Should You Buy the New iPhone 13?

iPhone 13

Talking about mobile phones (and iPhone 13) and making the buying decision without a clear understanding of which mobile phone serves the best purpose. While you may be thinking of several requirements associated with the mobile phone, your buying decision reflects that.

Most of the buyers rely on iPhones, although there are several options available in android phones. iPhone provides reliability and intact software, strong security, crisp image quality, and many more features that are keeping iPhone holding a bigger market share.

When Apple launches iPhone, it is considered to be the obvious best phone than its predecessors. That is what Apple does while launching a new model. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max are the latest iPhones with the fastest processors, new camera updates and upgrades to capture professional images, videos, and a promise that the phone would have battery life longer than predecessors.

If you are on iPhone 12 and still thinking of upgrading your phone, read this article to know why should you buy the new iPhone 13? iPhone 13 is upgraded with a new A15 Bionic processor chipset, camera with bigger and better sensor quality, and screen displays that are adjustable on your screen activity.

Although it gets really hard to suggest that buying of iPhone 13 is worth deciding unless we reviewed all new models. What we can do is to establish a point by expressing the new upgrades of the iPhone 13. This may determine what features you would be getting with iPhone 13.

Highlights of Apple iPhone 13 Series

  • The new iPhone 13 series has selfie slot reduced greatly that predecessors, which looks fine
  • The A15 Bio0nic chipset is faster than its predecessor and well-integrated with the system for a better experience
  • Although camera stabilization is one of the features of the iPhone, iPhone 13 shows far greater image stabilization with enhanced videography
  • The screen reflects the highest brightness level of 1200 nits with XDR OLED display super retina
  • It is also announced by Apple to provide a larger battery of an additional 2.5 hours of screen time.

Should You Upgrade?

For you, as a consumer, it becomes really tough to decide if you should upgrade to the iPhone 13 series. It is a hard decision if you are switching from android to iPhone, but if you are already using iPhone predecessor phones and want to upgrade then read the article thoroughly to better understand before upgrading.

Processor A15 chipset

If you are an iPhone 12 user and leaning towards upgrading to iPhone 13, you will notice that the processor is quite powerful and faster, featuring an A15 Bionic chipset. It seems like the new processor is outcasting the predecessors. If you get a bit technical, apple promised a graphic performance booster. The GPU has an extra core to boost up the graphics and performance of the iPhone 13.

Battey Upgrades

Apple is bringing bigger and sturdy changes in the battery as compared to the predecessors and affirms that. Although the iPhone 12 users have greatly noticed that the battery performance was not satisfactory and was really disappointed and expecting iPhone 13 with bigger and better battery upgrades. Both the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max should have a longer battery timing to increase their sale graph and ensuring that improvement is made for customer satisfaction.

Images and Videos

Apple has brought changes in the camera and display resolutions for improving images and videos. Apple in its 13 and 13 Pro Max promised to bring better images and video capturing from its predecessor iPhone 12 all models. Apple has added better and larger sensors to absorb more light. The main sensor in the main lens absorbs more light. Apple in its 13 and 13 Pro Max has given a wider lens with a wider aperture. A better optical zoom with 3x zoom on both 13 models.


Apple is a well-established brand for its mobile device display properties. It has been known to provide retina display and excellent display features. Apple has always tried and produced results for its display and iPhone 13 display is brighter and colorful than its predecessor iPhone 12. But the better display is experienced with iPhone 13 Pro models. With pro-motion display features that are adjustable between 10Hz to 120Hz, though dependable on-screen activities. The competitor mobile devices are fixed on 60Hz so the visible difference is noticeable for its users.


Good and Bad of iPhone 13 Series

Apple launched its new series of iPhone 13 in September 2021. We believe as previously the sales graph would reflect the actual user strength, but this year it is about photography and performance to beat the predecessors. As promised Apple has to overcome the deficiencies that its predecessors were bearing but to the expectations some good things and bad things of the iPhone 13 series are detailed below.

Good Things
  • Apple has introduced very nice color options in the latest series
  • The display is improved with XDR OLED super retina with the support of HDR 10
  • The display brightness is enhanced with 1200 nits
  • The video recording feature is enhanced with Dolby vision and 4K video recording
  • The charging is further enhanced and the series is provided with wireless charging of 7.5w Qi magnetic fast
  • The screen is coated with oleophobic and scratch-resistance ceramic glass for a robust performance experience.
  • The mobile device is supported with dual sim 5G support
  • The latest IP68 technology protects the device from dust and water.
  • The iPhone 13 series is supported with Apple pay and NFC
Bad Things
  • The aesthetical design appears to be the same as the predecessors iPhone 12 series
  • The design provides a little uneasy way to hold the iPhone, the grip is uneasy.
  • The iPhone box comes without a charger unit and cable
  • As many other phones and android devices provide secondary storage options, iPhone does not
  • The refresh rate still needs to be improved
  • The battery is almost the same as iPhone 12 and no visible difference can be assessed.


Well, people are crazy about iPhone; they love its features and would buy it. The iPhone 13 and its series consist of powerful specifications that are loved by consumers. The iPhone 13 series also has some shortcomings which cannot be left aside from our perspective. The iPhone 13 is although still admired by the users with its screen size, resolution, overall phone looks, and most importantly the overall benefits that the user reaps.


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