September17 , 2021

The 3 best all-in-one printers of 2021


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The printer is one of the most important things in today’s household. During a pandemic, the need for it increased, from working remotely to home-schooling everything needs a printer at disposal all the time. It is hard to choose a printer for exactly your need. It is better to get all in one printer than the one which only does printing. If you are confused about what all-in-one printers are, let’s figure that out first.

All in One Printer

All in one printer are the ones which provide printing, scanning, copying and sometimes fax facility too. They are space-friendly and can be used in small spaces. For the current situation where kids are home-schooling and parents are working from home, these printers are the best option. A good all-in-one printer can solve all the paper printing and scanning-related problems we face in daily life. We have made a list of the three best all-in-one  printers of 2021 to make the decision easier for you.

Brother Printer Model MFC-J995DW

This all-in-one printer by Brother is one of the printers to use at home. This is the reason it is called the best all-in-one family printer. The colour cartridges of this printer are very reasonably priced and one ink fill can go a long way. You can print a huge number of documents with this. Printing colours are pretty nice too in it and there is enough detail in the print. But as mentioned this is best to be used at home, it might not be the best option for a professional graphic designer. Because it might not be able to provide the kind of colour accuracy they required. It takes a little more time to print black and white papers. Printing of photos is pretty fast on this printer.

The scanning is also a very good feature in it. You can prefeed the documents in it for later use. It can also print double-sided pages. The connectivity options this printer provides are Wifi, USB, Sd card, and Ethernet. This printer, unfortunately, cannot be connected through Bluetooth. Here is a list of the pros and cons of this printer to further help you decide if this what you want.


  • It provides printing at a very low cost.
  • Easy to use cartridges
  • It provides photo printing very great details
  • It connects with phone easily


  • Not suitable for professional designers
  • Very slow at printing black and white documents.


Brother Laser Printer Model HL-L2395DW

Usage: ICRT Story: Printers Batch 97 Brand: Brother Model: HL-L2395DW CU: 14129-0008 ICRT#: 1156-00 Purpose: ID Photographer: Pete Pezzella

If you are looking for an economical option in the brother brand printers then this should be your choice. It is a cheaper alternative to the above-discussed printer. This a laser printer and is really good for printing black and white documents. It has really good build quality and provides prints at a good cost. It also has various connectivity options. This printer does not print too many documents with one cartridge so you need to change them quite frequently. But they are not too expensive so that is an upside. The scanner available in the printer also does its job pretty fine. it is just not as good as any Canon scanner or the ones which come with a little pricey Brother all-in-one printers.

This printer is not good for printing photos, in fact, it does an extremely bad job at printing photos. It can do a great job at printing a large amount of black and white documents. It can not print on both sides of paper though. Here is a list of good and bad aspects of this printer.


  • Good at printing black and white documents.
  • An economical option for daily home use.


  • It is not suitable to print photos.
  • It can not print on both sides of a paper.


Canon PIXMA Printer Review Model TR8520

If you only want to go for Canon devices then this is the printer for you, ‘Canon PIXMA TR8520’. This is a much economical option in Canon all-in-one printer. There is no doubt the amazing build quality Canon provides its customers.

This all-in-one printer is excellent to print photographs. It provides accurate colors and decent details in the photos. The cost of printing color photos is also very low. It yields a good number of prints before the ink goes down. It is really good to purchase if you have small kids at home and they need color prints all the time.

The scanner in this printer also performs well. It has automatic features too that help to scan multi-page documents.

The Canon printer usually has really easy access to the ink cartridges, you can easily change them. Paper jams are also very easy to fix it. Canon Pixma has more than enough connectivity options which include USB, WIFI, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

The only thing which is downside of this device is that it is not very good with black and white printing and black ink needs to be refilled very often usually. Here are some pros and cons that can help you decide if this the right printer for you or not.


  • It can automatically feed the documents and later copy or scan them.
  • The ratio of print to cost in this printer is one of the best in the competitors.
  • The connectivity options are very vast to be used in all conditions.


  • Photo color printing and black printing speed are very slow in the device.
  • The yield of black ink is very less in comparison to other Canon printers.