September17 , 2021

What is Clubhouse? – The invite only audio sharing social app


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If you are not living under a rock in the past few days you must know the uproar on social media about Clubhouse. It was launched during the peak of the first wave of pandemic. It is made by two entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley named, Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson.In the past few days an influx of celebrities Clubhouse users have been seen talking about the app. Their Instagram stories are flooded with the chats they have been having on Clubhouse.

So if you are feeling like you are missing out on something, let’s make it clear for you. Clubhouse is  an invite only social media application. Currently it is only available for iphone users. The app has gotten a sudden limelight because famous stars like Oprah Winfrey and Drake joined it. You can hold chats and invite people to your chats on this app. It kind of brings back the concept of chat rooms. You can make chat rooms which are specifically for a topic or only with people of a specific field are part of it. The app only has a feature of voice chats and there is no video chat option available. That is also what makes it distinct from other mainstream apps.

What did Elon Musk do now

This year seems to be like Elon Musk’s year. He became the richest person, launched new projects and now he is the reason for the boost of this new app in town. Clubhouse was launched last year. In a year it was able to gather only fifteen hundred consumers from all over the world but Elon Musk made it famous by hosting an audio chat session. The app’s total users have crossed the number of 10 million in a few weeks. At the time of Elon Musk’s chat session the market value of the app was  around a hundred million dollars. In the past few weeks only the value of Clubhouse has reached one billion dollars. The app is being compared with the startups which made it big for example, SpaceX and Airbnb. With constantly growing market value, the app already has the attention of investors.

How can i get on ClubHouse

Unlike most social media platforms you can not just download Clubhouse and make an account on it. To be in the Clubhouse, an invite from an existing member of the club is required. Once you become a part of the club you can invite four more friends to the club. The makers have assured that the application will soon be open for everyone. They are also working on making it available for the android users. The demand for app invites has inflated so fast that now millions of consumers are waiting for their turn to be part of it. A whole new market of Clubhouse invites is also trending on the selling forums like Craigslist, ebay and Reddit.

China and Club House

The whole world knows about China’s restrictions on internet use. They have a strict check on what their population consumes on the internet. But somehow Clubhouse missed the radar for a few months and it became famous amongst the people in China. They were able to use it restriction free. Clubhouse invites were being sold in China for a while. But the party is over for chinese people because China has blocked the app already.

Did world need another chatting app

You can argue why in the already saturated market of chatting apps another one is being introduced. There are already huge platforms with very strong standing in the market. The idea of Clubhouse had to be different enough to grab the attention of potential consumers. And oh boy it did not fail in the task. 

The founders have stated that the focal point of the app is not the race of likes and shares but the idea is to have wholesome conversations.The founders believe that everything has become so visual in the past decade that people need to connect with voices again.  As mentioned before, the app does not have a video mode and you can only listen to conversations or be part of them. The texture of the voice and how it affects its listeners is what motivated them to make this app and they are sticking to the original idea.

The chats will be hosted by people who are on the top of their game and give their insights to make it easy for others. In the world where an app like TikTok has broken all the records, Clubhouse might be a breath of fresh air. There will be entertainment to intellectual discussions. Would you believe Elon Musk during his chat even invited Putin to the Clubhouse. That shows the range of the app. The app already has really amazing chat rooms held by famous and influential people.

What Future Holds for Clubhouse

There is no doubt about the fact that Clubhouse has already gained a good name amongst the current users and potential users. The social media giant Mark Zuckeberg has become part of the club too now. The app plans to broaden their services and stand amongst the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Looking at the progress Clubhouse has done in only a year nothing seems to be far-fetched. We might see this app being one of the most used chatting apps in the world sooner than we think. Since their goal from the start is to keep it free from any kind of racial, sexist hate, a peaceful social media platform might hold the future of digital communication. A safe space where intellectual and other chats can be held without hate and negativity sprawled around is a need of time. If Clubhouse succeeded in the task, what else a consumer can ask for. For now let’s just hope that android users get their hands on the app soon and enjoy the perks of being part of the club because it isn’t cool.