September17 , 2021

How to make money online – 2021 style


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Making money is one of the common interests everyone has online. Every single person is looking for the easy and authentic ways to earn money. In the years 2021, the situation of the job market is somehow similar to the previous year. Working from home, freelancing and online projects are in demand as well. Getting an actual office-based job seems impossible for no, and then you should check out possible options to make money online.

The digital world has grown to the next level. Every platform has its potential and offers. You need to just track the right one and be serious about it. Earning money cannot be a problem if you have one skill to sell out. It is one skill that you need to have for everything legit online. Let us review the top three ways to make money online in 2021 using your one skill.


The first we have to talk about is freelancing. People have so many myths related to freelancing and freelancers. Many people do not consider it a worthy job or a sustainable career choice as well. In reality, things are opposite. Freelancing is one of the sustainable career options that let you make money with one skill online. There is no investment but your time and effort that bring you clients and work.

Although freelancers have so many issues like meeting deadline, finding a comfortable working environment, digging up new projects and much more. However, everything is just smooth and plain in time. All you need is to plan the things and then you will be ahead of everyone else.

Identify your track

The only thing you need for freelancing is to identify your track. It all depends on the skill you have. As a freelancer, you can write for the web, people, create images, animation, edit photos or videos, write speeches, transcribe data, create diet plans, and give workout lessons and much more. There is a huge skill set that you can adopt and utilize in the market.

Market is huge

Out there, the market is huge for freelancers. Many of the businesses and companies are looking for the freelancers to pick up their projects. Instead of hiring full-time staff, they prefer to work with the freelancers. It cost them less and brings them quality work as well.

Freelancing is not only online

Many people believe that they can work as freelancer online only. It is not true; you can work as a freelancer in the actual market as well. All you need is to know about the skill set and make the right offer to the right person. It will give you a good scope of working in actual market as a freelancer. Many of the tour operators, photographers, videographer, business manager, financial consultants, auditors and others are working as freelancers. Online is a platform to let people reach out for your skills from other geographical locations. It can be used only for expansion when you are feeling it is the right time.

Selling courses

The second way of earning online with one skill is teaching others what you have. Knowledge is one thing that expands with sharing and when you cannot do anything else, just transform your knowledge into a course and let others learn it from you.

Skill development and taking online courses is one of the latest trends these days. Even students and professionals who want to level up their skills and knowledge lookout for online courses. It does not bind them to a place, reduce their hassle to be in class on time or follow a schedule. A course they can switch easily according to their ease is the best opportunity for them to try out.

You can pick up the platforms like skillshare and coursea to develop your course and start earning with it.

How to do it?

For every platform, the requirements for tutors or mentors can be different but here are some things you need to do in every single case:

  • Identify your subject – pick up a subject, topic or area of work. It is essential to know what you are going to offer to exist in the market. Pick up the main head or sub-branch for the topics or skills
  • Create a content outline – here comes the biggest question, what you will be teaching. The course requires a detailed outline with clarity and connection. You can even create primary and advance version of the course.
  • Select the platform – once you have the basic draft or proposal for the platform. Then you should select the platform where you are offering the course for a price.

Do review all the terms and conditions keenly and never miss any detail before you began.

Video blogging / Social Influencer

In the last but not the least one of the popular and highly recommended way is video blogging or being a social influencer. It requires your one skill and that is good with communication and camera. When you have a tool and know how to use it, you can do anything to make things work.

People want to know about all the new things from someone with knowledge. No matter if, you are good with lifestyle, travel, sports, technology, automobile, food and others. You can start blogging about it and let people know what you know or explore.

Broadcasting the vlog on any platform like YouTube, personal blog, or any other social media platform will earn you the followers and views. These followers and views are the real product that advertisers want to buy from you. Therefore, you are not selling the content but views on them. Here you will start earning from the video blogs.

When you are one of the top influencers, there is a brand of your niche out there looking for their online brand ambassadors. You can get signed up with them and have more money coming from one thing that you have been doing lately, that is making videos and interacting with people.