October 19, 2021

TickTick is the app you need – Get super productive from today


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Do you often forget the birthdays of your family and friends? Does your family remain annoyed with you for forgetting important celebrations and events? Here is a GTask based creative app that will set all for you. Tick Tick is the one designed to get lives more organized and productive. The article is going to unveil the impressive and appealing features of Tick Tick.

Why tick tick?

Tick Tick includes impressive features that can facilitate you in all manners. Why should you prefer Tick Tick? Have a look at the reasons:  

  • Manage all aspects of personal life

The app can help you to remember personal events and gatherings. You can wish birthdays, anniversary, or celebration times of your loved ones by marking the calendar.

  • Manage professional life

Tick Tick is the ideal one to schedule all upcoming meetings, projects, and official events. The in-time reminder keeps you updated regarding assigned tasks. Thus, the app assists you, in all ways, to increase work- efficiency.


Tick Tick was launched on Playstore in 2013. Since its existence, it has been serving millions of people to get organized in personal and official life events.

The Google store app is a superb task manager that enables you to make folders of smart to-do lists and many other custom options. The distinction of the app is to set levels of priority by selecting low, medium, and higher priority levels. You can sort the tasks by time, title, tag, priority, and many other options as you desire.

The app is structured with a calendar and to-do list to manage the various task of the daily routine. The calendar consists of various views and options to mark a specific day.  The most catchy feature is that you can get connected to other calendar apps on the phone to get all events and tasks in one storage.

  • Use on multiple devices

Tick Tick can be used on nearly all types of devices. Whether you are a user of an iPhone, iPad, or an Android set, the app will facilitate you on all platforms. Furthermore, Tick Tick can be operated on PC, Tablet, Mac, Apple Watch, and Windows. You can also utilize the app by using a web browser.

The availability of the app on a wide range of devices and gadgets has made it heart-favorite to the users.

  • Faster synchronization

The app instantly gets synchronized with the emails, calendars, and other apps in the gadget.

  • User-friendly app

To-do lists can be associated with the e-mail by turning on the option.  Besides, the most attractive and user-friendly feature is voice input. You can add tasks not only by marking and writing rather by speaking as well.

When you are in hurry and not getting enough time to sit and organize the tasks in the app, you can use voice input. Press and hold the specific button while uploading your voice and release it as it is done.

  • Diverse options of reminder

Task reminders are set proficiently by getting day, date, and time. Additionally, reminders can be set before the deadline of the assignments. Like the app carries options of “5 minutes early,” “30 minutes early,” “1 hour early,” “1 day early” as well as you can choose other options in Custom setting.

Another distinct feature of the Tick Tick includes “location reminder.” You can set a reminder of any project when you are present at a specific place. For instance, if you are to meet some officials or you have to shop a specific item while attending a meeting outside the town, Tick Tick is the best one to get a reminder.

  • Impressive Outlook

Tick Tick consists of impressive features with an appealing outlook. The smart features of reminder turn the date, day, and information of the task into sentences automatically and remind you in organized sentence structure.

  • Handle the projects-On the Go

While traveling, people often leave behind a bulk of official work and remain worried. Tick Tick keeps you updated with the task deadlines and you can operate your official work while moving away from the town. Location reminders will continuously remind you about specific projects you have organized in the app.

  • Adopt organized lifestyle

Tick Tick is an app designed to get lives more organized and productive. People who are stressed with a heavy office workload or unable to manage personal and professional life can lead an organized lifestyle by using the productive app.  

Who can use it?

The times have gone when people used to write diaries manually to get reminders of various tasks. The digital apps have changed the style of reminders as well. Tick Tick is helpful for people from all walks of life like:

  • Students: Students can better manage school tasks and projects. It can help to manage assignments of various subjects and other school projects. On the whole, students can organize school life more efficiently.