September17 , 2021

Watch out for Solidia – Startup making sustainability business as usual


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Sustainable business and sustainability in business are the popular terms these days that we have been observing. There is no doubt that every other business coming on its way, thought of a different idea. We are in a decade, where everyone is thinking, initiating and struggling for the ideas that can save earth. Eventually we admit that we have damaged the earth and ecosystem to its worst. Now, it is the time to look forward for good.

Whenever we talk about sustainable business, Solidia comes first in debate. A startup is brining sustainability and business al together. The latest entrant in the market, proved with its venture that saving earth and making profit is possible at the same time. It appears to be a major question for the industries that have to damaging water resources, contaminating air and even soil at the same time.

Concrete production with a twist

Solidia is a concrete manufacturer that came in business with the idea of producing concrete that is good enough in power but produce less carbon. The construction industry is at its best and the globally we are constructing numerous roads, buildings, houses and much more. Everything requires construction material and concrete is one of them.

The normal production method of concrete provide us two products one is concrete and the other is carbon dioxide. The gas is extremely dangerous and poisonous for human life and other living organisms as well. The company came up with a latest technology to support environment and construction at the same time. It is producing concrete and applies it to the distributors and further manufacturers at the same time.

Eliminating the carbon footprints

Solidia have made huge progress towards reducing carbon footprints from the concrete and cement industry. For the concrete production, company is using a different low temperature and chemical reaction formula that generate lesser CO2. The formula does not restrict them from the production, as they are not contributing a huge amount of gas in the environment. Moreover, the Solidia cement production consumes CO2 instead of water to harden the cement. It is another revolution to reduce the carbon footprints by 70%. 40% reduction coming from the concrete production while 30%reduction in the energy during cement production.

Solidia have made a perfect combination and cross cycle to induce sustainability in an industry that was creating a hue environmental damage. At a certain time, the producer was coming up with dangerous productions but right now Solidia is making it all better.

Durable concrete productions

Many people had questions about the concrete cement produced from a different method. Obviously, it is something that nobody has been experiencing ever, so the reservations are necessary. With frequent testing and comparisons, it is official that Solidia concrete is lighter and stronger than a normal concrete. It is not only giving a lighter feel but have better strength to stand and stabilize the construction. On the other hand, it reaches to tis strength within 24 hours or even less in comparison to the 28 days’ time of precast concrete coming from Portland cement.

The Solidia concrete is not just efficient, smartly produced but actually makes things great with its finished form. It is making the construction a smart and fun business. Along with saving a lot of energy and reducing carbon footprints, the product is good enough to boost the construction timings and strategies.

Meeting the market needs

There is no doubt that carbon free concrete have been in experiment lab for long years. There are very few investors to take interest in the innovation and eventually companies like BP, BASF, LafargeHolcim and others took the initiative. Right now, the la experiment is out of lab and in the production line, it is reaching the US market. It is now a visible product in the US market and giving a hard time to the conventional products due to its amazing strength and sustainable approach.

All the partner companies did their part in the promotion and adaptation of the business idea throughout US and other markets as well. Without the supportive strategies, it would not be possible for the company to make a mark in US global $1 trillion concrete and US$300 billion cement market.


It is really no like Solidia needs business, in fact world need a business like Solidia. It is essential for everyone out there to take part in the positive construction and environment friendly approach. The company is definitely planning for its expansion and gradually there will be a huge demand for such carbon less concrete all around the world. It is not just about the US market but there are many other countries will be adopting the model in order to improve their construction market.

Ideal business plan

Solidia proved that if you are willing to change the parameters then it is possible to grow a sustainable idea. If this idea can work practically in the market. There is a potential to come up with multiple similar products that are environment friendly and happening at the same time. You can make the most out of one idea that will save the world and make you earn more. Numerous investors out there believe in these ideas and want to come up front with the progress in a longer run.

Bottom line

Solidia is one model of success that we have. A startup came in the market with a totally defend idea and making a great success. It is a success for sustainability, a healthy environment, better construction, and entrepreneurship development. The world is looking for products that are safe, useful, and cost-efficient as well. It is time to move forward with an approach to use the reusable and create less mess in the industry. In the future, we can hope many industries like Solidia will put their step forward and make it to the better deal of vents for the consumers and other industries as well.