September17 , 2021

How to Maximize Productivity with Voice-to-Text Dictation on a Mac


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Voice-to-text technology came into being in 1997. It does not mean that it did not exist before that but it was the start of modern-day dictation technology. It has come a long way since then but there is a lot that can be explored yet. The accuracy level of this dictation software has increased so much that you can drive a car with just instructions.

We are discussing in this article what is voice-to-text dictation and how it is used. We will also be discussing how you can use dictation to increase the efficacy of your Mac.

Dictation Software

Dictation softwares is majorly used to translate your speech and use it as a command for the device. But this term is huge and includes so many apps and software under its umbrella. Some of the apps and softwares can translate full audio files to text. Not all of these apps can take commands. Some softwares and apps are very good at taking commands but heavy audio files are out of their league. So this is a very broad topic to be covered.

Some technologies can work in real-time and some take time to perform the act. In modern times you find AI-based apps every day that translate and obey the command. For example Alexa by Amazon and Siri by Apple. These apps can transcribe your speech and perform tasks on your behalf. But they can not or you can say they are not designed to translate bigger size audios such as documents and articles.

This article will be focusing on the software that works well for the Mac. Mac has software that is only designed to cater to Apple products. These dictation softwares are a huge convenience to people with disabilities. It allows you to use your computer without using your hands.

Qualities of a Good Dictation software

Dictation software is a treat to its users now. They give the facility of writing to people who do not like to write but have immense abilities of storytelling. These software are an amazing addition to new-age technology. This increases the overall efficiency in the different tasks of personal and professional life. It has become very easy to keep a record of big documents without giving extra time.

Voice to Text Dictation on Mac

Apple has software for its devices that works best. It is the most compatible and gives very accurate results. Here is an overview of how you can use Apple Dictation with its full efficiency and maximum production rate.

Apple Dictation

This is the easiest way to dictate in Mac. It comes built-in to Apple devices, you know these apps with the name of Siri. This is very easy to operate on handheld Apple devices. You only need to press the microphone sign. This will turn on the feature. To use Apple dictation in Mac, there are two ways. One is to go into the system preference setting and choose dictation. Another way is to use the shortcut on the keyboard.

Here is a step-by-step way to use your Apple dictation. It also includes how you can enhance the dictation on Mac.

Setting up the Dictation

To use the dictation, you will have to enable the feature. There will be a menu at the very top of the Mac screen. Now you have to choose the option of system preference. Here you will have the option and you have to click the icon of speech and dictation. Now make sure on the bar that you have successfully enabled the feature. This feature needs the internet to work. You can easily figure if the microphone in your Mac is working. It will turn purple which is an indication that Mac can hear you.

Enhanced and Efficient Dictation

Now comes the feature where you can turn on the enhanced version of Apple Mac dictation. By enabling enhanced dictation, Mac will work automatically and save a dictionary that will be appropriate for your use. Through enhanced dictation, you can use the speech-to-text feature without the internet too.

Basic apple dictation works by using the internet. It takes dictation from the online available files. The time of speech converting to text is also thirty seconds. But if you have ‘Enhanced Dictation’ enabled then the time would be much less and it can be done offline. It also gives you the liberty to amend your document. You only need to say Select Previous Word or New Paragraph. It also gives you suggestions to improve your text too. There is an option of advanced commands that can polish the text even more. The speed of dictation is also much better than the standard version of Apple Dictation.

Voice-to-Text Dictation Accuracy

Apple dictation has an incredibly good accuracy rate. On average if you are dictating 200 words then there is a chance of only eleven words going wrong. This accuracy rate is above that of a lot of other software. Apple is constantly working on making the accuracy rate better than the current rate.

Languages Supported by Apple Dictation

Apple products are used worldwide and Mac is one of the most popular devices. It is used in office places because of its features. This is the reason that the Enhanced version of Apple Dictation can work with more than 20 languages that are most used. The basic version supports thirty-one languages though because of its access to the internet. Apple is working on increasing the languages in the Enhanced version too.

Here are the languages that work with Mac’s voice-to-text feature.

Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Greek, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, German, French, Finnish, English, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Catalan and Arabic.

This is a huge selection of languages that includes pretty much all the most spoken languages of the world.


You can find other software that would work with Mac but it is the best idea to use Apple Dictation. It will be more efficient and compatible with all the Apple Devices.