September17 , 2021

This is how you share your screen on Google Meet


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In the past, people used to travel to other cities and states to visit the offices or attend meetings frequently. Entrepreneurs have to bear the expenses of traveling. A larger amount from monthly revenue was reserved for the traveling of employees. The same happens these days, but the latest technology has minimized the traveling expenses.

Video conferencing is a magical tool that can connect people instantly in different corners of the world. Google meet is a superb communication tool that aims to connect people faster and provides its services free to all.

Google, a big tech company, has been working in distinction since its inception. Google offers free services to the users through its numerous products and web applications. It was 2017 when Google launched an iOS app as well as a video conferencing app named Google Meet.

Video conferencing app got fame due to its free and exclusive features. Meet has left behind the bigger players in video conferencing like Zoom,, TeamViewer, Webex, and many others. Meet gained the attention of millions of users by providing free and impressive services.

Why did the need for video conferencing arise?

Multiple underlying factors boosted the developers to prepare an app or web-based services. For instance, the first and foremost reason was the communication gap among the multiple business offices located in other cities of the states. Video conferencing can connect the people sitting in different places instantly.

In the COVID-19 threats, where it was dangerous to get in touch with the people globally, Meet has relieved the masses to get connected instantly without the fear of pandemics.

From January 2020 to April 2020, google Meet gained the attention of nearly 100 million users daily. The usage of the app increased up to 30 percent in a crucial pandemic situation globally. It is expected to grow up to 20 percent by 2022.

How to access Google meet?

Google meet is available to the users in three ways:

  • Meet for Personal use: if you have an existing Gmail account, you need to sign in to the Google account and enjoy the services of Google meet immediately.
  • Meet for Google workspace admins: The users of Google workspace have already the option of Google meet. The users of G suit education or workspace need to turn on the option of video calling to get connected in the conference call. 
  • Meet for business use: for business use, you need to have a Google workspace account. If you are not a Google workspace account holder, you can check out the prices and plans of Google Meet your business requirement.

How to start a video call?

The users of Google account can access the video conference services through web browsers or by downloading the app on the smartphone.  To start a video call on Google Meet, follow the instructions:

  • To start a video meeting, Sign in to your Google account.
  • Invite the participants, whom you want to include in your video conference, by sending a link.
  • Enter the meeting code to start the meeting.
  • After joining the meeting click on the “present” option to show your attendance and you can share it with others as well.

The process of joining Google meet is similar to other call conferencing apps but it carries numerous distinctive and appealing features.

How to share a screen with other participants?

Here are easy steps are given to share the screen during a video conference call at Google Meet:

  1. Click on “start meeting” and join the meeting.
  2. Click on “present now.” The caption will display three options to you. have a look:
  3. By clicking on your entire screen, your whole screen of PC or laptop can be displayed to the participants. This option is the best one when you want to show more than one assignment or window to your colleagues. This option will reveal to your colleagues or friends whatever you are opening and clicking during the meeting.
  4. By clicking on “stop sharing”, screen sharing will be stopped.
  5. When you click on “a window”, it will show only those tabs or windows that are opened in your PC or used recently. To share additional apps in your conference you need to choose them separately to share.
  6. When “a chrome tab” is clicked, a windowpane will be displayed that shows all recently opened pages in Chrome. If the required chrome tab is not getting shown in the option, you need to choose it to share with participants.  

Google Meet Specifications

Google meet is a web-based and app-based platform where people can do video calls to each other in groups. Google meet can facilitate 100 participants in a meeting with the option of 60 minutes service per meeting.

Premium features include the option of more than 250 participants simultaneously. Meet can set up live streaming to more than 100,000 users within a domain. Google meet has wider compatibility with multiple platforms including Android, web browser, iOS, and Symbian app.

Who can use Google Meet?

People from all walks of life can use Google meet to facilitate the workplace like:

  • Students: In pandemic COVID-19, when educational institutes were closed, Google meet approached the students worldwide to help them attend lectures and share knowledge with friends or educational groups.
  • Teachers: After 2019, the concept of online classes has prevailed the educational institutions. Teachers connected to other members of faculty and students through video conferences.
  • Employees: Employees of an office remain in touch and attend meetings through this exclusive platform.

 Sum up

Google Meet is a superb source to upgrade communication at the workplace or with friends. Friends and colleagues can build strong relationships and increase collaboration at work.  It saves time and money both that is required for traveling and other expenses to attend a meeting at a specific venue.

Additionally, Google meet can increase the collaboration of participants in a meeting by sharing the screen. It is an instant and easy way of conveying what you want to say.