September17 , 2021

“Sentropy” launches “Protect” to help defend social media users against abuse


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We are living in the age of social media. Connecting the world has become super easy but this facility comes with its own challenges. You might find the nicest people all over the world through these social media platforms but it also makes you vulnerable to the negativity too. This leaves a window for ideas to make this place save for everyone and enters ‘Sentropy’. This might be the future of digital communities safety.

What is Sentropy

Sentropy is an internet security company. It was founded back in 2018. The company is led by Ethan Bredar, John Redgrave, Taylor Rhyne and Michele Banko. All 4 of them together co-founded this organization to help social media users moderate the content which reaches them. It uses the learning of the behaviour of the user as a key point. Detecting user behaviour is much more effective than previously used technologies such as proxies and keeping a track of bot accounts.

So what makes Sentropy different from an already used protection system is the way it judges the behaviours and also keeping a track of what can possibly come in the way. It also keeps track of internet trends, which can possibly trigger hate speech or harassment. This keep Sentropy always ahead to control the environment.

Sentropy’s major goal is to work toward the security of social media communities from harassment, bullying and abuse. The model of Sentropy works on the detection. It detects and separates the content which can be potentially harmful for the user they are providing their service to. The organization has very strong investors working at the back end. The big names include Horizon Ventures, Next door, Playground global and Twitter itself.

Sentropy Operation with Twitter

It has started its operations with Twitter. In the past few years Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms. As it is a written content based platform, this is very useful in making your message make go in the whole world. World has seen Twitter being used as a primary source of information. It is also used by famous world leaders, celebrities and people from every walk of life.  But this popularity comes with a whole lot of responsibility. It being essentially a platform for writing information and messages, it is heavily used for bullying and abuse.

Sentropy choosing Twitter for its first operational service totally makes sense. Sentropy is using world class technology to implement the idea of safety. Setropy will be taking the signals through machine learning.  It will be able to separate the tweets which seem harmful to the user. This identification will help it to protect the account from further hate attacks too.

Sentropy is not available for the moderation of direct messages yet but they are working on it. It is almost like Twitter’s protection from abuse process but it is much more advanced than Twitter. The plan is to expand the service in as many social media platforms as possible.

How it works

Sentropy sets an algorithm on your account to keep a check on the bullies that can be potential abusers too. For example while Sentropy is working with Twitter, it separates the tweets that can abusive in any way and help label them as sexual harassment, racial attacks. The service also provides users to customize the filter according to their needs.

  • Sentropy can filter the words. A user can add the abusive words in a list and Sentropy algorithm will keep a track of these words. If the words are being used by a certain user, it will help identify the user to take an action.
  • Twitter users get two options. One is to simply mute or block all the abusive users in one go. Another option is to go through everyone manually and select different blocking options for all of them.
  • There is a special tab in the service named ‘trusted users’. This will secure your trusted users and their content will not go through the process of moderation.

In the mid of 2020, Sentropy launched a device with the name of ‘Sentropy detect’. This device will expand the reach to detection of abuse as quickly as possible. Sentropy’s other product is named ‘ Sentropy defend’, this one works using the browser. Sentropy defend will be enabling moderation which works end to end in order to keep the social media platforms safe against the negativity.

Why Sentropy

Digital harassment and abuse is a huge  problem of the modern world. If we do not address it now it will keep growing. According to the head of Sentropy  “ We have created this space because we have an idea how dangerous social media networking can be in terms of harassment and bullying. Sentropy gives everyone a capacity to keep a check on what comes in their way on social media platforms.”

The CEO also stated that ‘he has his fair share of experience with building digital communities. The members of these platforms want a more safe environment where there is much less chance of being harassed and hated by some maniac.’ Making online platforms completely safe spaces for their users has still a long way to go. But this initiative has at least started the process and it will only go further from here. We might be able to see a completely safe online platform in our own lifetimes.

Future of Sentropy

It has just started its journey to protect the internet users and is already gaining the attention of everyone. A whole generation has seen the evolution of the internet form a basic service to becoming your eyes to see the whole world. This generation knows that the harm the internet can bring and they are welcoming to the service which will make this space better. It is coming at a time where everyone was expecting the internet to become difficult to handle everyday but Sentropy is hope for a safer future. It brings the much needed freshness and filters digital communities needed to be safe.