October 18, 2021

Resident Evil Village – Quick Review


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Resident Evil Village – Talking about the creation of Capcom developers, those are awesome. Capcom developer and publisher have successfully launched numerous game series like street fighter V, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Devil may cry, and numerous arcade games. Capcom is again active with the popular-game series Resident evil- based on the Resident Evil movie and its later parts.

Resident evil Village is the 8th successor of the game series. The most awaited horror and action-filled game are ready to hit all consoles on May 7, 2021. Initially, it was announced to launch on April 21, but the final decision is possibly 7th May 2021.   


The gameplay of the tenth installment of the resident evil series consists of numerous attractive features. Players will find the tools and setting of the game similar to the Resident Evil 4 released in 2004. The resident evil village was designed after the release of the Resident Evil 7 movie. The recent upcoming launch demonstrates the gameplay as a first perspective just like the predecessor of the game “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.”

Weapon dealer “Duke” sells the weapons to the players. Players can get additional benefits by hunting the animals and have them cooked in dishes. It allows the players to secure the energy and in case of blockage the players bear less damage.     

Resident Evil Village – Storyline

Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the game, lives with his wife Mia and daughter Rosemary. The twist starts when Chris Redfield appears and carries off Ethan to some mysterious European Village. Ethan has to pass over the village safely facing all dangers and biohazards to rescue the family.   

Lady Dimitrescu is a new and the most featured character of the game. Lady Dimitrescu attracts the attention of game fans through her extraordinary height – 2.9 meters. A person with such a great height can become a source of fear for any layperson. Her high heels, large hat, and large hands, and feet provide a sense of reality to the character. To add to the giantess, the shoe size of the Lady Dimitrescu is designed nearly 17.3 inches – the size doubles an average woman’s shoe size.

 The appearance, clothing, style, and design of the character keep the biohazard Lady Dimitrescu the most fearsome character in the village. The evolution of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters makes the people run for life or they lose their life.

Mother Miranda is the character who is worshipped by villagers.

Promotional demos

Capcom attracted and engaged the game fans by offering a promotional demo in January 2021 named “Maiden”. The Maiden demo of the game was available on the PS 5play store. The demo lasts for 15 minutes with a brief story setting. Players confronted Lady Dimitrescu in her castle and experienced the village scenes hunting and playing.

Maiden demo enhanced the interest of the game lovers in the series. At the release of the Maiden demo, the release of the next demo was also announced in the upcoming Spring. Capcom confirmed the second demo of the game by announcing the date of the demo release.

Unlike the Maiden demo, the second demo can be experienced at  Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4, and Stadia. The multiplatform demo can be played with an additional time of 30 minutes.

The interesting feature of the demo is that players can get access to the village scene initially on April 17. The access to the castle demo will be available after one week on April 24 or 25. The demo will be available on all consoles for 8 hours after both demos go live. To avoid time wastage, the game fans can download the game on Playstation now, but access to the playing demo will be granted at the said time.    

Launching parameters

Resident Evil Village

The promotional acts by Capcom have increased the interest of the fans in the sequel of Resident evil biohazard. Fans are anxious for the launch of the game to run over PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox Series XIS, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC consoles. The wait is going to get over soon.

However, In Japan due to the restricted law of violence, the game will be launched in two installments: CERO Z and CERO D versions. A CERO Z version is legally restricted to the ages 18 and above while the CERO D version features less violence and available to ages 17 and up without legal restriction. Both versions of the games contain less violence as compared to the original game launch to comply with local regulations of Japan.