September17 , 2021

Larry Ellison – Warrior of silicon valley and CEO of Oracle


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The history is full of stories of successful people. We look at the stories and feel mesmerized. The story of Larry Ellison is a success story of recent times and does not fail to fascinate its reader. Larry Ellison is an American business tycoon. He is also one of the prominent philanthropists in the world.

Early Life and Education of Larry Ellison

He was born in the city of New York out of wedlock. His biological mother gave him up for adoption when he was merely nine months old. After that he saw his mother at the age of forty eight. His adoptive parents were a combination of warmth and coldness. He was raised in a middle class jewish home. He is not a religious person himself though.

Larry attended a school in Chicago. He started his higher education in University of Illinois but later dropped out because of going on personal life problems. Later on he enrolled at University of Chicago with majors in mathematics and physics. He ended up not giving an exam at University of Chicago either and moved to California.

The Start of Career and Formation of Oracle

Before moving to California, he had already developed interest in computer design. In the early 70s he started working with ‘Ampex’ which is an electronic company. That laid the base for the future software which was named ‘Oracle’ later on. Oracle was formed in 1977.

Larry Founded Oracle foundation with two of his partners named Ed Oates and Bob Miner. It was initially named SDL (Software Development Laboratories). The name Oracle Corporation was finally given in 1995. The inspiration of Oracle was taken from a paper published in the 1970s with the name of A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks on the topic of relational database management systems. 

The success of Oracle came from design C language development. It has never stopped since then. Oracle is still one of the top revenue earning corporations. 

Rise of Oracle

The competitive way Larry Ellison has managed Oracle, it has given him the title of  Silicon Valley’s samurai warrior. The software was launched decades ago and now when so many of the rivals are nowhere to be found, nobody has been able to shake Oracle. Ellison has remained the highest paid head of any company for many years, which is roughly 1.85$ billion. It is his nature to win regardless of the hardships coming his way. It’s his way of work that the technology his company makes has become the pillar of support for the information system of the world.

Other Ventures

These are the ventures Ellison did other than Oracle or under the banner of Oracle:

  • Ellison bought Netsuite under Oracle in 2016.
  • Larry Ellison  bought three million shares of Tesla in 2018 and later became a part of board directors at Tesla. Inc.

It is an established fact that Larry Ellison never let go of an opportunity to have the shares which have extremely high chances of rising in prices.


In 2018 Larry Ellison was listed as 4th richest man on earth. He owns a whole island in America. The population of the island is three thousand people.

This is a little timeline of Ellison’s wealth:

  • Ellison was the 4th richest man in 2017 according to Forbes in the category of technology.
  • By 2019 Ellison was owner of 36 percent shares of Oracle and 1.7 percent shares of Tesla. 
  • In the mid of 2020 Ellison’s net worth was 66.8 billion dollars.
  • By the end of 2020 the net worth was increasing because the shares of Oracle’s value was getting higher and the year ended for Ellison having another 2.5 billion dollars in his wealth

So, when the whole world was struggling to fight the pandemic, there was one man earning wealth and making his way in the world of success.

Personal Life and Lifestyle

Larry’s private life has not been as successful as his career in technology. From 1967 to 2010 he got married four times and got divorced the same amount of times. 

He is famous for his luxury lifestyle. Ellison has always been big on Yachts. He regularly takes part in yacht races and owns a yacht which is named Musashi. At one point in his life he had shares in the 12th biggest yacht in the world too.

Being rich comes with the fondness of airplanes and Ellison is no different. He owns two airplanes. Ellison himself is a trained pilot with licence to fly aircrafts. He did get sued once for violating the airflying rules in the airs of San jose, California.

Larry owns an estate in Woodside, California which is worth 110 million dollars. He got a 2.3 acre lake made in his property. He bought more than twelve real estate properties in Malibu, California, These properties are roughly worth 180 million dollars. Ellison bought a summer home in 2010 for the price of 10.5 million dollars. This summer house belonged to the Astor Family before.

Governor of Hawaii made a statement in 2012 that Ellison has made an agreement with the government of Hawaii and is buying the major area of the island named Lannai through the company Castle and Cook. Ellison moved to this island in December 2020 leaving his long stay state California.

Philanthropic Work

Larry Ellsion has been ahead always in the works of philanthropy also. He donated 5 million dollars in seed funding of Lawrence J. Ellison Musculo-Skeletal Research Center to promote the research orthopedic side of medical science.

In 2004 Forbes listed Ellison as one of the most charitable wealthiest american. It was around one percent of his total wealth at that time. Ellison signed The Giving Pledge in 2010 with forty other American Billionaires. He made a big donation of 200 million dollars to a university in south California in the mid of 2016. This donation was made to establish a cancer research center for the advancement and fast progress in cancer research.