September17 , 2021

Meet eToro – this is how you trade the right way


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Trading is the opportunity to grow, invest money, and earn profits. On other hand, it is quite challenging to understand the market and hook up with the right trading platform. In the trading market, multiple brokers are offering services regarding derivatives, future, or spot market trading. Brokers give the direct market access and charge the commission on the facility towards the liquidity potential. eToro is one of the leading brokers of the stock market with flexible rates and facilities. It provides a 0% commission facility on the trading of real stocks.

To find out that the eToro is the right platform to invest or make money it is important to learn it in a better way. So, let’s explore more about the eToro as the investment or trading broker and platform of preferences.

What is eToro?

In the competitive trading market, eToro is the exclusive or accessible trading platform with the finest investing opportunity. It is described as a social trading platform that offers direct access through the social media account. The platform was operational from 2006 and become the larger investment network with the optimized community.

Through the eToro traders not only get the quotes but also see or explore the quotes history. It offers the searching customization to go back to the respective era to know more about the trading platforms or graphical period to predict future signs. It works with the copytrader feature through which the user can review the history of the trades and copy them as the current order.

eToro work with the popular investor program for the investors in which offers the commission and other incentives. It leads towards the finest trading and investing money with a more reasonable method. The features are supportive of the investors and provide the facility to invest money in the appropriate direction. Users will be encouraged by the brokers to pursue the demo trading while running their own accounts.

The capital market is risky in terms of losses that the whole capital amount can go away with a single click. So, the broker suggests the proper understanding or knowledge of the trading before investing real money. It is only possible with the features demo account usage before signing up with the real account.

How to startup with eToro?

There is no lengthy and hectic procedure involved in the whole procedure of signing up with the eToro platform. You do not need the long paperwork to complete for the enrollment and registration. It comes with the simple signup procedure, profile details, and other related information you can find online through the official eToro website.

Here is the simple procedure that will help to guide on how to startup with the eToro:

  • Signup on eToro

Signup for eToro. All you need to come straight to the point while choosing the eToro for the trading. Simply go to the official website and start with the simple signup procedure. Here the system will ask you about the phone number and make sure to provide the right official one for the correspondence. When the registration process begins you need to understand the risk involved in the trading and affordability towards the risk. So, better to read the whole instructions and details about the CFDs trading to understand, accept, and move forward. 

  • Profile completion

Let’s done with the profile setting and enter the whole details related to the personal, professional, and contact details as the platform asks you to provide. It covers the personal basic information for the registration and correspondence email or number for the formal trading procedure.

All you are required to provide accurate information to avoid the issue. The platform will ask you about certain questions that are important to understand before giving the answers.

  • Get approval

When the profile setting over the platform is done you will receive the confirmation email from the eToro management system. It will consider as the official welcoming email from the broker includes the details about the official trading account or more.  

  • Go for the deposit

After the registration and approval from the eToro, the next turn is for the fund’s deposit. You can find the simple details and sets over the platform to deposit the funds for the trading. Moreover, it will provide the details attached to the welcoming email. You can proceed with the funds anytime when you are ready to start with the trading. The minimum deposit limit of eToro is approximately $200 that sounds great to start the trading. You can send the money in dollars and British pound, or euro currency. The most preferable currency is a dollar but the rest of the major currencies will convert into the dollar after the deposit.      

  • Download platform & start with a demo

When you are done with the deposit settings and understating then move towards the platform. eToro trading platform complete understanding will be provided online through the website. You can use the web portal or download the mobile version for easy trading or liquidity. On the platforms, you can find multiple icons that will represent different settings and features. It includes the news feed, watch list, portfolio, trade markets, and much more.

All you need to explore the real thing in the market trading with the use of a demo account before starting with the real account. 

  • Get the trader help online

eToro provides professional assistance in terms of trading help. You can connect with the live traders online to know more about market trends and understand risk. Moreover, it is good to explore and study the market risk before starting. 

  • Start executing

After the whole procedure completion, it is time to start trading with real money. Make sure to invest with the calculated risk to avoid losses because the market is highly volatile and risky.

Final consideration!

As a beginner, it is important to not copy the other traders because your portfolio and money are not the same as the other traders are dealing with. So, plan your own risk and jump into the volatile market to extract the right profit.