September17 , 2021

Investmate app – Learn to trade!


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Are you interested in trading? Do you want to become an expert in dealing the financial matters? How do people know the market behavior? Proper education regarding investment, trading, and financial matters can lead you to the right way.  Trading often becomes risky for beginners. 

Financers often get little time to attend any course or workshop to improve the knowledge of trading. The developers of the investment app have resolved the issue. The app is designed for iPhone users. The app offers a complete package of learning material including quizzes, courses, tips, and rich content regarding finance. 

Why “Investmate”?

Investmate is a unique app that carries several appealing educational features for fresh investors. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Professional courses: 

The courses offered in the app are developed by professionals and experts in the trading market. All courses meet the standards to make a layperson an expert trader through quizzes, assignments, and practical execution of the knowledge.  

  • Rich content: 

The app offers modified courses, quizzes, glossary categories, videos, and much more to train a new trader.Learners can get knowledge through stimulating videos and inspiring theoretical concepts.

  • Quick educational approach: 

The app is an inspiring tool kit that offers fast learning with just one click. You can get access to the pathway of trading education whenever you desire. You can get a complete lesson in a nearly shorter span of three-minutes only.

  • User-friendly interface: 

The app has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to install and use the app. Users can learn the functioning of the app smoothly. 

  • Comprehensive learning approach:

Investmate is a dynamic learning approach that makes difficult concepts easy for the users. The new learners can get a comprehensive explanation and meaning of the complicated terminology through the glossary categories.

  • Risk-free trading practice: 

The most appealing feature is the practice sessions from the real-world. It enables the users to practice trading. You can get expertise in the world of the market by practicing learned strategies and skills in a cool and calm environment. Such practice sessions are free of psychological stress and allow you to trade without the fear of losing the capital. The app allows the users to follow the new movements and trends set by experienced investors. 

  • Mobile app: 

You can take your lessons through the inspiring app anywhere. Whether you are traveling or you are away from your casual routine, the learning routine will not get stopped.  Just swipe up the mobile screen and click on the app to know about the world of trading. 

  • Easy language comprehension:

Terminology on finance and economics often seems difficult when you have never learned the knowledge of it. The app carries easy language and you can understand the interesting facts and techniques on trading and finance in a simple language.

  • Upgraded knowledge:

The app is updated regularly. The information and theory included in the app carry up-to-date information. Furthermore, real-time practice makes it more precise and up to the mark. 

Goals of “Investmate”

When you switch to the “investmate” app, a card with six goals grabs your attention. You are to click on the desired goal to start a course. The goals of the investmate include:

  • Learn the ABCs of Finance:

This goal is accomplished by those who are completely unknown to the finance and trading. 

  • Refresh Knowledge of finance:

If you have got the education of finance, you can refresh and update your knowledge by selecting this goal.

  • Grow trading Knowledge:

You can increase your expertise in trading by clicking this goal. You can learn basic and advanced knowledge of the trading and trading world. 

  • Become an expert in CFD trading:

The contract for difference is an interesting aspect of trading. The cards showing in the app will present the latest and standard learning material regarding CFD trading.

The goals feature vigorous reading and practice material to turn a student of finance into a professional trader or investor. 

Guided courses

The app energizes the students with its more than 30 courses. The courses are the best guides that can deliver comprehensive knowledge on multiple topics related to finance and trading. The information-loaded courses carry examples from the real world to get learned the material instantly. 

Additionally, another smarter tool includes a trading predictor. These predictors enable the learner to better track the trendy movement of the market. It allows the learners to forecast the possible stances of the professionals in the field. The smarter feature allows the learner to understand the market behavior as well.   

The app developer has added tips to upgrade the performance of the learner. Tips for practical life play a vital role in shaping the persona of a business.  Furthermore, every learner can assess the level of learning by taking quizzes. You can evaluate your performance side by side by attending the quizzes option. 

There is no need to note down pinning points of the course separately. It is easy to save and learn the key points by clicking on the pin option. You can use this option to remember the specific subject matter. 

On the whole, every course features with theory quiz, tips, and videos. The purpose of adding different types of content is to facilitate the reader in all ways. Every course is a complete package of the learning material with updated information.


Digital learning has made the approach to educational courses quick and easy. The investmate app allows the new investors to learn complicated pathways of investment, trading, and market trends easily. The content of the app develops an interest for the learner as the course goes on. 

Whether you are interested in becoming an expert in finance, trading, or interested in the deals of investment, you can get all in one through the “investmate” app. The user-friendly interface presents all types of content in simple language. All courses are the best-organized guides that lead the learner to the doorstep of the professionals in no time.