September17 , 2021

Meet Dr. Umar Saif – A Brilliant Mind & CEO SurveyAuto


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Pakistan’s land is fertile enough to give birth to intellectual minds. Thousands of creative and prominent personalities have been serving in Pakistan and abroad to increase the glory of the land. Dr. Umar Saif is such an illuminating personality that enlightens its surrounding with his knowledge and creativity. The article is going to bring the services and main life events of Umer Saif under the spotlight.

The ambitious boy got his early education in Lahore. He got his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Lahore University of Management Sciences. The pride of Saif is that he completed his doctorate only at the age of 22 from the Cambridge University. After completing the study, he returned to Pakistan in 2005. He has served the LUMS as an associate professor of computer science for 7 years.

Saif approaching the Career Opportunities

Furthermore, in 2011, Saif was selected by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for the chairperson seat. The service period of Saif was outshined when he launched the first technology incubator in Pakistan. Besides, he had worked on more than 300 projects in the PITB from 2011 to 2018. He was also chosen to become the cabinet member of the Punjab Government in the same year. 

The compelling personality continued to explore the tech world through its services. He founded Pakistan’s first tech-university-Information technology University.  In 2013, Saif was selected to become the founding Vice-Chancellor of Information Technology University and served the institute for five years.

Umar Saif’s Current Services

The energetic Umer Saif has been engaged in various government and private projects. Currently, he is the acting CEO of SurveyAuto. The creative computer scientist also offers advisory services to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Pakistan. Additionally, he is the chief investment officer of Khudi ventures and is acting Chief digital officer of Jang Group, a newsgroup.


Pakistan’s Entrepreneurial future seems secure and more illuminating as Umer Saif founded Survey Auto. SurveyAuto is a tech company offering surveys through its digital products and technology. How does a clean water company assess the demand and shortage of water bottles in the retailer shops of any city?  Yes, all larger entrepreneurs working in Pakistan seek the services of survey companies like SurveyAuto to gather more reliable and accurate data statistics. When customers see Saif on the seat of CEO, it increases the reliance and trust over the company. 

How does SurveyAuto.Inc get customers? Entrepreneurs who want to proceed in the business like aluminum, wood, hosiery manufacturing, etc. come to SurveyAuto to assess the market trends. Survey Auto, in return, does research using machine learning models, field parameters, and many other digital products. It helps the companies to evaluate the need for the product.

Other than manufacturing, the government and private sector also feel the need for such survey companies to achieve the targets like rate of poverty, number of school-going children in Pakistan, water resources, etc.

SurveyAuto got a breakthrough in Pakistan when an Artificial Intelligence-based survey company Nielsen decided to shut down the Retail-audit services in Pakistan. The clients like Engro and Nestle challenged the statistics of reports presented by Nielsen. This controversial data led to the downfall of Nielsen.

Saif has been working on its Startup for years to serve the Pakistani nation in the tech world. The honesty of data collection, strict monitoring, and careful evaluation of the data is the core services for the survey companies. Dr. Umar Saif is considered a compatible executive who knows how to make the people help work in time.  


Dr. Saif received his first appreciation worldwide when Microsoft Research awarded him the Digital inclusion Award in 2006. After this award, an unstoppable journey of achievements started. He got

  • MIT Technovator Award, 2008
  • Mark Weiser Award & IDG CIO Technology Pioneer Award, 2008
  • Sitara-e-Imtiaz by Government of Pakistan, 2014
  • Alumni Award by British council, 2017

Additionally, Saif was chosen thrice among the list of 500 most influential Muslims globally. The first time he was included among the most influential Muslims in 2015. Then, in 2016 and 2019, he was also acknowledged for the influential personalities in the Muslim world. He was also ranked among the world’s 35 young innovators on the forum of MIT Technology Review.  

Another recognition that Saif received was the appreciation of Bill Gates for this Intellect Mind. Gates honored the Saif for the technology usage in immunization coverage in Pakistan.

Besides, the World Economic Forum awarded Saif as a Young Global Leader. He also owns Google’s Faculty Research Award. He was awarded the UNESCO chair for his development services.

Bottom line

Dr. Umar Saif is an unstoppable dynamic personality. He can perform multiple tasks and projects at a time in distinction. As a CEO of SurveyAuto, he looks more ambitious and seeks to accomplish the goals of the tech company. Entrepreneurs come to SurveyAuto to know the market trends, competitor’s performance, and how similar brands are performing in the market?

Tech future looks marvelous under the supervision of Saif. SurveyAuto uses artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to accomplish its goals. It not only relies on technology rather its in-house survey teams make the projects easier and quicker. With the aid of the Pakistani government, AutoSurvey can perform unique and latest services in the field of tech and entrepreneurial market. The future of AutoSurvey itself is also in safe hands.   

CEO of SurveyAuto is the core personality to whom people trust for his honest and creative services. The foundation of Pakistan’s first tech university is a greater achievement for the Pakistani government and people. It is all due to the services and devotions of Saif who make the destination easy for tech-lovers. Saif has become a motivational personality for youth. His achievements and remarkable services are enough to empower youngsters to do something unique and memorable for others. The journey of successes and victories is continued by Saif. The visionary personality always keeps its goals ahead.