September17 , 2021

Ripple’s XRP – Is it worth to buy and hold in 2021?


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In 2021 if have not heard anything about cryptocurrency then you must be living under a rock. Let’s take you out and tell you that cryptocurrency is watching its all-time boom and everyone has gone gaga over it. At this time world is seeing cryptocurrency as the future of money. The future without paper money does not seem to be too far away. A lot of new digital currencies are coming into being every day. With Elon Musk investing billions in Bitcoin and Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency, the future seems a little clear.

What is Ripple XRP

After Bitcoin and Ethreum, Ripple is the third biggest cryptocurrency (digital currency). The most amazing thing about ripple is that it was invented way before Bitcoin in 2004 but it was officially launched in 2012.

Ripple’s XRP is the payment system for the use of this digital currency. It is actually a token that is essential to use the services provided by Ripple. XRP is essential for money exchange through Ripple. XRP is playing the role of mediator, this is the reason wherever Ripple’s name comes, XRP has to be there.

Popularity of Ripple

Ripple is coming on the top and that is causing its newly found popularity. The value of this digital currency is rising each and every day. Ripple is also becoming famous amongst the banks and is usable at a lot of famous international banks. Usually, it is hard to deal with digital currency but Ripple’s good relations with banks are making the dealing easy for consumers. It has become super easy to exchange money through Ripple with the help of banks.

Money exchanges have been a big problem for investors since they are dealing in digital currency. Ripple seems to fill that void which solves all the legal banking problems and they can easily use the direct path instead of looking for alternatives.

Ripple has also become more famous since the ongoing boost of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value has almost doubled in a month, it was around 35 thousand USD at the start of February and at this moment the value of Bitcoin is reaching 56 thousand USD. This has left an inevitable impact on all other digital currencies. Investors have never been more interested in investing their money in digital currency. Ripple is also enjoying the fruit of it.

Investors of Ripple

The start-up of Ripple is financed by a lot of prominent investors. Google is one of the most famous investors taking part in the progress of Ripple XRP. The increasing popularity of Ripple is already attracting a lot more companies that have big names in the market to be part of this start-up and invest their assets.

Names like Google having an association with Ripple make it a very reliable digital currency. It removes the shady aspect for a common man which is generally very much attached to crypto. So the investors of Ripple are a very valuable part of the startup.

Ripple vs Bitcoin

Ripple is much more affordable than Bitcoin. As everybody knows that this is a credible cryptocurrency if anyone has to invest with less money  they will invest in  Ripple instead of Bitcoin or Ethreum. Bitcoin is pretty slow in integrating with the current banking and Ripple does not have any problem like that. It gives Ripple a clear superiority over Bitcoin.

The chances of an increase in value are very high in the future. Unlike Bitcoin, there are no transaction charges in Ripple, which is another factor making it a choice over Bitcoin. All these qualities are making common people invest in Ripple as Bitcoin is out of range for many. So Ripple turns out to be a valuable investment for much less than Bitcoin.

Value of Ripple XRP

At this moment Ripple XRP’s value is 0.46 dollars which are extremely affordable given the rise of  Bitcoin. This value has increased from 0.26 dollars in a month. It clearly shows how fast XRP is progressing and the value seems to go only high from here.

Ripple saw its all-time high back in 2018 and it was 3 USD. In comparison to that, the value is very much in reach and this time with a shining future ahead. Right now Ripple can earn you only a few hundred dollars but with only an investment of 50 to 100 USD to can own hundreds of Ripple XRP.  Experts have a firm belief that Ripple will cross a value of one thousand dollars in the coming few years. That is a very good value of the few dollars you plan to spend in Ripple.

Is it worth investing in Ripple’s XRP

20201 is the year of cryptocurrency and it goes unsaid that it is the best year to be part of the digital currency system. Investment experts are coming to the conclusion that Ripple XRP has a lot of potential in the future. Ripple being authorized by the 75 big banks of the world has a very bright future. If you have any plan to invest in cryptocurrency then this is the best tie to invest in Ripple’s XRP.

With a collective view of finance experts, Ripple is going to grow exponentially in the next decade. Given this statistic. It is very suitable for the young generation to invest in it. We all know that the price of living is increasing day by day and it is not very feasible for the younger people to invest in property or even digital currency like Bitcoin. Ripple is giving them a chance in their future to invest and increase the value of their limited assets.

Ripple XRP also offers one of the fastest money transaction systems in the world. It has the ability to transfer money in 3 to 5 seconds. It is a dream come true for the common people who have to wait for the message that if their money is transferred or not. So this very less transaction time also adds value to Ripple XRP.