September17 , 2021

How to reset your Macbook the easy way


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Using any electronic device once in a lifetime demands you to reset it. The reasons can be different but it can be essential sometimes. The device may perform slowly when you have to unload some of the things from it. It is all about coming up with the best performance of the device.

MacBook seems to be the fastest and reasonable laptop alternative for you to use. From high users to the light users it is equally famous among everyone. Coming up with ultimate specifications, the deice makes it possible for you to enjoy the best performance and much more. While using the device, you may come across with a reason to reset the device.

Resetting any device whether it is your phone, laptop or computer, seems to be a difficult job. It requires you to pay attention towards some of detailing. Here we got you everything you need to know about resetting the MacBook with easy steps.

Why to reset MacBook?

Before moving towards the ultimate reset, the important factor is reason why you need to reset the device. No one ever wants to take the device to its factory reset settings for fun. There is always some kind of situation and you have to deal with it. Remember, all the promising devices do requires sometimes that you reset them and take a fresh start with it to ensure best possible performance. Here are some of the basic reasons you may need to reset the device.


It is rear that any of MacBook users have to face the issues of being stuck, hang and jammed software while using it. However, the condition is not impossible at all. After all, it is just a device similar to the other options in general. You experience slow performance, hangs, jams and slow processing at times.

It happens when there is too much load on processor and system is not getting the right time to process the things in time. In certain situation, a system reboot is necessary for the laptop. However, you never want to lose any data so, the best way is to keep a backup and reset device to its factory position. It light on device and lets you come up with better performing device.


There is always a difference in personal and company computers. However, sometimes when you are working too much, the personal system turns into company and there is so much of information in there. Downloading multiple files can let many unwanted files to be on computer. Transferring data using flash drives cause viruses to attack system. Although strong antivirus helps, you avoid these threats but threats remain there for quite good time.

All this mess can affect the system performance and speed as well. In order to get is free from this mess, you need a cleanup. Running antivirus setup and having virus cleanup is always better. However, it does not work all the time. Sometimes you need a real and deep-rooted cleanup as well.

A factory reset helps you to clean all unnecessary files and data from the laptop and have all fresh, new to use and clean laptop again. You can start a fresh and enjoy the best performance.


Technology improves every day and there are latest advancements hitting the market. However, we cannot stick with the previous model or stock it for no reason. Even if your old system carries all the persona information, you need to sell it out. Therefore, it will be easy to more towards a new and improved gadget.

Data security is the leading concern when it comes to selling or reselling your device. Just deleting the data and files does not work all the time. You have to clean up the data so it cannot be backed up again. Factory reset is the safety option to waste the whole data once for all. It does not let anyone to retrieve the information ever on the same device. You can easily sellout the product in market.

Quick steps for MacBook Reset

Many people consider that resetting MacBook to factory settings can be difficult and tricky. It is as easier as resetting an iPhone. Apple always concerns about your data security, so it comes up with built in options to reset the device anytime. Here are some quick and easy steps you can follow:

Press and hold the power button and select restart option when it appears to restart the device

During the restarting, press and hold the command and R key in combination

You will be seeing apple logo on screen, release the keys

It shows you a Recovery Mode menu on screen

Select Disk Utility from the menu

Check if Macintosh HD startup disk is marked in the Disk Utility Window, if not then select is and press Erase

It will result a pop up on screen, now change format to macOSExtended (Journaled) and again select Erase

Now in the Disk Utilities menu, select Quit Disk Utility

It will show you a window with the option to reinstall macOS so select the installation option

It will take a few moments to reinstall and your computer is in factory reset position now!

Wait, Backup your data first

REMEMBER! Before you ultimately reset the MacBook, do not forget to back up your data in an external hard or apple cloud. Once you will reset the device, it will not be possible for you to track down the previous data or settings at all. The computer will turn into its old in fact new position. So, in case, you have any important data in the device, then do not forget to synchronize it to the cloud service or copy to another drive.

Bottom line

System reset or factory reset is one essential tool that helps you make the device secure. Along with increasing its performance, it makes the device favorable for reselling and securing the previous user data. Remember to make the use of tool whenever it is necessary.