropriate image you find useful for the blog post and use it as per requirement.

Best Resources To Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Images For a Blog


Unsplash is one of the leading and top-rated websites with numerous copyright-free images and pictures. You can search HD images of almost anything there. Along with the free version, the site does offer paid images in certain categories. Any user can sign up with the royalty and access limitless downloads and images there.

For free downloads, the site does not have any limits. You can use numerous search terms to screen and access the images. These can be 3D images, clicks, pictures, and much more.


Another famous portal on the list that offers you free and ready-to-use images is Pixabay. The site offers you limitless free images download of every single search. When you search through the portal, it will give you further suggestions to access and relevant images as well. It helps you in getting an appropriate image.

You can make a free account to save the images or even get a paid subscription as well. A whole resource lets you get the images of your choice with ease. All the images available on site are HD quality and have clarity.

Stock Adobe

Stock adobe is a platform offered by Adobe group. It is a combination of free as well as paid images. You can access the free images of your choice as per search here. Somehow, the free available images are lesser in quantity.

The paid images on the platform are not too expensive at all. These are available at quite a reasonable price. You can take a one-time subscription to the platform as well to access some selected images. It is a good resource to have with you when you are on your way to the best quality images for your blog.


Another platform on the list that will let you gets 100% free and unique images. The gallery offers you the best image options of all time. The free software keeps your blogging easy with all-natural and graphically created images.

Downloads from the portal are pretty simple and convenient. It does not limit the free downloads for the users in any case. You can share and bookmark the images you like for future use as well. Searching your required images at once and then use, them later in the blogs will make your blogging easier and convenient.

Editing an Image to Use in a Blog

When you are unable to get them ready to use a royalty-free image then you can edit one of yourself. Creating an original image requires a lot of effort and skills. Instead, you can make a few changes to an image and use it.

Quick tips to edit an image

Access any image-editing tool. It can be a built-in application on your system or device. Moreover, there are numerous editing tools available online.

  • Crop the image to eliminate a few things from it such as any text, logo or unnecessary detail
  • Flip the images to create a mirror version of the image so you can use it without any copyright claim
  • Change the color tone of the image and add a few elements of your type in there.
  • By using multiple images and image editing software, it is possible to create one for your post to end up having a workable image.

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Bottom line

The easiest way to get royalty-free images for a blog post is to search them on related portals. You can get some really good and workable images easily. The other option of editing an image or combining multiple images will require you a lot of effort. Even after that effort, you can end up with numerous problems or claims. Therefore, it is better to get a free-to-use image or create an exclusive copyright image for yourself.