September17 , 2021

SpaceX can now take you to space. Here’s how you can get a chance.


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Have you ever dreamt of traveling in Space? Do you wish to travel in a spacecraft? Do you want to experience the space environment closely? SpaceX can turn your desires into reality through its latest mission named Inspiration4 that intends to carry 4 civilians into space.

SpaceX, Space Exploration Corporation has ever been a step ahead of other Space technologies hubs. The space corporation has been beaten the competitors in the space race since its existence.  On February 1, 2021, SpaceX announced the details of the first civilian flight to orbit headed by commercial astronauts the very first time. 

Inspiration4 -The first civilian flight

Inspiration4 is considered to experience the journey of many days around the Earth’s lower orbit. The mission control department of SpaceX will monitor every aspect and moment of the Inspiration4. A crew of 4 civilians will set off from the historic Launch Complex 39A located in the Kennedy space center in Florida. The classic launch complex has been the departure point of historic missions of Apollo and Space Shuttle as well. 

Goals of inspiration4

Inspiration4 is the first mission that is planned to carry 4 civilians in space. This civilian flight is planned to accomplish various goals regarding space research. The cargo capacity of the Dragon spacecraft will ferry the essential equipment for astronauts and survival necessities. Additionally, it will be loaded with experimental instruments. 

Space atmosphere and facts are hard to explore within a laboratory environment. Astronauts experiencing the space atmosphere can predict accurate and reliable findings. Inspiration4 is considered to remove the hurdles on the pathway to space-based research through its successful entrance into the Earth’s lower orbit. 

Details of crew

The world’s first civilian flight carrying commercial astronauts will be supervised by Jared Isaacman who is the founder and CEO of a payment processing company-Shift4 Payments. Jared Isaac is an adventurer and proficient pilot. The other three members of the crew will be selected from the general public.

One seat in the crew is reserved for the entrepreneurs who start an online shop. The business head who will start an online shop using the platform of Shift4 Payments can get a chance to fly in Dragon’s civilian mission. After setting up an online store, the Entrepreneur needs to share a video of the entrepreneurial journey on Twitter. Submitted videos will be assessed and judged by the jury. The jury will announce the winner of the seat after selecting the best video by the mid of March. 

Candidates on the other two seats will be selected through the online form submission or by assessing the donators of the St. Jude trust.

Become an Ambassador of St. Jude research hospital-win a chance

You can stand in the queue of the candidates by donating to the St. Jude children research hospital. The more you donate the more chance to win a ticket to Inspiration4. For instance, if you donate $ 50, you get 500 entries in the lucky draw. Many other appealing rewards are also associated with higher donations like hats, T-shirts, posters, coins, and models of Falcon 9. 

Jardon Isaac intends to raise funds for the St. Jude research hospital under the shade of SpaceX’s mission to orbit. This appealing mission can attract the billionaires to donate more to get the chance to acquire a seat in the crew. 

Besides, another option to get selected for the mission is to submit an online application form. This form does not require any donations or payments. However, if you become an ambassador of the St. Jude children research hospital, it can increase the probability to win a ticket to the first civilian flight in space.  

Astronauts’ training sessions

The astronauts in the Inspiration4 mission will be trained commercially by professionals of the space technologies. Commercial astronauts will learn knowledge of the orbital mechanics and launching details of the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon spacecraft. Astronauts will also go through stress testing like how to continue operations in microgravity and zero gravity stress.

Furthermore, astronauts of the crew will learn the mechanics of spacesuit, spacecraft, and emergency space situations. Practices include how to survive in the spacecraft and how to leave the atmosphere.  The under-training crew will experience the complete mission simulations in the training hubs of SpaceX. 

Falcon 9-A mark of success

Rockets from the Falcon 9 family have successively completed numerous missions. The appealing fact about Falcon 9 is that it has participated in 109 space mission and got success in 107 missions. 

Falcon 9 is considered a safer and reliable vehicle for space transport. The two-staged rocket with a reusable booster cut down the cost of expensive space missions. SpaceX has configured re-flights from Falcon 9 with astronauts and payloads around the Earth’s orbit and beyond in space.

Dragon Spacecraft- A milestone in the space technology

Dragon is the first private spacecraft that is carrying humans to the International space station. Dragon is the world’s first and only spacecraft that proficiently returns to Earth with a noteworthy cargo load from space. The remarkable spacecraft has completed various return flights.

The dragon can carry up to 7 astronauts in space. Dragon will conclude the space mission as it reenters the earth’s environment landing off in the water.  SpaceX looks forward to the dynamic spacecraft that can prove a landmark in space technology. 

Sum up

Inspiration4 is a unique mission that does not include any professional astronauts. Civilians from the general public will be trained by professional astronauts for the successful execution of the mission. Inspiration4 crew expects to move its destination by the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Inspiration4 mission seems to open new avenues for space explorations and human flights for space. SpaceX Corporation focuses on all aspects of safety and success of the mission. In case of successful return flight, the space professionals consider that the Inspiration4 can prove a landmark for further civilian flights to space.