September17 , 2021

Melanie Perkins – CEO of


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By 2020, Melanie came under the spotlight due to becoming the youngest billionaire under the age of 30 only. The headlines compelled the masses to turn their heads. An Australian-based digital business captured the attention of the masses worldwide due to the services of the youngest billionaire entrepreneur. Melanie Perkins has been serving as a CEO. This article is going to throw light on the ups and downs of her career life. Let us peep into Melanie’s life events in detail:

How did Melanie’s teenage dream turn into the reality of $1billion?

Perkins stepped into the business world at the age of 19 only. While studying communication, commerce, and psychology at college, she used to teach graphic designing to students. Melanie observed deeply the difficulties faced by the beginner learners. It was the time when the idea of “Fusion Books” sprang to her mind.

  • Fusion books

Melanie started Fusion books with Obrecht in 2007. The aim was to make graphic designing accessible to everyone. Melanie wanted to introduce such graphic design that does not require any technical skill to create.  For this purpose, she had to quit her study. Fusion books offered services to the students to get them to prepare their yearbooks.  

Fusion Book’s Company allows the students to use a ready template, images, illustrators, font styles, and many other features to enhance the outlook of the yearbook. Melanie wished to design the yearbooks more easily and quickly. Lack of resources and higher competition in the market was a great hurdle on her way to success. The company intended to provide online services to the school in creating their school yearbooks for students.

However, Melanie’s mother, being a teacher, gave a great helping hand in continuing and flourishing this business. Obrecht used to make phone calls to schools to get customers. Finally, within a shorter period, Fusion books emerged as the largest selling brand of yearbooks in Australia. Now, it has been expanded to New Zealand and France as well.  


Melanie’s teenage dream was not fulfilled yet. Fusion books’ online services were limited to the yearbooks. As described earlier, Melanie wished to make graphic designing common and accessible to a non-tech person as well. Her dream instigated her to lay the foundation of another Startup in 2013.

Canva is one of the largest free online designing and publishing websites in Australia. Millions of people globally approach for multiple goals. Canva is a designing tool that empowers people through its unique designing services. Whether you want to prepare an impressive cv, design a visiting card, marketing materials, logos, or graphics for your business, Canva is here to serve you in the best manner.

In 2018, Melanie was crowned as the youngest female CEO of a tech-based platform. The five years are shorter span to earn fame worldwide. Melanie’s company Canva can soon become an unbeatable rival to Microsoft and Adobe. At just 32, Melanie is an active CEO of an online free designing site. was started with $ 1billion. Now the company’s worth is $ 3.2 billion approximately. 

Melanie Perkins, while sharing her goal, revealed that the aim was to land all designing features on one page and then make it available to the people globally. The vision behind was to make graphic designing common and easier for people.  During her study, when she used to teach graphic designing to students on Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft, she noticed the difficulties. The design on Adobe and Microsoft is a bit complicated and requires specific skills to operate this software. It was the time when Melanie acknowledged the need for easy-to-operate software for learners. 

How did Melanie come across the idea of business? The fact is really interesting. In a conversation, Melanie shared that she used to sell hand-made scarves in the markets of Perth. In the meantime, she understood the tact and skills of running a business. Her ambitions led her to the chair of’s CEO. She credits this scarf selling first business to become a drive for her entrepreneurial successes. 

Who backed up Perkins? The ambitious girl got full support for running her business on a larger scale. Another prominent name is Obrecht who remained with Perkins just like a shadow by her childhood. Getting in a lighter mood, Obrecht can be considered the crime partner of Perkins. Obrecht is the co-founder of Fusion books and as well.

The efforts, ideas, and practical experience of Obrecht always remained with Melanie. In January 2021, Melanie and Obrecht got married.

Startups vs. Female CEO

Startups and the tech industry have wider gender disparity. It is uncommon to observe a female CEO of a tech company or any Startup. That is why you can find fewer females in the tech industry. Melanie Perkins is among the 2 % of females who are acting CEO of Startup based companies. Melanie has tried to avoid gender distinction at In Canva, you will find a greater number of females with the representation of up to 41 % of females among the total employees.


Melanie Perkins set an example for youth and motivated the unemployed youngsters to do something unique in the business line. Though Melanie was considered too young to compete with the tech giants, it started confidently. Initially, like all strugglers, Melanie was rejected by hundreds of investors. But the ambition of the young girl kept her dynamic and energetic.

Nothing is impossible for a visionary mind. By 2020, Melanie Perkins was awarded the title of Australia’s third-richest female. How a teenage dream kept Melanie working is impressive? It is not the end of the success story of the young girl rather numerous victories are on the way. It depends upon Melanie how she explores the world around her. No one knows how many nights and days Perkins spent awakening in seeking the success of her project. Now, Perkins has new goals and destinations as a CEO of