September17 , 2021

Quick review and comments on “Hitman 3”


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Hitman 3 is a popular stealth-based video game that has been running successfully on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation (PS) 4, PlayStation (PS) 5, Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox one, Stadia, as well as Nintendo Switch.  Following Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018), Hitman III hit the game consoles on January 20, 2021. The IO interactive developing team introduced variations in gameplay, plot, and custom settings to let the game more handy and controllable for players.

The article is going to describe the details of the Hitman trilogy, variations in the latest launch, and reviews received by the trilogy. Let us look into the “Hitman 3” in detail:


The gameplay of Hitman III is similar to the predecessors and played from the perspective of the third-person. Agent 47 continues the contracted assassination in six new locations including Dubai, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, Dartmoor, and an epilogue set located in Romania among the Carpathian Mountains.

All six locations in the new game consist of shortcuts that are the most catchy and novel feature of the third version. Each stage of the game features several locked doors initially. Players need to unlock the door by playing and moving ahead in the game story. Once the door is unlocked, it remains open for future plays as well.

Additionally, the third version of the game includes the latest maps and directions with shortcut roads and pathways.   

System requirements

The PC demands specific requirements to run the Hitman 3 on the system. The latest launch of the trilogy requires 64-bit Windows 10 and Direct X 12. Further, a free space of 8 GB is required to run the game on the tech device. Ther tech requirements include:

  • CPU: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz/ AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/ Radeon HD 7870

Variation in Hitman trilogy

In the first version of the game, each location was available to players episodically. Hitman 3 resembles the second installment of the game where all six locations are available to the players the very first day.  The new maps, pathways, and shortcuts are part of a luxurious stealth game. The short pathways are introduced in the trilogy.

The owners of Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 can install the updates to get impressive features of Hitman 3 from the world of assassination. If you already have the first two versions just import the maps online and enjoy the adorable features of the latest launch.

It is the first time in the game that players can enter as the first person. Initial installments of the game were played from the third-person perspective.

Each map carries numerous open challenges and campaigns to achieve the set targets. Agent 47 poses himself in the game as a private investigator. The agent aims to investigate the murder of the patriarch of the Carlisle family. The fun-filling game is planned all the way to solve the mystery of assassination. Besides, it seems interesting to assassinate the targets.

The characters, scenes, infrastructure, and storyline of the gameplay are awesome to get entertained. 3-D graphics with the advancement in technology have stunned the game users.

Price of Hitman 3

Hitman is available to the game consoles in two editions:

  1. Hitman Standard Edition: Standard edition includes the main game and three additional skins for agent 47 as a bonus.
  2. Hitman Deluxe edition: It is the collection of the main game, trinity pack, deluxe options like suits and tracks. Additionally, it also features the digital soundtrack, instalment of director’s commentary, the option of additional guards, and security cameras. All these custom options affect the gameplay and mission of the players.
  3. Hitman III Price for PlayStation

PlayStation users can avail of Hitman Standard Edition at $59.99 and Hitman Deluxe edition at $ 79.99. PS 4 and PS 5 users can get the video game at the same price.

  • Hitman III Price for Xbox

Whether you are going to play the game on Xbox One, Xbox series X, or S, get the game at the given standard rate. Hitman III standard Edition is available at $ 59.9 and Hitman III DeluxeEdition at $ 79.99.

The PC game players can get the video game from the Epic store and the prices may vary for both editions of the trilogy. Keep in mind, the video game is not available on the platform Steam.


Hitman series video game has been receiving complimentary comments from the game players and fans of the games. Various game reviewers mentioned the game as a source of great pleasure and fun. The critics gave positive reviews on the launch of the third edition.

American-based video game media and website IGN gave 9 numbers out of 10 to Hitman III. Further, the site mentioned the game as the most probably replayable with rich content. A game lover commented, “rewarding game”.

Another famous junction of game players is GamesRadar+ awarded the game with 4.5 stars out of 5. The site praised the game in the comments like fun-filled, appealing levels to explore, and incredible scene development.

Furthermore, Euro gamer, Game Informer, and Game spot also gave 9/10 to the latest release. UK-based PC Gamer gave 90/100 and praised a lot the game infrastructure and scenes.

You can judge the popularity and success of the video game by the record-breaking sales within the first week only. The first week of the launch exceeded sales up to 17 % as compared to the previous version of the Hitman III.     

Bottom line

IO interactive reported that Hitman III has been launched as the final game from the world of Assassination and the chapter of agent 47 going to get close here. But the developers will reappear with the same game formula with new concepts, creative characters, and storyline. IO interactive seems to work on the Hitman series sooner with the unique infrastructure of the game.

The game lovers are looking forward to the developers of Hitman III launching more games like the previous installments.