September17 , 2021

Most downloaded and loved game of 2020 – Among Us


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In 2020 multiple online games are loved by the gamers but nothing will be able to replace the About Us fan following. It is the best and most downloaded game around the world due to the features, display, and much more. The game broke the records of other games like PUBG and others. It is all about the spacecraft, crew members, and spaceships. Every member on the spaceship trying to find out the imposter among them or the rest of the adventure is amazing.

There are multiple reasons are behind the popularity of the Among Us and one of them is the COVID-19 situation. People were isolated in their homes and face restrictions with limited social interaction to avoid the spread. So, in this situation, online games are the only source to have some quality entertainment and spend time in lockdown. The ratio of the downloads around the world regarding the Among Us gets higher with the downloads of 41 million. One of the reasons for About us to be the most downloaded and loved game is due to its accessibility through multiple platforms. You can play the game over android, iOS, Xbox, and other platforms for gamers.

Among Us – What it is all about?

The wondering if the game About Us makes it the most popular game for the year 2020 not only in children but gamers from every age group. On average the game has 80,000 viewers and 13 million watch hours. There are multiple things in the game that make it highly desirable with the exciting experience to play solo and in a group. At once it allows a minimum of 4 and up to 10 players with full engagement and experiences the spaceship adventure. The game works over the story in which crew members prepare a spaceship to go back on earth after scientific research done in space. they encounter the alien imposter between them who is planning murder and framing the other crew members.

In the game, the project is actually to kill the crew members without any clue to caught and destroy the whole spaceship. It is an adventurous and interesting story game that caught up the interest of the individuals easily. Due to the concept, graphics and character modeling increase the interest of the people in playing the game. Moreover, it attracts gamers of all age groups and due to the compatibility with various gaming platforms becomes the most downloaded and loved game of 2020.

Reasons behind the popularity of Among Us

The popularity of the game getting higher due to multiple reasons. The number of streaming are doing optimization and spreading awareness about the game and its concept among the public. On other hand, it offers a different story or concept that is really exciting for the players to experience space life. the game is accessible from the streamers that is one of the reasons behind the growth. Moreover, the situation of the lockdown in 2020 due to COVID-19 people find it most entertaining thing to reduce stress.

If we just look into the features and other specifications that the game offers to its players then it is better to understand the reason behind the popularity.

Here are some interesting things that are backing up the game popularity:

  • Compatibility with devices:

The first thing that is the reason behind the popularity of the game is its compatibility with the devices. It is the best game that is easier to play on various devices includes PC, mobile phone, and Xbox. It does not require heavy and more complex systems for the operations. In the case of the PC, windows 7 is fair enough to handle the task and operate the game without hassle. It is compatible with android and iOS as well which gives a hands-on gaming experience.   

  • Affordability:

In the game choice, people face the concern related to the affordability and costing. Most games are not able to catch up with the fame due to expansive features. But Among US is cost-effective to play over mobile and on streaming. The mobile version is free of cost and for the streaming, the user will pay the minimal charges that bring multiple players on the one screen that add adventure.  

  • Crossplay option:

It is the first-ever game that is not restricted to the platform and available to play on all platforms at once. Most cases provide the facility that allows you to play and join with the different platforms easily. you can work with the mobile version, PC, and cross-play between PC and mobile without connectivity or sharing error. The feature makes it highly flexible to share with friends and enjoy the best entertainment time period.   

  • No professional skills:

Most games are only designed for professional gamers and provide room for them with advanced skills. But not in the case of the Among US because it is one of simple and easy play a game that does not require any advanced skills to come and play with the best interface. It is a game for everyone to understand and play well with any device without interruption.

  • Interacting display:

Games are with a different nature and ability to engage the audience but that will not last longer than a year in most cases. But Among US is with the features and continuous improvement that make things more interesting after every level completion. So, it still the game with fresh, engaging, and unique content. The player can switch the modes, add new screens, and involve with new players to continuing the entertainment. Moreover, with the live chat and audio engagement, it becomes more interesting for the gamers.

Final consideration!

Games are for entertainment and engagement. Online multiple games are able to grab the interests of the people but could not sustain it for long. But in the case of the Among US people really loved to download and play. The features, user-friendly interface, and other exciting features make it the most downloaded game in 2020.