September17 , 2021

Jack Dorsey – Story of a hacker and CEO of Twitter


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On Friday, the Twitter account of Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey, was hijacked for 20 minutes. The @Jack account began sending tweets and retweets. Retweets include poor language, text favoring Adolf Hitler, and racial content. During the hacking of the account, hackers referred to “a bomb at twitter’s headquarters” and shared a link to a discord server. Discord server link is referred to as a type of chat room where affected accounts appear to get discuss after the hijacking.

A glimpse to the Career of Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is an American entrepreneur. Dorsey is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter. He also founded a payment-based company, named Square. Jack Dorsey earned his name at a young age. Dorsey got fame in earlier years of life. He was awarded MIT Technology Reviews TR35 in 2008, as an innovator under the age of 35. In 2012, he was awarded by the Wall Street Journal “innovator of the year” for his services in technology. Forbes considered Jack Dorsey as the world’s most eligible bachelor in 2013.

With the success journey, Dorsey faced numerous scandals as well. In 2016, Dorsey was ranked at the fourth number by Fox Business as the worst CEO. It was the time when Twitter faced slow growth and lower prices in the stock market. Additionally, he was also criticized for a part-time commitment to Twitter.  Again, in 2017, 24/7 Wall Street ranked Dorsey as the worst CEO in American entrepreneurship.

In 2020, the largest political conflicts faced by America were started after the tweets of Donald Trump that could be removed as per the social media’s rules. Dorsey applied the rule of the World’s leader exception under which leaders can use the platform to say anything. From May 2020 to presidential election day, twitter applied various sanctions on the tweets posted by Donald Trump.

Later on, the Twitter administration took serious action against racial and conflicting tweets of Donald Trump in January 2021 and banned Trump’s account. Dorsey defended the act of Twitter by narrating that it could be more dangerous for the government, if not banned.

 Chuckling Squad

Chuckling Squad was involved in hijacking the account @jack owned by CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, it was not the first time; previously, chuckling Squad has been involved in the hacking account of a celebrity Mariah Carey.

Chuckling Squad as the tweets reveal is a group of hackers that are in their youth. During an investigation by federal agencies, the Chuckling squad was unveiled as a 21-year old group based in England. The hackers aim to trick the employees of the largest entrepreneurship.   

How does the chuckling squad break into the account?

Chuckling squad breaks into the celebrity’s accounts through SMS exploits.  Other hacks of Twitter accounts previously got possible due to the third-party services. The users of accounts have permitted the third party to get services and posts in the account and hackers took advantage of this lapse.

Chuckling Squad had sent teasing messages to the YouTube star Etika who was, later on, found dead in June.  

Narrative of Twitter on hijacking the Dorsey’s account

The @jack account was the high-profile hijacking in the latest trend of the takeover of social accounts. When Twitter users saw the tweets of bombing attack threats, everyone considered that Dorsey was doing it intentionally. Later on, Twitter confirmed that the company was investigating the matter.

The activists immediately responded that the incident happened through SIM swapping. Twitter immediately start investigating the source of vague tweets and recoup the account within 30 minutes. Furthermore, the Twitter administration made it clear that there was no lapse found in the security of the network rather the collapse started from the mobile phone company.

The hack of Dorsey’s account could be possible due to hijacking the system of the cellular company. The hackers contacted a cellular company and with the collaboration of a customer service representative, the alleged group transferred Dorsey’s mobile number to a new SIM card. Thus, the hackers got successful in gaining the two-factor authentication code that was required to break into the account. This manipulation is getting common and is known as SIM swapping.

Many executives and high-profile users have been affected by account hijackers, in the past. In 2016, OurMine Security, a group of hackers, came to the surface. The notorious group hacked numerous celebrities and important public officials. The accounts of Dorsey, Facebook’s executive Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sundar Pichai, and Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick were hacked by the Our Mine Security group.

Bottom line

Though the hacking Dorsey’s account could not suffer the loss, yet it was not a fruitful exercise. The deep investigation by the agencies revealed that the hacking was aimed to lower down the effect of tweets regarding Bitcoin scams. Usually, hackers get involved in such maneuvers to get money, or for the blackmailing purpose. Many hackers have been observed emptying the Bitcoin wallets, bank accounts, and credit cards.

Months later, the Police arrested an active member of Chuckling Squad who revealed important facts about the previous takeovers.

Tech experts suggest the usage of the two-factor authentication code to enhance the security features of the account. The two-factor authentication code prevents the account from hackers and strengthens the security circle of the network.

Furthermore, tech companies recommend using the authentication code that is not linked to the phone number. It is better to use Google authenticator or related ones instead of configuring the account with the phone number.

Dorsey faced embarrassment in getting his account hijacked. But he was not the first executive who faced the alleged maneuver of hijackers rather accounts of numerous executives and public favorite celebrities were hacked in the past on various social media platforms. Twitter is supposed to have documented issues with Nazis and racial content. After hacking Dorsey’s account, the hackers tweeted in the favor of Hitler and the Nazis. Twitter users witnessed stupid talk and bad language retweeted by the @jack account before recovery.