How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4

Gaming is a profession and passion. Those who love to play games online really enjoy the PS4. It considers the best console for gaming that players can spend hours by experiencing high-resolution interface. With PS4 multiple games options are readily available to play and spend hours of fun. It offers action, hunting, racing and much more for the player. When it comes to the connectivity of PS4 with the screen the user can use laptop as monitor for PS4.

The use of a laptop as a monitor for PS4 is an amazing thing or can create curiosity in users. But it will provide the facility to experience fun and action right at once.

Use laptop as a monitor for PS4

The connectivity of the PS4 with the laptop is as easy as with any other monitor. With the HDMI port, it is convenient to connect the PS4 and use it to enjoy the best game screening over a laptop screen. But before you do the connection with a laptop some ways require to adapt for the easy and uninterrupted gameplay.

On other hand making the connection with the laptop monitor through HDMI ports require a proper connection that is not possible to do easily for everyone. It is because the HDMI ports of the laptop and PS4 are output cables. With these, it is quite difficult to get the output on the screen.

If you are going to use laptop as monitor for PS4 then the following ways are easier to make the connection through HDMI. It makes the connection easier and provides the facility to enjoy the PS4 games on the laptop monitor.

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Steps to Connect Laptop with PS4 Using HDMI

PS4 enables you to stream your play with the laptop screen using the Sony Remote Play tool. It helps you in developing an uninterrupted and smooth connection. Here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Get the latest version of the play app from Sony’s website. Make sure it needs to be compatible with your operating system. It can be iOS or window-based, so you need to pick up the accurate version.
  • Once installation is done now you need to adjust the settings from PS4 to Remote Play connection. Now keeping PS4 n resting mode or activating it will get you to access the high-speed network games directly from the console. Make sure your console is on rest mode that you can adjust in power save settings.
  • Enable the toggle on your gaming console and connect the game controller with your laptop using a USB cable.
  • Go to the settings in the remote application on your laptop to adjust the screen resolution at 720p.
  • Now use the wireless USB plug to connect the controller and laptop.
  • Once you connect the USB, it will automatically start and pop up the Remote Play application. You will get a PlayStation login screen with PS4 in selection automatically.
  • Simply log in, and enjoy your PS4 streams on the laptop screen uninterrupted.

Use Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 Games with a Capture Card

With the capture card, it is quite difficult and requires time to set up the PS4 with a laptop monitor. Before doing it necessary to prepare and get the necessary equipment. The system requires the laptop first, one capture card, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, HDMI cable and file sharing compatibility of the device. Once the equipment set is done then proceeds further with making the connection to experience screening over laptop monitor. 

One of the most important things you need to have is the Sony Remove Play app that lets you link the laptop with PS4 using the capture card feature. It turns out to your essential in the list. So, make sure you have everything lined up carefully so nothing will end up bad at your end.

Steps to Connect Laptop with PS4 Using a Capture Card

  • Go to the settings tab in the PS4 menu and turn on the record sharing choice. Make sure to end up with appropriate settings and it will show you the internet stability as well.
  • Using the USB connection, now connect your capture card with your laptop. Make sure to plug the connectors in the right places and you will have the ultimate returns.
  • Now, you have to connect the catch card and gaming console using HDMI connectors. It is a tricky part you have to keep the HDMI-In and HDMI-Out in consideration. The HDMI-In will connect to the catch card and HDMI-Out with the gaming console.
  • Once it is connected. The PS4 will auto-track its route to the screen and you will have all the PS4 options on your laptop screen. It is quite simple and workable.

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Which One is Easier?

It seems difficult to decide which one of the two methods to use laptop as monitor for PS4 works better. You need to know that both methods have their shortcomings but if you are following certain points, you can get effective results.

When you are having a good internet connection with no interruption along with better connectivity support, there is no need to worry. No matter if you are using the HDMI or Card capture method, you will have amazing results. It is all about putting all the blocks in the right parts.

Final words: Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor for My Ps4

Many players love to use laptop as monitor for PS4 due to unlimited reasons. Going creative and handy with the gadget you own is something that adds more thrill to your gaming. It is about initiating something exceptional and impressive at the same time. You just have to come across the right way to achieve this creativity.

Moreover, it reduces your dependency on the Led or monitor screens. When you do not have one, knowing a few hacks will keep you going with gaming and fun. Make sure you are going to follow the best leads and do not fall for the wrong tricks. Always hook up laptop as a monitor for PS4 by using the verified methods so you will not risk any of your favourite gadgets.

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