September17 , 2021

Landed – New job matching start-up just got $1.4 million seed funding


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We are living in the time where everyday new startups are coming into being. A startup is a project or company taken on by an entrepreneur to help, progress and confirm an economic model which is measurable. Entrepreneurship itself indicates towards an all new business venture. It includes a business that doesn’t really plan to register on the name of a single individual and self employment. Startups are businesses which have the intention to grow beyond the founders. We have a lot of  examples where a small startup was taken over  later by a much bigger organization. Skype is a great example as it started as a small startup in Estonia and later bought by a tech giant like Microsoft. Beginning is always hard for a startup and the majority of startups end up failing because of hardships.  Some startups reach the height of success and become unicorns.

What is Landed?

Landed is an app to escalate the progress of hourly based working employers and workers. Landed launched its mobile app on feb 3, 2021. By that time the app had already collected 1.4 million dollars in seed funding.

The founder and CEO of the app Vivian Wang has mentioned that the app works according to filters set by the users. Potential candidates fill up their profile with information holding like availability and work experience. They can also make a video to introduce them and upload. The app uses AI (artificial intelligence) to examine the candidate profile on over 50 attributes. These attributes include body language and communication skills, they get matched with the listings by employers.

Covid 19 Impact on the App

Landed was supposed to be launched last year and has been in beta testing from march 2020. As soon as it went into beta testing, USA was hit by Covid19 and the app suffered delay. Founder Vivian Wang said that this indeed was a bad news for the startup consumers who were waiting for the app. But some businesses like fast food restaurants and grocery stores needed it more during that time. So, Landed kept growing through 2020 because of these businesses.

Hiring of Inhouse Employees

Landed let these companies go on with hiring, while not conducting massive large group interviews. Wang herself has experience of working on the company workforce at Hole. Inc. According to her, ‘company managers face a lot of problems with rapid turnover in these positions’. Hiring is a big part of a manager’s job, and a lot of their time goes wasted in the process, so Landed automated the system for them and is saving a lot of their time.

Easy for Applicants

Wang claims that it would be really helpful for candidates too. It will make finding a suitable job significantly easy and rapid. Unlike other online job portals, candidates can find a job in the first week of making a profile, which is considerably less time as the online market is extremely competitive. All fifty traits which are being used to make the match accurate are also making the match real quick. As discussed before a short video about yourself  which answers the basic questions in an employer’s mind would be even more helpful.

Ai and Diversity

Wang also states that Landed will be a more inclusive platform. As it uses artificial intelligence to find a match, chances of any unconscious bias are close to zero. So, a very broad variety of candidates will become part of it seeing the diversity. It doesn’t mean that AI can not be designed to be biased. Landed has partnerships with non profitable organizations to make sure that underrepresented candidates become part of it.

Wang says that AI does need human supervision. To make sure that clients meet the right matches, we directly partner with our clients.

Subscription and Benefits

Subscription of landed is free for candidates but employers have to pay a certain amount every month to renew the subscription. Some well known grocery franchises and fast food chains have already become part of Landed during the beta testing of the app.

A grocery store owner stated that he has gone to hiring 1 person out of 10 interviews to 1 person out of every 3 interviews. The time which used to go in scheduling and performing interviews is now cut down, making it the most time efficient system of hiring.


Funding which helped Landed baging 1.4 million dollars of seed funding has come from big organizations. The funding has come from a Javelin Venture Partners led group including Palm Drive Capital, Y Combinator and various unnamed angel investors.

Expansion of Landed

According to Wang, the rapid funding process is allowing app to expand rapidly. The services of the app are right now available in seven metro areas in the USA. The areas include Texas, South California,  Northern California, Virginia (Phoenix and Scottsdale), Virginia (Beach and Chesapeake), Georgia (Reno), Arizona (Atlanta), Nevada and Dallas-Ft. Worth. The aim of the app is to triple the service area in a year.

Upscaling of App

The founder of the app is hoping to expand the services offered by the app. Wang wants to offer job candidates services like job training and loans at very low interest rates. Upscaling of the service will make ‘Landed’ a ‘platform of life stability’. It will have features like financial stability, job stability and educational upgrading of the job candidates on the app.

Will Landed be a successful start-up?

A seed funding of 1.4 million dollars hints towards the upcoming success of the startup. The app is trying to target a whole new client and applicant market. If explored properly, Landed can become a global hit too. Living in the time of pandemic, these online platforms have become more popular than ever before. Everyday thousands of new applicants and employers are becoming the part of online job portals. With the goals Landed is trying to achieve, it might be the future of hiring.