September17 , 2021

Top 4 productivity mobile apps to help you do more and think less


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Top 5 productivity Mobile Apps to help you Do More and Think Less

The times have gone when people used to write down schedules in the diaries. The digital world has made the lives of professionals more easy and productive. Preparing schedules, assigning tasks to the associates, following the updates, and getting alerts for the progress in the projects have become more smart and easy to manage through the various management tools and apps.  Productivity apps are tools that can be operated through mobile phones, laptops, or other tech gadgets in your hand.

Features of Productivity apps

Productivity apps are designed to reach various goals like:

  • Productivity apps enable remarkable collaboration in teamwork. Members of a professional team can get connected through the productivity apps. It keeps an individual updated about the progress in a given project or assignment.
  • Productivity apps are impressive management tools. You can better schedule and monitor the progress of your daily projects. These tools help carry skillful task management and time management.
  • Meeting the deadlines and managing a task more efficiently improves the work efficiency of a professional as well which is the core feature of the productivity apps.

Top productivity apps

A productivity app refers to software that may help you manage your daily routine tasks. Whether you want to organize the media of your phone, schedule and monitor a project, or want to settle official documents, a productivity tool will save your money and time and will contribute to improving work efficiency. Thousands of management tools are in the streamline. This article is going to introduce the top 5 management apps based on performance and appealing features for the users. Let us have  a look upon:


Todoist is a productivity app that helps to manage complex tasks into simpler ones through the to-do list. It not only manages the task but it enables monitoring of the task efficiently.

Core features

  • It enables task management through a highly useable interface. It manages a longer and shorter to-do list instantly.
  • The app helps to set goals for each project and gives you frequent reminders to keep you on the right track.
  • Its reporting feature helps you to monitor how many tasks have been done and how many are pending.
  • One of the most appealing features is to prioritize your task to make the work more manageable.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Safari, Chrome, and Android.


  • Todoist price is $ 4/ month and $3/ month if paid annually.
  • A free trial version is also available.



Virtual meeting requires the same software and connection by all members of the meeting at the same time. Yet, there might be functionality issues during the meeting. Join. me is the ideal one to manage your virtual meetings. Whether you want to have a meeting with your friends, colleagues, or people working at different workplaces, this tool will serve you in the best manner.

Core features

  • Any member can join and host the meeting instantly by entering a specific code in the recommended browser.
  • Meeting members can share the screen easily to deliver the presentation or show specific ideas.
  • You can schedule and record the meeting through its recording features.
  • Audio support enables the use of the speaker and the microphone of the mobile or device you are using.
  • Other smart features include the meeting links to get started from anywhere at the time of the meeting.

Supported operating systems

  • Mobile app operating systems include Windows, Mac, iOS, Safari, Chrome, Android 5, or higher.
  • The desktop version is also available.


Join. me has various versions for the customers. The price of the app varies as per the number of meeting members like:

LITE: $10/ month (If billed annually) PRO: $ 20/ month (If billed annually)

Business: $30/ month (If billed annually)



Slack is a communication app that keeps the employees connected through instant messaging.

Core features

  • The app enables one to one communication between the team members through separate threads. Other members outside the chat are not get affected by the irrelevant notifications.
  • It features text messaging, audio, and video calls, screen sharing, and drag-and-drop file-sharing of various formats.

Supported operating systems

  • Operating systems include Windows, Web, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • The price starts from £ 5.25/ month as well as a free trial is also available.



Airtable is designed to keep the formatting of the task around the spreadsheets. If you are a regular user of Microsoft Excel, this project management tool will surely make your spreadsheets featured.

Core features

  • This productivity app will format the spreadsheet by adding links, comments, important notes, and attachments.
  • An individual can change the views into the gallery, calendar, and many other options.
  • Team members can remain updated with messaging, updating the status of the task, as well as prioritizing the tasks.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • Airtable PRO is available for $ 20/ month and Plus in $ 10/ month.
  • A free trial is also available without a credit card requirement

The digital world has squeezed down the paperwork. You can save your data online and offline. Just forget the diary writing and install the latest app to show a better performance intellectually.