September17 , 2021

iPad Pro VS MacBook Pro: Which One Should You Choose and What’s the Difference?


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iPad Pro VS MacBook Pro? MacBook is an older technology as compared to iPads. The iPads hit the tech device market only a few years ago. There was a time when mobile phones were trending in the market. Alongside, there came tablets that had prevailed the tech users’ choice significantly. To say, this digital era is facilitating to MacBook users, will not be wrong. Another competitor of portable tech devices is the iPad.

The users of a tablet or laptop often search for the more updated version of devices. Have you ever purchased a MacBook or iPad? If not, you should go for these two. People often get confused about the two different tech devices being similar in features. Scrolling down the article, you will come to know the similarities and differences between iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. It will help you in selecting the best option as per your requirement.

iPad Pro VS. MacBook Pro

Here are some of the iconic features of the two are described in comparison:


Getting started with the laptop-style MacBook Pro, its measurement is usually 13.3 inches and 16 inches. Its weight is nearly scaling up to 3 pounds and 4.3 pounds sequentially.

The iPad Pro is slimmer and light-weighted with 11 inches and 12.9 inches in dimensions. The iPad Pro launched in October 2018, features with more sophisticated slimmer design as compared to previous models. The thickness of 0.23 inches only includes the iPad Pro among the thinnest tech products released by Apple. As compared to the Mac-OS laptop, the iPad Pro is as light weighted as 1.04 pounds to 1.42 pounds only.

The light-weighted iPad pro is an ideal one for those who are often found with their backpack. Just keep the iPad Pro in the bag and get ready for your next destination.

Talking about the casing of the two devices, it looks fantastic. Just forget the plastic bodies of the laptops or iPads. MacBook and iPad pro are wrapped with an iconic metal body that gives a royal look to both devices.

Furthermore, if you see the ports, iPad Pro offers only a USB-C port. The same port is also available in MacBook Pro with an increasing number of ports up to two or four depending upon the size and other features. Besides, the MacBook Pro also supports the Thunderbolts 3’s featuring an extraordinary faster speed of nearly 40Gbps.

Display Screen

The iPad Pro features a superb display screen. The most appealing screen feature is that its white tone sets automatically through the “true tone feature.” The iPad can keep the white balance according to the surrounding making it look natural without teasing the eyes. MacBook pro carries the same “Truetone” setting just like iPad Pro.

Liquid Retina technology used in the iPad Pro is the same as observed in iPhone XR. A 12.9 inches model shows the display of 2732 x 2048 resolution while an 11-inch model shows the display of 2388 x 1668 resolution in iPad Pro. The promotion technology of Apple keeps the refresh rate up to 120Hz that leaves the MacBook refreshing speed behind.

MacBook Pro features IPS Retina technology. A 13 inches laptop of Apple keeps the 2560 x 1600 resolution, whereas the 16-inch model shows the display resolution up to 3072 x 1920.

Key features

For enhancing the user’s experience, the previous version of the iPad Pro was loaded with an Apple pencil. The same pencil is attached in iPad Pro (2020) with a flat magnetic attachment. Users can use the iPad Pro as a notebook with a pencil accessory and when finished let it get attached to the flat edge of the iPad to get charged.

The latest versions of the MacBook Pro are equipped with the Magic keyboard. This super-fast and sensitive keyboard is the best keyboard developed by Apple ever. The trackpad of the MacBook Pro is the superb and largest trackpad ever presented by Apple and its rivals. Instead of clicking, it immediately senses the haptic feedback. Other key features work superbly like processing speed, storage, and many other features.


Apple’s iPad Pro launched two models:

  1. iPad Pro 11-inch (2020) with128GB
  2. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2020) with 128GB

MacBook Pro has also released two models:

  1. MacBook Pro 13-inch with Intel Core i5 and 128GB
  2. MacBook Pro 16-inch with Intel Core i7 and 512GB

Both devices are available with different storage capacity options and speeded processors. If you choose upgraded storage and CPU, it affects the price of the device chosen.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro: Which one is the best choice?

iPad Pro is designed specifically for mobile users. The iPad Pro offers touch-based input and supports apps and software installed from the Apple Store only. on the other side, laptop users should go for MacBook Pro as it allows desktop-based software and works just like PC and laptop models.

Those who need the tech devices for playing games, browsing the internet, or using social media platforms can have an ideal experience with both models of iPad Pro. On the other side, the MacBook Pro can help you in making assignments, office projects, and typing tasks more elegantly.

Bottom Line

Though iPad Pro and MacBook both are equipped with the latest technology to facilitate the users in all ways, there are specific restrictions on both devices. Tablet and smartphone users can have a fantastic experience with the iPad pro. The iPad Pro and MacBook Pro both are the updated products of Apple. You will find many core features similar in both. If you are yet confused about the selection of the best choice, hold on for a minute. You need to stop and think about the purpose for which you need the latest tech item.

The iPad Pro and MacBook offer user-friendly technology with many accessories in their boxes. Whatever is your decision, it is sure that the user of MacBook and iPad Pro both feels a lavished experience.