September17 , 2021

New iOS 14 updates coming with Face ID unlock while wearing a mask – finally!


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Apple is soon to release the latest version of iOS 14.5 to update the tech devices. The revamped version by Apple like usual seems to lag behind the rivals in the race of handsets. The latest update of iOS 14.5 will enable the tech devices to unlock a Face ID passcode wearing a mask. The most awaited iOS 14 update appears to hit the beta phones in February. Though Apple has not announced the releasing date, iOS 14.5 is the favorite talk of the town these days.

In the pandemic COVID-19, people faced issues regarding the usage of handsets with Face ID passcode. Nowadays, states and governments have restricted the people to wear face masks everywhere. The purpose is to keep the people protected from the deadly Coronavirus. This defensive attitude persuaded the mobile phone companies to introduce innovation in the new models keeping in view the latest social situations globally.

How can you unlock your iOS system with a Face ID publically wearing a mask? Removing the mask to unlock the mobile phone, may increase the threat of pandemic for oneself and others as well. In this pandemic, the beta developers set a new update of iOS 14 in motion. The users of the Apple Watch can get configured with the iPhone to unlock the Face ID lock. Unlocking the handset with a face ID passcode anywhere wearing a mask is the coolest feature of the iPhone’s recent update.

How can the latest version of iOS 14.5 benefits the user?

The owners of Apple watches can enjoy this feature when the watch is switched on and unlock.  An updated feature in the Apple watch gets configuration with the iPhone and helps to unlock Face ID passcode even wearing the mask on the face.

You can switch on the option of unlocking the face ID with a covered mask by configuring settings in the phone.

  • Go to Settings and click on Face ID & passcode.
  • Click on Unlock with Apple Watch.
  • A list of apple watches titles will be shown.
  • Switch on the toggle of the Apple watch to experience the catchy feature of unlocking the phone by covering the face.

What’re other new features iOS 14.5 carries?

The users of iPhone or iOS 14 have been experiencing creative tech updates since its existence. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Custom Music player option: You will like to prefer other music players on your handset instead of the Apple Music player.
  • User’s permission before app tracking: The latest version of iOS includes transparent app tracking. The handset system will ask the user’s permission before tracking app data.
  • 5G support to dual sim phone: TheiPhone 12 includes the dual slots to operate dual SIMs at a time. Earlier, the Digital e-SIM feature was available in China only, now Apple phones have been updated with this facility.
  • SIRI up-gradation: Through the recent version of iOS 14.5, SIRI is enabled to place an emergency call on 911. You can cancel the call option within three seconds before the call.
  • Support to Multiple Console: The new version is loaded with support to the controllers of Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X. It means that the users of iPhones and iPads can play games from the handset now.   
  • Enhanced work out feature: On installing the new iOS14.5, the handset and Apple watch OS 7.4 owners can configure the Apple fitness app with the Airpod-2 that is compatible with TV and other devices.

How can users download the iOS 14.5 version?

Apple has not released a user’s updated version yet but it appears to launch soon. However, after launching, the iOS 14.5 updates can be acquired on the handset through the given below process:

Go to Settings, click on General, and select Software update.  This simple process will enable the users to get connected with the Apple server and updates can be acquired.

What’s the limitation of latest update?

Unfortunately, among many appealing and luxurious updates in the new iOS 14, here is a limitation. The users can enjoy the updated Face ID unlock while wearing a mask only if the user carries an Apple watch. To unlock the Face ID lock on iPhone with a covered face, the users have to switch on and unlock the Apple watch.

The limitation is placed in the favor of the user’s handset security. The purpose of configuring the phone with the watch is to enhance the security feature. Whenever you will bring your phone in front of your face to unlock with a covered face, you will get a notification on your watch. The notification of the Apple watch reveals that your phone is unlocked. The acknowledgment of unlocking the phone will keep the user updated with the usage of the mobile phone.

Besides, the configuration with the Apple Watch will help to avoid the uncertain unlocking of the phone by strangers wearing a face mask as well.   

Bottom line

Unlocking a phone with Face ID, in the pandemic of Coronavirus, was not more than frustration in the previous years. Thanks to the iOS 14.5 developers who have introduced the unlocking feature with covered face to facilitate the users. 

The efforts of Apple has boosted the big tech companies like Google and Facebook to work on the more organized and facilitating technology in relevance to the social situations worldwide. Other than updated privacy, iOS carries several appealing updates to upgrade the Apple user’s experience entertaining and luxurious.  Apple always remains a step ahead from the rivals. Management of Apple is energized to equip the phones with the latest technology. it is always a pleasure and feel of next-generation while using Apple phones. 

How has Apple enhanced the user experience through the new features in the system? It can better be described after the instalment of the magnificent iOS version 14.5. Wait for the launch of the new version of iOS to get into the stream.