October 18, 2021

PS5’s HDR problem on Samsung LEDs? Here is how you fix it super quick!


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Playstation5 was released back in November and it was evident that the PlayStation users were impatiently waiting for it. PS5 has a really great level of graphics but unfortunately things didn’t go well with a lot of  TV models including Samsung LEDs. TVs and gaming consoles have been facing compatibility issues as the technology is getting improved day by day. Unfortunately this is also a glitch in the  HDMI to add to the list. And this has been established true by Samsung’s own community too.

Samsung LEDs with HDR problem

Since the release of PS5, the users have been putting up complaints on different forums. Playstation5 is not showing its expected graphic results. A whole list of LEd models of Samsung are not living up to standards of PS5 including  Samsung Q90T, Q80T, Q70T, Q85T,  Q95T, Q90T. Not only that but Samsung’s premium range of 2020 4K TVs is also not able to play frame rates of 4K resolution at 120Hz on a PS5 while delivering HDR also.

Samsung brand’s  Q950T, Q900R and 8K TVs  have also turned out to be not helpful in this HDR problem. The whole situation gets a little sticky when you remember Samsung was claiming that their high-res TVs will be a match made in heaven with PS5. The thing which frustrated gamers is that these same models do play 4K 120Hz HDR when connected with Xbox Series X and not with PS5. Both of these models were released in the same month last year in november.

What is the Problem

The problem is when you connect  PS5 with any of these TV models, you have to make a choice that either you want  4K at 60Hz in HDR or 4K at 120Hz in SDR. This still happens when the console is connected to the single HDMI (HDMI 4) with the samsung TVs, which are claimed to be designed to provide 4K 120Hz in HDR.

For example, if you play a game which supports 4K in HDR, at 120Hz or 60Hz and select resolution mode in the ‘game presets’ of PS5. Now you can play the game in 4K at 60Hz with HDR. You confirm this while playing the game and enter button on the Samsung tv remote. But if you choose the performance setting in the Playstation’s game preset menu which gives priority to frame rate, now you reboot the game. The game now plays in 4K at the frame rate of 120Hz but without high dynamic range (HDR).

There are PS5 games which if you try to play the situation gets even more weird with the HDR. For example if you play Dirt 5 on PS5, this game uses its own internal calibration system of high dynamic range (HDR) instead of using console’s. Everything initially works out with 4K and HDR is also visible on Samsung display but as soon as you choose to play the high frame rate option of Dirt 5, the HDR logo goes away and picture quality goes visibly

poor. Black color is extremely crushed and bright colors just fade away and color settings go completely wrong.

Forbes experts say that PS5 can not play 4K at 120Hz in HDR on Samsung’s premium range of TVs might be associated with HDMI 2.1’s display stream compression. Which means trying to fit more image data in pipes which have small data bandwidth.Clearly Xbox series X is using the technology and apparently PS5 is not, resulting in unavoidable bugs in HDR.

Updates in Playstation5

This issue in PS5 has been a problem and preventing users from playing their favorite games on PS5. PlayStation has a very loyal user following and they have been waiting for PS5 for a long time. The problem is more of Samsung users’ problems only who are having a glitch in 4K resolution mode. But the problem was so widely reported that Samsung and Sony have taken action and released the good news. Playstation will be fixing this problem on their end and will give an update by the end of March 2021.

As the error is supposed to be fixed, it is reported that PlayStation users need to keep their systems updated with the latest softwares. Software updates in PS5 will help them get the update which will be released in the march. Samsung TVs don’t really need a software updated but it is recommended by experts to keep it updated to prevent any security and stability issues. TVs don’t need a repair though so the users don’t have to connect with the Samsung customer care.

Quick Fix to the Problem

Since the bug is supposed to be fixed in the end of march 2021, Playstation 5 users with Samsung TVs need some quick fix. Something has to be done so they can play until the update arrives. So, if you are a PS5 user and have a problem with playing games in 4K resolution, let’s do not be disappointed and have a quick fix. When you connect your Samsung with PS5, the picture gets distorted because of the incompatibility.

This quick fix will give you an experience of gaming without losing out on your PS5. Go in the manual and First of all disable your HDR setting on your system. This will solve the problem of HDR but that does not mean that you can not enjoy colors of your game. In order to get the popping colors in your picture, go into the picture settings. Go into the expert settings and select the contrast enhancer and set it to the high level. This will temporarily solve the HDR problem. The picture might not be as good quality as it comes with HDR enabled but you can do it till PS5 release the update and permanently fix the HDR bug.

Another way to go is to play the game with 4k is with a lower frame rate. You can enable the HDR and switch to 4K with 60Hz, this will retain the image quality better than the contrast enhancer.