September17 , 2021

Swipe, its features, and the future it holds in the crypto space


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Cryptocurrency is one of the most discussed and progressing phenomena since the year 2021 has started. Cryptocurrency was initially seen as complicated virtual money. It has progressed a lot in the past one decade but this year it is becoming a household term. With Elon Musk investing billions in Bitcoin and Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency, the way seems to be only up for it. The time has come for crypto to work hand in hand with the already existing currencies and to help the process, app developer corporations have started working hard but we have a winner with us already.

What is Swipe

As mentioned above, cryptocurrency is becoming a daily life talk and more and more people are interested in it. It has opened a new market for the app developers to make something which helps handle cryptocurrency in a non complicated way. That is where Swipe took the lead. ‘Swipe’ is a multicurrency wallet app. It is facilitating people to use cryptocurrency all over the world. You can receive and send regular and cryptocurrency through this app. Swipe can also assist you with easy money exchange. The exchange rate is comparatively low. The currencies it is working with are USD to GBP and Euro. You can also exchange the crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Let’s discuss all of the amazing features this app offers in detail.

Features of Swipe

Swipe is a dream app for the people who want to deal with regular money but also want to enjoy the perks of cryptocurrency. A multicurrency wallet app was need of time, since the 2021 has started the crypto has only seen highs and lows seem to be a story of the past for crypto. These are the features it is serving its consumers:

  • You can add money in your Swipe account through bank transfer, card, Ether or Bitcoin. In short it is facilitating you the dealing of almost all the important currencies functioning on the globe. You can just choose the original currency and go to the exchange option, now select the currency you want to exchange it into. Now just tap the desired currency and your money is exchanged.
  • Bitcoin is slowly integrating in all walks of life. Given the situation Swipe is offering you with a solution and you can transfer any money including Bitcoin and Ether. You can easily transfer any money to your bank account or someone else’s account if you want to. Withdrawing money from a Swipe account is a most hassle free of money withdrawal you have ever experienced.
  • You get a chat option in the app to have a conversation with the customer support service. The chat option is definitely a very new feature in the apps like these. As the money handling apps usually are just one sided and there is almost no conversation from the other side other than the default answers fed in the system. In Swipe you can ask for to get in touch and they will provide you with a representative to get a clear idea on how things are working in your account.
  • Setting a profile on ‘Swipe’ is a very easy process. Generally online money handling forums have a very tedious and hard process of making a simple profile. Swipe solves this problem for once and forever. The profile can be easily edited by the user. It has all the details sorted very well. You can conveniently read the terms and conditions of the app too.

Benefits of Swipe

Swipe provides its consumer with all above given features. Let’s see how these features make the financial aspect of  lives easy.

  • It helps with the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies and currencies.
  • The app has a feature to allow people to split payments. This feature is only a touch away from the user.
  • The app is available in 120 countries of the world already and is totally secure and safe to do your bank transfers.
  • People who are traveling or work as freelancers all over the globe, it allows them to get their money exchanged at the most reasonable rates ever. Whether it’s cryptocurrency or ordinary currency.
  • This is the only wallet app available by far which has the ability to support almost all currencies of the world. It makes it even more easy to use it anywhere in the world.
  • It will be a big help that you will be avoiding all the excessive bank charges while using the app.
  • Swipe improves your life by giving a secure and simple solution for all your financial problems.

Future of Swipe with Cryptocurrency

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency might be the future of currency. Bitcoin is reaching its all time high at this moment. More and more investors and common people are adding everyday into the chain of cryptocurrency users. Tesla. Inc has already announced that people would be able to pay for their cars through cryptocurrency very soon. This puts the finance management apps and bank accounts into this situation where they have to make their peace with crypto and find ways to deal with it. 

Swipe is the first drop of rain in the process. Bringing ordinary currencies and crypto on one forum might turn out to be the best proggressive move of all times. Right now it shows that Swipe is one step ahead than all the possible contenders in the market. Team of Swipe could see the bright future of cryptocurrency and made the best app possible to handle the situation. 

Swipe as a multi currency app holds a shining future ahead. People of 170 countries from all over the world already have access to the amazingly user friendly features of the app. The features of the app are so intriguing and easy that it is becoming hard for the world to resist crypto. Given that in future we will be dealing in bitcoin much more often than now, Swipe is going to fulfil the upcoming demand of crypto users.