September17 , 2021

IQUNIX F96 Coral – Best mechanical keyboard of 2021


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With time technology getting advance in terms of the gadgets like computer system and much more. People switching towards the touch systems whether it comes to the mobile, laptop, and PC as well. but mechanical keyboards are still an attractive and professional tool to better perform tasks. It gives more natural appeal and benefits to perform the task easily. In working time at the office people spend the most time in front of the laptop or systems and with the mechanical keyboard, it is easier to manage the things. Moreover, it gives pleasure if the mechanical keyboard is nothing but IQUNIX F96 Coral.

It is one of the finest and exotic design keyboard with portal features that will excite the user. Due to the features, style, material, and color combination, it becomes an attractive option for the users. Here are the specifications and features that will help to understand why IQUNIX F96 Coral is the best mechanical keyboard of 2021:

Key Specifications:

  • Type: mechanical keyboard
  • Color: blue + Orange + white
  • Material: aluminum alloy case + PBT Keycaps  
  • Weight: 1060g
  • Dimensions: 372 x 123.5 x 42 mm
  • Connection: Bluetooth & USB cable


ELEGANT LAYOUT: people will impress by the mechanical keyboard due to the style or the elegant design that is attractive and unique. It is impressive and delicate in styling with perfect color combinations. You can pick the option for the working, entertainment and just for the hobby. Due to the color combination and color key arrangement gamer loves to have this with the gaming screen.

FLEXIBLE BACKLIGHT SETTING: the backlight in the mechanical keyboard will make it highly appealing for the user. It makes the keyboard to use in the night time or with low light. Further with the backlight the keyboard more elegant and attractive. The IQUNIX F96 Coral mechanical keyboard is with an adjustable backlight setting that makes it highly attractive and appealing for the user. You can set the multiple lights in the background to give the keyboard a perfect appearance.   

DURABLE MATERIAL: when it comes to the material the mechanical keyboard has to be durable and strong enough to stand for long. The IQUNIX F96 Coral is made with aluminum that offers the perfect and more sustainable body. It is robust enough that provide working sustainability and make it a highly impressive mechanical keyboard with an elegant style.  

EASY CONNECTION: while the connection with the IQUNIX F96 Coral is quite easier. It is perfect to connect through a cable like C-type USB or through wireless connectivity. You can Bluetooth the keyboard to attach with almost every device in simple steps. The connection is more stable and strong to use the keyboard without interruption.

ADJUSTABLE POSITIONING: the keyboard usually took more space is setting up for usage. But IQUNIX F96 Coral mechanical keyboard is simple and spacious enough that provide comfort to use for a long time. You can adjust the angle in multiple directions that give perfect relief to the hand and did not create fatigue in the wrist. It is appropriate with the 6-degree angle to set up the mechanical keyboard for the working without creating discomfort for the wrist.    

MULTIPLE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: for the mechanical keyboard the connectivity is an important consideration. The IQUNIX F96 Coral mechanical keyboard is highly compatible with every device through a wireless 4.0 Bluetooth connection and with the cable as well. You can use it with a mobile, laptop, PC, gaming monitor, and any other device easily. Moreover, it is easier to connect with the three different devices at once or you can manage all three devices with an easy connection or switch.

PORTABLE CABLE SUPPORT: the IQUNIX F96 Coral mechanical keyboard is completely portable with lightweight and wireless features. You can get support from the C-type cable to connect it with external devices or easy to carry with the laptop or with the tablet or phone. Further, it gives ease in the usage without creating discomfort for the user. The cable is easily detachable or portable for the user available with the keyboard.  

EXCELLENT USER EXPERIENCE: the user will have the best experience to use the mechanical keyboard. It is elegant, exotic, and compact in size provides the best user practice. Moreover, the device connectivity with the multiple devices offers the best interface that raises the comfort of using external devices or more.     

KEYBOARD SETTING DRIVERS: you can install the keyboard setting drivers on the PC or laptop and easily manage the features. It offers customization in the backlight setting, keys adjustment, and multiple other settings in a quick way. Further, you can install the driver in the device to make it useful with wireless connectivity.

SMART KEYS: the keys of the IQUNIX F96 Coral mechanical keyboard are highly comfortable and soft in touch. They are made with dye-sublimated PBT keycaps that are flexible and soft in the press and did not create discomfort at all. The design of the smart keys is more ergonomic that offers easy to press without much effort. Due to the features, soft design, and texture it is highly delicate in usage. The user will not require to put extra effort into the press. Further, it gives a suitable dust cover to keep the keyboard clean and dust free.

Final consideration!

In the market, there is an immense range of mechanical keyboards but IQUNIX F96 Coral mechanical keyboard is different and loved by the user. It is with the exclusive features that make it highly appreciable to connect with external devices. It comes in diversifying color combinations with the multiple backlight support setting. The user makes the keyboard easy to connect with multiple devices at the same time without interruption.

Its size, dimensions, weight, and features will make it the finest choice for working, entertainment, gaming, and random usage. The keyboard is supportive of windows 10, MAC, iOS, and android. You can make it useful with a monitor, PC, laptop, and mobile that enhance the user’s interest and make the keyboard the best mechanical keyboard of 2021.